Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Comptoir Sud Pacifique has been creating lush, exotic fragrances for over thirty years. I have often seen the brand in magazines but never caught the slighest whiff of any Comp Sud scents until now. I was able to test out several of the tropically inspired perfumes and they are quite unique. These perfumes will bring you to your happy place if that place includes sunshine, swaying palm trees and fuschia flowers.

The easy to navigate website describes their scents in a way that makes you want to book a trip to Tahiti : Rare spices, succulent fruits, delicate flowers, warm, creamy vanilla and lush, green forests...

I tried a variety of the vanilla based scents including Vanille Apricot, Vanille Pineapple, Vanille Extreme and Peach. Each of these heady fragrances mixes strong creamy vanilla with essences of apricot, pineapple or peach. Imagine yourself wearing a delicately flowing sundress with your toes in white sand as you breathe in the smell of fresh- cut tropical flowers and slices of juicy papaya. That's where Comptoir Sud Pacifique will take you.

Coer de Vahine and Fleurs des Caraibes contain floral notes, a very feminine fragrance for the girliest of girls! I love the Felurs des Caraibes which is created from bergamot, fresh melon and heliotrope, hibiscus, ylang and freesia notes, sandalwood, flamboyant wood, jasmine, vanilla, amber and musk.

The Bois de Filao is a peppery, clean smell described as a harmonious blend of a lush, peaceful lagoon surrounded by the fragrant Filao trees, spicy patchouli, contrasted with the sparkling freshness of citrus and papyrus resin.

I can't decide which I like the best. All the vanilla scents make nice "date night" perfumes while the peppery undertones of Bois de Filao would be perfect for a day to day scent. The Fleurs des Caraibes is a day at the beach kind of perfume. As winter approaches and you pull your sweaters out from the drawers, get ready to zip up your boots and wrap scarves around your neck, you just cannot go wrong with a little splash of the Caribbean to warm you up.


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