Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beauty Extravaganza! L'Oreal, Piaffe and Pixi

L'Oreal offers the HIP line of high pigment cosmetics that I really like. L'oreal has long offered great quality cosmstics, I used to love their line of matte foundation. Back in the day when I would tease my bangs and paint my long nails frosted purple with Wet N' Wild, I thought L'oreal was totally awesome. It's always been a drugstore favorite.

The other day, I got together with a dear friend to hang out and sip spa water (slice of each- lemon, lime, orange and cucumber in a tall glass of water) and try out makeup. We both agreed that L'Oreal has some great products to offer including their Highlighter and Bronzer.

The Bronzer is a sheer peachy-bronze shade that is not heavy but rather light! You might think it goes on heavily but it's not so. This bronzer could be used as an everyday blush for beautiful color on the cheeks. The Highlighter is a product to be used all over the face. I use this on this inside corner of my eyes to look more awake than I usually am. It could be used under the brow bone or as a hint of glow on the lips or cheeks. It's really something that can be blended into any product.

I like both of these and as usual L'oreal didn't let me down. The quality is great and the price is right. These are two items that you can forgo the more expensive department store brands and save a few bucks for expensive shoes.

I know... what's a Piaffe? Well listen up because this is an awesome high- end brand that Henri Bendel sells. Marie Regan is the founder of this elegant line of quality cosmetics, inspired by the sport of "equine dressage". Everything in the line surpassed our expectations and I could easily become addicted to these products.

We were super impressed with the Light Diffusing Makeup. It is light and natural, a good matte foundation that transforms the skin as the product is applied. There was such a difference in the skin after application that the face was nearly flawless! This offers excellent coverage and smooths the entire face area.

The Super Lip Gloss smells wonderful, feels great and looks sheer. It goes on smoothly and is very shiny as a good gloss should be. It is not sticky or thick. A bonus to this fabulous gloss is that it contains Vitamins A & E. The Perfect Lip Color lipstick is feather resistant, crease resistant and is so moisturizing- in fact, it feels so good on the lips, you may want to wear it all the time. It comes in 7 dramatic shades.

The Beautiful Lash Mascara is just that, beautiful. It is not volumizing but it lengthens and gives a slight curl to the lash. Thin lashes look very pretty. If you don't like thick lashes but prefer a more elegant lash, dark and long, this is for you.

Silk Shimmer Eyeshadow is a high intesity powdery pigment. Don't be afraid of these color rich products as you can apply them with a light hand! I tested Dove, a pale silver shimmer, and Sienna, a bronze shade. I would use a good eyeshadow or crease brush to apply these products. Have fun experimenting with these fun, silky shadows.

The Perfect Eyeshadow is three bands of color in one compact. Apply the light color to your eyelid, medium color offers a bit of sparkle that brings out your eyes when placed in the inner corner and crease, then apply the darker shade as an eyeliner. This eyeshadow blends beautifully and the palette, with three pretty shades is perfect as a three-in-one to keep in your purse for an all over eye product.

The Perfect Lip Pencil is a mechanical pencil, not one that you sharpen. I like these for that reason alone! I can never find a good sharpener when I need one. We tried the Mochaberry color which looks like a neutral but on the lips, looked red. This is almost a lip stain- once you apply the color, it sets and will not stain or bleed. Apply a gloss over this and you have perfectly shaped and colored lips.

I am slowly becoming very addicted to cake liners! The Perfect Cake Eyeliner needs to be applied with a high quality slanted brush. This cake liner goes on smoothly and is very high quality. If you have never tried a cake liner, I suggest you start with this one. You can do a thick or thin line and be as dramatic or creative as you wish. The perfect smoky eye starts with a product like this!

Piaffe is a brand that you must check out especially if you like wearing the high- quality, high- end cosmetics. There was nothing in this line that I didn't like or feel was top notch.

Pixi! The cutest name for bright, fun makeup.

These eye palettes offer satin shadow that sparkle. I tried Hipolita- white, gray and charcoal- and Lysander- yellow, minty green and a darker olive shade. The colors are light, excellent for holiday makeup! The eye color went on smooth and did not crease, you don't have to work too hard to create a gorgeous eye.

Fluid Lip Creme is a dramatic lip gloss that probably contains more pigment than the average gloss. With a wand applicator, you apply and then are set for a while because the color is long lasting. Contains fresh mint oil but won't make lips tingle. The mint adds a pleasant essence.

You will love the Lip Booster! It is not drying or stinging but "enhances" lips vitality. This product features a brush applicator, smells wonderful and comes in sheer shades. It felt great on my lips, not heavy or sticky. Lip Boosters are clinically proven to "increase volume by up to 40%" !

The Lip Blush I tried was in the shade of raspberry called Happiness. This is a very long lasting color, even after washing my face, the color did not budge. Lip Blush features a marker-like applicator tip and gives a pure punch of color! It is a matte texture and is pretty with some gloss over it. You can kiss, eat, talk, brush your teeth and wash your face and the color isn't going anywhere. If you like lip stains, then you must get this product!

Eye Definer is a chubby stick of eye liner. I like the fat size because its easy to grip. And it comes with a sharpener! So you are never lacking for a sharp point. Yes, it's thick but just right for getting close to the upper lash line and adding a dash of color.

Fairy Dust is a powdery pigment that looks daunting in the glass jar it's housed in but is quite light in color and texture. I was surprised at how sheer the color was. You can apply like an eye shadow or highlighter, I have even heard of some people adding it to a plain nail polish too. It's fun to experiment and play around and see what you can do with this type of product. Options are endless!

Pixi offers fantastic little kits that are just a bit larger than a credit card making them easy to carry in your purse or pocket for touch ups on the go. The Gloss Kit features a small retractable lip brush and contains eight shades of sheer gloss. The glosses are all in complimentary colors so you can mix and match and end up with the ideal color.

The Eye Kits
contains an eyelid base to "neutralize lid color and prime the eyes". There is also a cover- up for those dark circles and imperfections while six glorious, sparkly colors just wait for you to apply with the enclosed double ended shadow brush. The eye shades are all glimmery and sheer, just right for this holiday season when you want a hint of twinkle and sparkle. The Miracle kit could be used on eyes as well as on the cheeks, it's so glamorous!


Blogger BlushingGirl said...

i LOVE the piaffe light diffusing foundation! I haven't been this excited about a foundation for a long time. perfect for these winter months when your skin needs a little something more. My skin looks pretty, fresh, and smooth with this foundation.

11:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just want to ask if piaffe's already available here in the philippines? where can i get it? :)

7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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