Friday, August 25, 2006

Holy Grail...Volume 1

I've been on a mission. I'm being ultra-picky but I know what I want and know what I like and I haven't found it yet. Like finding a mate for life, I'm not willing to settle for less and simply make do.

This is both a want and outstanding foundation that stays on and won't make my pores look like manholes. A product that will smooth my skin and make it look like a six year olds. I'm willing to work in conjunction with a primer, just point me in the right direction. I've been using and loving my Classified ERA Face Primer but its whats supposed to be applied over it that has me perplexed.

I began my neverending quest with Maybelline. I found a mousse that went on swimmingly but ended up creasing and cracking within a few hours. I moved on to Neutrogena which was a perfect color match but seemed to only highlight my pores.

After reading about Clinique Pore Minimizer I trotted on down to Macys and bought a tube. It treated me well but suddenly it doesn't work. Is it the blazing southern California tempatures that melt the product? I go without anything on my face except a bit of self tanner rubbed into my cheeks for color and lots of Lip Fusion to plump my lippage.

My makeup artist friend raved about BeneFit's Dr. Feelgood so I hustled down to Macys yet again and doled out thirty bucks for it. I got home and was excited to use this "complexion balm" but my excitement fell flat as I found this to be waxy on my skin and did nothing to erase my pores. On a happy note, I exchanged the product for Touch Me Then Try to Leave Cream which I love love love.

I logged on to Sephora to order Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. Another disappointment for this picky beauty girl. Although it is a high quality product, the powder sunk into my pores like quicksand and left me feeling less than flawless. I so wanted this to work!

So what's a girl to do? Continue the search for the Perfect Foundation I suppose. Until then, I'm using under- eye concealor and hoping people don't get close enough examine my pores, pimples and sun spots!


Blogger BlushingGirl said...

I can't wait to see how your hunt goes. I'll be hunting vicariously through you. Anyway, another one of my favorite foundations is Benefit's playsticks. My color is "spin the bottle" (so cute). It has tea tree oil in it with a slew of other great natural ingredients. I love it but I definitely have to touch up with blot powder through the day when using it. I get a little bit shiny with this one but still think it's worth the effort. I actually think that the ingredients in this foundation work for my skin instead of against it. I like it. You should get a sample and try it out.

12:32 PM  
Blogger daisy said...

My "wouldn't leave home without them on" concealer and foundations are:

Gentle CoverĀ® Concealer Stick by Physicians Formula. With this stick, I finally found a concealer that covers just those spots, blemishes or under eye circles that need extra coverage. Goes on smooth and silky, not cakey or greasy. Excellent coverage.

Thanks to Covergirl ULTIMATE FINISH liquid to powder makeup, through the years I have received many compliments on my porcelain-looking skin. It has great coverage, with a very soft effect.

I started looking for a liquid foundation, something light and sheer with great coverage, and love, love Revlon's AGE DEFYING LIGHT MAKEUP WITH BOTAFIRMTM. It's a dream to apply. So light and sheer but with great looking coverage!

Of course, the trick is what happens before hand:a good pore minimizing and exfoliating regime, and moisturizing before applying any of these with a light hand. There is nothing worse than not being able to see the skin for all the coverage.

Looking forward to hearing about your great finds!

..usual disclaimers....i don't represent any of these companies....just a satisfied gal.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Toya said...

Here are my foundation faves:

MAC Studio Fix Liquid and Powder
MAC Hyper Real
L'Oreal True Match liquid and powder
MAC Studio Stick

2:22 PM  
Blogger ishouldbereading said...

I had foundation issues for ever, especially in SoCal, where I needed SPF for my fair skin, but didn't want to melt all day.
I tried Bare Essentials two years ago and loved it!

I start with Bisque as a coverup if I need it, then use the SPF Foundation, Mineral Veil, and one of thier blushes (I haven't messed with the Warmth because that stuff scares the bejesus out of me it's so damned dark!) I do this after washing with Rodan + Fields Reverse (in the AM...Unblemish in the PM) and it has turned out to be a great combination for me. Reverse is awesome and you just have to use the tiniest bit of it and your skin is perfectly prepped and pores are plumped with the right amount of moisture, keeping them from getting filled up with the makeup.

I am thriry and so (until recently), um, monthly underground zits that were awful, but I also am also conscious of wrinkles on and the pore size of my fair skin. While living in SoCal, I barely ever wore makeup, but always had problems.

I live in DC now and wear makeup everyday for work and I swear that doing so with this makeup has improved my skin. I also like to blot excess oil, if it crops up, with toilet seat liners. They are perfect! I shouldn't have stayed away from flicking just a bit of the BE on everyday in SoCal because, though it's hot, there is no humidity and here in DC it's INsane. But I use it everyday and it looks flawless. It's a bit powdery-looking at first, but then the natural oils in your skin rise up again and meld the look. And they aren't kidding that you can sleep in this stuff. Not that you should, but you don't wake up totally ruined like after sleeping in regular makeup.

I was leery of doing so many steps and used to live by the idea that you shouldn't have more than three products going on at once, but forget it now. Your are right to note that the products are high quality, it's a snap, and I swear by skin is better for having used it consistently.

Commercial over. Now...
QUICK QUESTION: Does anyone know if Maybelline stopped making their purple, plastic eyelash curler? I went to get new pads for mine, the Maybelline brand that I bought doesn't fit it, and I can't find ones that fit or just a new curler all together anywhere. It's the best, warms up so well with the blowdryer, and is wide enough to get all of my lashed in one or two squeezes.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

try tinted moisturiser... laura mercier makes one for around $40. it might not give you as much coverage as you want but it evens out your skin-tone and it's really nice.

11:33 AM  
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