Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sharon Bolton Scents

Sharon Bolton Scents are amazing, light fragrances which all have an essence of musk. Each scent, whether is be Truth, Luv or Soul, contains sweet, feminine notes which envelope you in a feeling of subtle, perfumy goodness transporting you to a lush island.

Luv smells just like freshly blooming gardenias mixed with vanilla and a hint of musk. It's so pretty that I get compliments whenever I wear it which is all the time. I started dabbing the perfume on my daughter so I can smell her too. There's a body lotion and wash for each of Sharon's three lovely scents enabling you to layer the fragrances. I poured some body wash into the bath so I could just marinate in the scent of Luv.

Truth is an uplifting, deliciously lemon scent while Soul contains papaya, coconut and pineapple for the most tropical flair.

You simply can't go wrong with any scent you choose, they are all invigorating and sweet but not overpowering. Sharon uses pure, natural and essential oils for her perfumes which don't have the cloying notes so many perfumes can possess. Her body washes contain white tea and the lotions offer lots of vitamins so you can enrich and nourish and keep your skin soft.

Sharon's customer service is excellent, the packaging on the products is simple and beautiful. She obviously takes great care and pride in her product so you know you are getting the very best!

Sharon Bolton Scents is available online at her website. She will donate a portion of all sales from this site to the Susan G. Komen foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month . Use the code DOLLFACE when you check out!


Blogger Lil_Bit said...

I am late to the party but I recently received my Sharon Bolton samples. I ordered them because of your review and I LOVE them. Especially Luv and Truth.

2:17 PM  
Blogger Distressed Jeans said...

YAY! Im so glad!! The scents are fabulous!!

5:58 PM  
Anonymous Jesse said...

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