Thursday, October 05, 2006

June Jacobs

Sometimes a girl just needs to relax. Take a day and do nothing. Impossible, right? Okay then, how about one hour of pampering? Light a candle, run a hot bath, gather some June Jacobs Spa goodies and take care of yourself.

Introducing the June Jacobs Spa Collection. Created from the finest botanical ingredients from around the world, these handcrafted products are renowned for their soothing restorative powers and cutting-edge hydrosol technology. Best of all, they are formulated so that you can enjoy the spa experience without leaving the privacy of your own home. Soothe your senses and see the difference in your skin.

The Mandarin Polishing Beads are completely gentle and nonabrasive, the product smells like citrus. This is not gritty at all so you can safely use it on your face and body. I love exfoliating and sloughing off my skin and then slathering on some moisturizing lotion like the Citrus Hand Lotion with an Spf of 15. I don't care that it's for hands, I use it all over because it smells so darn good and absorbs well.

The Green Tea and Cucumber shampoo is ultra incredible. It is super fantastic! I feel this way about the shampoo not only because it's scented like nothing else-- think freshly sliced, ice cold cucumbers with a hint of mint- but because my parched hair is completely soft after using this shampoo. I don't even need a conditioner which is a miracle because my coif is as parched as a autumn leaf in the desert.

I just used the Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Masque on my face last night. It's very non-irritating and won't dry your skin, it washes off easily and puts a healthy glow in your cheeks. On my still damp face, I sprayed the Aroma Mineral Mist. After all these little treatments, I felt so much more relaxed and calm. This should be my daily ritual, yours too! We are busy, stressed out, tired girls and boys and need our quiet time to decompress. And what better way than with lovely spa products guarenteed to make you feel as good as new? For more information and to learn about June Jacobs, please check out the website!


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