Sunday, October 15, 2006

At home spa essentials!

Bliss Spa is known all over the world for being one of best places to be pampered and taken care of by a team of serious spa professionals. One of my goals during this lifetime is to experience all day spa nirvana at the Bliss Spa in Los Angeles. Until then, I must be content with my Bliss products which are, for lack of a better word...Blissful!

Gentle and non- irritating, all the products are lightly scented and I don't see how anyone could not just love anything Bliss sells. On my wish list right now is the new Triple Oxygen Mask Treatment.

Recently I tested the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash which removed all traces of my heavily made up face. That includes a primer, foundation, concealor, some kind of under eye wrinkle stuff, blush and lipstick along with lipgloss. I also used the Pore Perfecting Facial Polish with boasts the ability to make large pores seem smaller. This product contains small grains to exfoliate and polish your skin. My skin did look squeaky clean after using this and now I love to get a warm washcloth and lightly scrub my face with the facial polish, producing a face that glows with good health.

Everyone who touches my skin comments on how soft it is, like velvet. My secret is always having a layer of cream all over to constantly keep it moisturized and soft. I use the Maximum Moisture Cream concentrating on my hands and feet. This Lemon and Sage body butter
will lock in moisture and feed your skin with plant oils. Use along with the famous Big Blue Bar, a gigantic bath bar which smells like lemons and foams up to produce a heavenly scented lather.

So you can't make it to the spa. But you can use the aromatic Seboni products and create a little haven just for yourself. Lock the husband and kids out. Pour some bath gel into a tub full of hot water and forget everything. Seboni Heligan Haze Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion will take you away from the kids and dogs and the laundry and dirty dishes.

The Heligan Haze scent "promotes restful sleep and helps moisturize and protect. Includes five oils, seaweed extract, vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract." With essential oils of lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary, juniper, dill, cypress and geranium, you can not help but feel invigorated after using these products. These are the perfect at- home aromatherapy items to include in your ritual. With all natural and pure ingredients, Seboni is proud of their handmade products that create a sense of well being and good health. Mental and physical benefits abound!

YUM. I love Borba water! I drink a lot of water every day and sometimes I get so bored with plain h20, I need a little something to wake up my taste buds. Well, here comes Borba water to the rescue. It tastes good and offers many benefits, most of which you will see in your skin tone and appearance. Think of it as Beauty Water. Borba offers the water in the following to suit your individual skin needs: Replenishing, Anti-Aging, Skin Calming, Firming, Clarifying, Age Defying. There are also Gummis and Jellis treats and packets of Borba crystals to take on the go.

The consistancy of the Borba water is just like.. plain water. It's not heavy or gritty, it doesn't taste tart or sweet, instead it's like water, but better tasting. I try to drink some everyday.
Borba contains, "Nutraceutical grade vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients available that have been clinically tested and proven to be healthy for skin!" You can learn more and order some water for your fine self here at Borba. Now if they just made some Borba lollipops, I would be even more excited!

Bath By BettiJo is a must for your spa day. These organic products are handmade just for you with things like shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, and dead sea salt plus a variety of herbs and botanicals.

I especially love small companies which are run by women like this one. Bettijo began creating soaps in her kitchen and throwing spa parties so her friends could try out her creations. Everyone loved her specialty products so much that she launched her own natural body care product line in November 2003.

I enjoy using the Crisp + Clean Organic Mint body wash which leaves me feeling invigorated. Anything with mint or lemon is not only soothing, but wakes the body up and gives you an all over energized feeling. I need a few candles around my house that smell exactly like this product!

Bettijo has many outstanding products but this one caught my eye plus, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this oil will go towards fighting breast cancer. Bettijo has many cool products, you should take a peek and see what she offers. Lots and lots of great spa essentials!


Anonymous sslove said...

My friend Tina goes there once a month and swears by it!

8:33 PM  
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