Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Besame Cosmetics
is for the elegant woman, the woman in the wide rimmed hat on the train, on her way to an exotic locale or perhaps the big city. She's glamorous and well spoken, dressed to the nines wearing a smile and an air of self confidence.

I really enjoyed testing this brand. I spent a long, long time on Besame's innovative website which cleverly allows you to test colors before you buy. How does that work, you might ask? Well, you choose a model with similiar hair, eyes and skin tone as your own and Besame has the model try on the colors and shades. You can play around with every eyeshadow/liner, lipstick/gloss/liner and blush combination, figuring out what will look beautiful together. I love this idea, you can choose a whole face and buy what you like. It does help to see how the colors will match before you get the products home.

The classy gold bullet easily slips into any pocket or purse. Color is not waxy, goes on smooth.
I adore the gold and red. Classy.

I am a lipgloss addict. I love shiny pink glosses, this one is perfect on my lips. I wear Cotton Candy over Portrait Pink for the most lovely pink glow. The gloss smells like a cupcake but has little taste. This gloss is not sticky nor is it overly shiny. It gives a nice hint of brilliance over the lipstick.

Both eyeshadow and blush come in these gold compacts, recreated to mimic actual cases from the 1930's. The rouge and shadow is of a high quality, not too powdery or full of shine and
it lasts.

I also tried the Pink/Rose lip liner. You know I love my pink gloss/ lipstick so I use the Pink side more often. The liner is smooth, not waxy or hard. It's pointed, but I apply using the side of the pencil rather drawing my lips on with the point. The Emerald/Denim Blue eye liner is the same quality as the lipliner. Emerald is a khaki green while the Denim Blue is a mid-tone dark blue. I like both of these colors and the emerald brings out the greenish hue in my blue eyes.

Besame is a brand worthy of your time to try. The customer service is great, the products arrived in a cute red and gold bag, the site is easy to navigate. Besides the items I reviewed, Besame offers much more, I especially want to try the Rose Moisturizing lotion. Besame is sold at a select number of stores and you may purchase off their website.


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