Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fake Bake

Fake Bake kit includes Body Polish and Smoothie Oil, Self Tanning Lotion and gloves

You know the sun is bad for you. But you want a tan, a bronze glow! Everyone looks better with a hint of color in their cheeks. Legs look longer, faces prettier with a bit of bronze. But what are we supposed do with all the warnings about skin cancer and sun damage? How can you lay out and bake like a hot dog with the sun scorching your delicate skin? A sunburn isn't fun and sun spots and freckles, wrinkles and blisters aren't so pretty either.

Thankfully, Fake Bake sells a variety of products so you can look tan all year round without the harmful effects of the suns rays withering your epidermis into jerky.

I'm very picky about self tanners. At any given time, I have about five under the bathroom sink. Either the product seeps into the pores on my face, it washes off within a day or I am left looking like an orange mess.

But here comes Fake Bake, and thank goodness! A product like this is long overdue! The brilliant minds at Fake Bake included plastic gloves with the self tanner. Imagine that, gloves so that your palms aren't a funky color after applying the product! I especially like the purple glove that comes with The Face self-tanning lotion, it is very slightly textured and helps the product glide on.

The Self Tanning Lotion squirts out a very mocha, chocolately brown color. A little goes a long way! You need to rub this product into your skin very well but once you have an even application, you do look naturally tan. ((use the gloves)) Browned to perfection, roasted nicely.

There is the Skin Smoothie, a spray- on product you use prior to the application of self- tanner to smooth away rough spots like elbows and knees. In the shower, you can use the Body Polish for an all over-exfoliation. These two smell like St. Josephs baby aspirin-- fruity and yummy.

I was really excited to use the Air Brush Self Tanning Spray. My legs looked instantly tan with a blast of this natural color and it dries super fast. It's a good idea to hold the can several inches away from your skin as you spray or else you might end up with splotchy color. If that happens, simply rub the color into you skin and spread it out.

Air Brush is easy to use, no streaking or running. Beware-- this product will get everywhere if you don't take the time to lay out a towel or cover up the walls around you. I had a slight brown tint covering my bathroom floor and door. I just wiped everything down with a damp cloth, no staining, no worries.

There is a Bronzing Compact available to round out your Fake Bake experience. No orange hue here! It's a nice brown color, complimentary to all skin tones. I like using a hint of bronzer in the summer, a light dusting on my nose and cheeks for a Caribbean glow.

I highly, highly recommend Fake Bake rather than sitting in the sun. Once you hit your thirties, you are going to be conscious of things like skin cancer and premature aging. Every couple of days, I apply Fake Bake to my body and face, just a tiny bit to give me a slight tan.

Fake Bake is so amazing, it has been featured in many magazines including InStyle, Vogue, Self, Bazaar, and Good Housekeeping. Celebrity fans of the product include Kelly Ripa and Britney Spears and most likely, many other tan celebrities who simply don't want sun spots and wrinkles to ruin their skin.

Fake Bake offers many products including lip glosses, scrubs, moisturizers, body butters and more. Click here to buy Fake Bake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks good, cant wait to try it. I love sunless tanners!

6:28 PM  
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