Thursday, October 12, 2006

Paul & Joe

rouge a levres

fond de teint

eau de toilette

Fashion designer Sophie Albou named her brand after her two sons, Paul & Joe. She branched out from her menswear design to work on womens clothing and from there, Paul & Joe Beaute was introduced.

The boxes and bottles are ulta-feminine, decorated with floral prints and pale colors. The lipsticks are housed in pale pink tubes, every product is very elegant and pretty.

I tested the Protective Fluid Foundation which was light and dewy on my skin. The consistancy is neither runny nor thick and it has a slight, very slight scent. It did not cover up blemishes and dark circles but it did provide a layer of nice, even color that blends well. I would recommend this product for those of you who like sheer coverage and do not have oily skin.

Paul & Joe Blanc Eau de Toilette is a marriage of almond, sweet pea, heliotrope and musk, among other notes. It goes on strong but I'm pleased with the dry-down. As the fragrance settles into your skin, it turns subtle. I like that it doesn't fade quickly. I feel very elegant wearing this! Blanc is for the woman who likes the floral scents.

The lipstick, created from camomile, grapeseed oil, white lily extracts and marigold, is smooth and after application, you can't feel it on your lips. Just apply and forget about it! The lipstick is not heavy, waxy, oily or greasy. I so rarely wear lipstick these days- for me, it's all about the glosses! But I do like wearing these and you can't argue that the case is pure old school beauty.

Paul & Joe Beaute makes me feel as though I should be sitting in an outside cafe with a scarf and dark sunglasses wearing bright red lipstick (no.35) and black heels, smoking a cigarette with a view of the Eiffel Tower. I want to be French and lovely and sophisticated!

You can find more Paul & Joe here.
Pay attention to the beautiful packaging on the Collection Sparkles!


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