Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Glamour girl hair. Long and lush and full of volume!

Just what the beauty doctor ordered for fine, limp color treated hair: Pureology's Volume Shampoo, Conditioner and Blow Dry Amplifier. Pureology doesn't use any harsh ingredients that will cause your color to fade. You know nothing is worse than spending hundreds of dollars getting your hair colored to the perfect shade and then having it dull out within two weeks!

Pureology Volume products will add lots of body to your hair while protecting your tresses from the harsh rays of the sun, heat styling and every other way we can think to torture our hair for the sake of beauty. Pureology has a pleasant scent that washes out, smelling clean and fresh not perfumey or overpowering. There are lots of natural ingredients used by Pureology, combining organic botanicals for some aromatherapy while you pamper your hair. The products are free of any carcinogens and are 100% vegan, no animal testing goes on there either.

The Blow Dry Amplifier creates full-body without being harsh or sticky. "Heat activated molecules penetrate the hair shaft delivering body, moisture and a protective color shield". I love the fact that its not sticky on my hands after I run a few drops of it through my hair. After I blow my hair dry, it's full and soft.

I give Pureology two thumbs and a hair- flip up.


Blogger ishouldbereading said...

Pureology really is the best line. It doesn't have sulfates, making it unique (I'm pretty sure) among shampoos. The lack of that sulfate is a good thing because it's an ingredient added essentially to create bubbles so that we all feel like we're really getting a good cleaning (think eggs in brownie mixes that are totally unneeded and can be added in powder form to the rest of the powder mix, but people like to feel like they are "cooking" when making a brownie mix...it's basically just a form of marketing, if you will). However, sulfates are just a detergent, pure and simple, and can therefore stand in the way of letting your hair have the best, natural moisture that it can.
"Here are the basics: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a highly effective foaming detergent derived from coconut oil and found in almost every type of personal care product—from toothpaste to contact lens cleanser." All of that talk about SLS causing cancer though just sounds like so much psychosomatic henny penny nonsense, though, so I wouldn't even consider that in this buying decision. It's just an awesome product that smells great, allows your hair to be healthy and not sapped of its natural conditioners, and makes you feel like you've just come from the salon every day.

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