Friday, September 15, 2006

POP cosmetics

I hate the bulge of a full size gloss in my jean pocket. The small size of the Mini Gloss Trio makes it nearly impossible to detect there is anything hiding. These shiny glosses have a smooth texture and are perfect for being on the go. The color ranges from reds to nudes with pretty pinks in between.

I have a Glitter Stix in dark green (Moss) and there are plenty more colors to choose from! The bright color glides on and smudges nicely with hints of sparkle throughout. Your eyes end up looking a little bit glittery and very pretty. I use it to line my upper lid and smudge the ends. The color is intense! The size of the stix is small and on the chubby side so you have something nice to grip.
What a smart idea- Blushcakes. Bands of subtle color for your cheeks. There are a few different shades- Pink, Nude and Sienna- which end up looking pretty and blended on your skin. Hues of bronze, nude and peach look sunkissed, shades of berry give a subtle pink glow while the red tones warm darker complexions.

I'm a sucker for any product for the lips. Lip Jam is a small tube of gloss that gives very subtle color and a nice shine without being sticky. This is another pocket product that you can discreetly carry around in a pocket or little purse! Very convenient.

This line was created by Sara Strand, a Swedish cutie who along with her two sisters came up with the line of cosmetics called Pixi. Pop and Pixi. I have yet to try Pixi but have found Pop to be a lot of fun.

The Pop line is cool and hip and has a bit of a funky flair. I imagine a very artsy, creative girl using these products- she would be wearing her short jean skirt and cut- off fishnet stockings, a worn leather bag slung across her chest with a daisy in her messy hair and a playful smile on her ruby red glossy lips!

"Our products are designed to be a POP girl's perfect touch-up partner. POP is all about colour.

A POP colour is the final touch of colour that brings your face alive."