Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lotus Skincare

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Believe it or not, Lotus Skincare was launched with one little lip balm back in 2005. Partners Sandy Kim and Joanie Gong developed the Lotus line of body and lip balms after the two found they were missing rich and emollient lip creams, something natural to soothe and defend against the weather. Good old waxy Chapstick wasn't good enough and the two set out to create a magical balm.

The exotic scent of the signature Green Tea Pomegranate is delicious enough to eat. I wish this came in a body splash because it’s a scent that I cannot get enough of. I would take a few candles too. The body balm is so creamy that it's almost frothy- with a hint of shimmer and a softness that lasts for hours. The lip balm is equally shimmery and non- waxy. Ingredients like vitamin E, soybean oil and an SPF of 18 will protect your pretty pout from the harsh rays of the sun.

There is the Grapefruit Lip Balm, Papaya Balm, Ginger Lime Coconut as well as the Green Tea Pomegranate lip balm. You will crave a platter of fruit on a teak deck overlooking the ocean as you apply it. The scent goes right to your head and makes you think of blue skies and turquoise water, exotic fruits and ocean breezes. The flowering lotus is a symbol for purity, beauty and creativity. I'm on board with that!

All the products are of superior quality not making you feel greasy or oily. I've been using the Body Balm on my hands every night see a difference around my cuticle beds, my hands are velvety and not like alligator skin any longer . I apply the lip balm every evening to keep my lips soft and kissable. These are great products for everyone but especially the woman (or man) who doesn’t want to seem overly fussy or prissy. It’s a natural way to be glamorous!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You gave up "More conversations..." for THIS??? Hawking obscure and bizarre makeup? I know I'm still having withdrawals, but what a waste of your prodigious talent.

As a responsible mother and pet owner I appreciate your giving up a time-sucking indulgence in favor of living up to your responsibilities. I guess if this brings home the bacon I can't fault you. This just isn't how I imagined you employing your writing skills.

Worse things could happen, and have happened, thus do I eagerly anticipate your book. Write on!

Helena Handbasket

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