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Scott Barnes, I love your products!

Chic Palette

Scott Barnes
is the guy singlehandedly responsible for creating some of the most breathtaking celebrity faces in Hollywood. It's true.

When Jennifer Lopez showed up at various events with her skin glowing, her flawless face lit from within, her peachy nude lips glistening, people wondered what her secret was. It was all Scott Barnes' doing. He perfected the sun- kissed, glamorous, glowing look on Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Everyone wants to be made up by Scott Barnes!

He has created an incredible line of cosmetics so mere mortals and Hollywood types alike can master the Look of the Glowing Starlet!

Want to look fresh- faced, healthy and incredibly beautiful? Look no further than Scott Barnes Beauty.

Body Bling

Spray on the Bling for a burst of bronze radiance! I love the name, it conjures up shimmer and St. Tropez and fancy drinks and diamonds and men in suits bringing me drinks and diamonds. Body Bling is a tinted body lotion that you spray on your body- then step back to admire your luminosity. Perfect for arms and legs. Bring on the bling, baby!

The Self Tanning Mist will give you some dazzle to enhance your beauty. This fine mist will not streak, run or look blotchy. I use it on my face every other day for a hint of color. In an ideal world, I would have a natural tan and not have to worry about wrinkles, cancer and sun damage but since those are very real concerns, I stick to the self tanners. A spritz or two of this mist and I have the touch of a tan that I need.

Luminizing Mist

During her Ben Affleck days, Jennifer Lopez's skin seemed to shine. I was so jealous of how beautiful and pulled together she always looked. Now I know her secret! She must have been using Scott Barnes Luminizing Mist! This mist will give your skin a dewy finish, creating a very soft look. Etheral and supple. It helps skin retain moisture too.
Eye Ice

Oh, I'm so excited to tell you about this! Eye Ice is so cool, no pun intended. It's a loose powder eye shadow that has the neatest sheen to it. The color I used is called Treasure, a brownish shade that has a greenish/blue tinge to it. The effect of this shadow will make you look twice. Like a peacock's feather, it's a variated hue that is super striking.

My dear friend, a makeup artist by the name of Lisa, instructed me to apply the Eye Pencil in Moondance (black) and then go over the Eye Ice using the Smudge Brush for the deepest, most amazing color to bring out my blue eyes.

The brushes in Scott's collection are all soft, extremely well made and of high integrity (meaning you will not find stray hairs on your face).

Lip Slick

Among other things, the nude lip is what Scott Barnes is known for. The tan flush, the sparkly nude lips, the dewy skin, that's all Scott Barnes doing. Lip Slicks are moisturizing, shiny and smooth and come in neutral shades: pinks, browns and nudes. The colors are flattering to anyone and everyone and are complimentary to any kind of makeup you are doing- subtle or dramatic.

The pan of gloss features a mirror so you can dip a pinky into the color and look at your fine self as you apply it. Scott Barnes offers a handy retractable lip brush to use along with the Lip Slicks. I appreciate the fact that the brush isn't exposed to the innards of your makeup bag or trunk or drawer. There's nothing worse than a lip brush full of lint. This one sneaks back into the case and is hidden from the gum, wrappers, paper, pennies and whatever else lurks in the bottom of where you keep your makeup.

Lip Pencil

I have to mention the Lip Pencil. It is whisper soft and glides across the delicate lip area. I've tried my fair share of poor liners that pull and snag their way around the lips. Not these. You will be pleasantly surprised how how smooth these pencils are. You can color inside your lips and top with a coat of gloss. I adore Pillow Pink, a truly pink color that is gorgeous with gloss over it.

Gloss? Did someone say GLOSS?

Flossy Glossy

Can I take a minute and rave about these glosses? I am such a lip gloss addict, I have every shade and every color by every brand ever made. Well, almost. Most of my shades hover in the light pinks since I have naturally dark lips and shy away from dark colors. Flossy Glossy is an awesome gloss, shiny and full of color. The brush-wand applies just the right amount of color. Shades include Sassy- medium pink, Meow- light peach, Whisper-pinky red, Pretty Penny-brownish copper, Kelly- neutral nude, Black Currant- dramatic grape. There is a shade to suit every mood for every girl (and some boys!).

Chic Palette

These palettes are so much fun. There are three colors to highlight, contour, define or if you are like me, just play around and blend until you come up with the best shade for your skin. Shades of the palettes range from wine to peach to bronze to doll face pink. The blushes sit in a sturdy sleek mirrored case and are best applied with the Cheek Brush.


Illumineye is a sheer eye-shadow, nearly creamy its so fine and velvety. I love layering eyeshadows and am finally learning how to define my eyes using bold color like Urban Legend, a sophisticated gray. Pair this with the Moodance Eyeliner and use the Flat Liner Brush for a chic, smoky eye.

Creamy Concealor & Foundation

I use the Creamy Concealor nearly every day. I have blemish scars that need covering up and this is a fabulous creamy texture that is easy to apply and blend. A face isn't flawless unless you are very lucky genetically or have excellent foundation to even out the skin tone. ScottBarnes Cream Foundation offers medium coverage and blends very well especially if you use the sponge applicator. I apply this with my finger tips on my cheeks and nose and blend with a very damp sponge.

Lash Varnish & Super Luscious Lash

A makeup collection simply isn't complete without mascara, right? Scott Barnes gives us a couple of options here. Lash Varnish will not give you spider eyes and bulky lashes, it will however give lashes a pretty shine, looking very natural. As if you just got out of the shower and your lashes are shiny and wet. I love this mascara for my lower lashes. I like my top lashes as heavy as theater curtains but the bottoms need to look light and subtle. Super Luscious Lash provides the thick, full lashes I crave.

I am truly impressed with Scott Barnes Beauty. I liked each product more than the last. The brushes and gloss, eye shadows and mascaras... every single item was well made and I can tell that a lot of thought went into creating a line that is cohesive and geared towards a natural, yet glamorous and polished face. Yes, it is possible to be natural and have a certain amount of radiance about you too.

The products did not irritate my sensitive skin, they did not smell, the colors didn't wear off quickly. There are lots of colors to choose from, especially with those neat Chic Palettes and Flossy Glossy tubes. The packaging is sleek and classy, there is nothing unwieldy or awkward to deal with, everything is very simple yet well designed.

I highly, highly recommend checking out the collection whether it be online or in person. My wish list for this line includes the Falsettos Lash Extensions and Lip Suede in Candis and Raquel. I can't wait for Scott (yes, we are on a first name basis now) to come out with more tools and products and maybe even a perfume- we can call it...Cindy .


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Whoa! What an amazing review! I am also so impressed with Scott Barnes products. I can't wait to get out there and snag a load of these products for my own kit. Everything is so phenomenal. Just in the one session that I got to play with his products I was hooked! Love it!

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