Friday, October 13, 2006

Lorac/ ModelCo/ The Balm

Lorac has this sweet little brow kit available right now at Sephora. I've never done a thing to my eyebrows except tweeze them. I have super light brows and they have really benefited from using this tool to fill in and shape the eye area. What a difference a set of perfectly groomed eyebrows makes. Just look at Marilyn (above)! The set features a mini angled brush to help you draw on your brows, two shades to get just the right color and wax to set the whole deal.

Add some elegant eye-makeup (black liquid liner) and a set of Ardell fake lashes and you will look like a classy movie starlet.

ModelCo. is the brainchild of former model agent, Shelley Barrett, based out of Sydney, Australia. Shelley developed a line of products that would not only serve duel purposes (check out the eyebase/concealor duo in the cap!) but would be innovative, and different than anything else on the market.

Fluidsplash provides medium coverage, it's not sheer (but can easily be blended with a damp sponge to get that sheet look) and its not pancakey- somewhere in between. I have oily skin and this product glides on over my entire face providing good coverage. I still use my Pore Perfector over this foundation but I like the consistancy and the coverage. Plus, the concealor/eye base is so cool!

I love the way The Balm says you can wear the TimeBalm concealor at daytime, nighttime or bedtime! Before I was married, I used to imagine myself waking up at the crack of dawn applying my makeup so my husband would never see me looking less than perfect. HA! Like that happened!

I dab this concealor under my eyes to cover up my eye area in the mornings. I add a hint of moisturizer on top to keep everything looking smooth and wrinkle-less.

TheBalm Plump Your Pucker
tinted lip gloss has the best consistancy of any lip gloss I've tried lately. It almost feels whipped, it's so light. Plus the tingle you get when you apply it is mixed with a fruity essence that makes for a very pleasant experience of lip gloss application! No wonder why I apply my gloss every hour. Okay, half hour.

This delicious confection is offered in several sheer, shimmery shades that will make your lips shine. You will love it and your lips will be begging for more! There are some products from TheBalm that I'm dying to try like the Stainaic cheekstain and ShadyLady cream eyeshadows.


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That is one of my favorite pictures of Marilyn.

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