Thursday, November 09, 2006

Alice in Wonderland by Goldie

Nail Polish
Lip Gloss
Shimmer Powder Puff

This is the new Alice in Wonderland Collection by Goldie and I love it. I wasn't familiar with the Goldie brand but did see something about it in a magazine and I was excited to try the products. Based on what I tested, I would definitely try out more products from Goldie. From the neat shapes of the products to the silver accents and Alice in Wonderland motif, I would say this company has a creative mind and a sense of humor. Plus the products are of a great quality so what's not to love?

I finally found the perfect nail polish color called Chesire/Dark Pink. It goes on sheer but after two coats, its the absolute ideal shade of deep pink with a little sparkle and shimmer. I also really liked the Seriously/Raspberry shade which is a lovely red, perfect for toes. Looking Glass is a clear shade which offers a bit of sparkle while Pansies/Lavender is subtle yet shiny. These colors dry quickly and offer shine and long wear.

The Lip Glosses come in shades like Tea Cake/Vanilla Shimmer, Duchess/Soft Pink Shimmer, Alice/Watermelon, Queen/Berry Red, Hookah/Pink Brown Shimmer and Sweets/Pale Fuschia. The shades are lickable and sweet, feel great on the lips and mix well. I layered a couple shades and love what I came up with, a coral shade. These all smell like coconut and make me hungry when I wear them!

Lip Plump has a similar consistancy as the Lip Gloss but will tingle a bit and give your lips a little va-va-voom! I tested the shade of Mad Hatter which is a shiny, bright red with pink undertones. Other colors are Pool Of Tears and White Rabbit. Again, lots of shine and delicious taste and smell!

The Shimmer Powder Puff offers a little twinkle and sparkle for your skin! I haven't used a powder puff since I was a little girl so this was fun. You can apply this all over your body, it's a light powder with no strong scents, and a nice hint of shimmer.

Goldie has tons more than what is mentioned here, you can view all the products here.