Friday, September 08, 2006

Project Runway

Did you see it? During Season One, I was wondering what all the fuss was about. I didn't watch it at all. I didn't think it was my thing even though I love clothes and makeup and fashion and feel like I should have gone to Parson's School of Design. My greasy haired guidance counselor with the clickety-clack of his false teeth told me trying to be a fashion designer was hard. Perhaps secretarial school?

Now I watch each design come to life with intrigue. What will the designers come up with next? I see what the fuss was about. I get it. I love it. Wednesday night rolls around and I'm in front of the television like it's my crack.

Last night, designing the couture dress was a slight disappointment. Paris was wonderful though. All the designers were fabulous. Yes. But the only person who seemed to get the notion of couture was Jeffrey and thankfully he won with this bright yellow mish-mash of yellow plaid. The way it flowed as the model walked down the runway was stunning. The subtle variations in pattern worked for me. The ribbony tassles in the back. The thigh high slit in the front. It was funky. Sassy.

Laura's dress was classic with the exception of the ruffley clown collar. Uli's dress was lovely, Michael's showed promise, Vincent's was too simple and Kayne's bustier might have been a pinch too flashy although the fabric had nice movement.

What kind of dress do you imagine when you think "couture" ? I conjure up something intense, slightly outlandish. Long and voluminous. Detail. Patterns. Kicky. A ruffle or two. Not simple or safe. I applaud Jeffrey for taking a risk.

The season isn't even over yet and I'm wondering how I'm going to pass the time until season 4.
I love this show!


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