Thursday, November 02, 2006

Skyn Iceland

Skyn Iceland, Solutions for Stressed Skin did wonders for my skin. I think finding what your skin needs is crucial to having skin that glows. You can try any products, use whatever is on the shelf, but until you find what you skin specifically craves, you may go through hundreds of skin care products. Hundreds! I began with Sea Breeze tonic and a bar of Dove soap so many years ago. I used to apply Cornsilk Pressed Powder on my face until there was an inch of makeup on my skin. And now, twenty years later, here I am finally finding products that meet the needs of my delicate, aging skin!

Bluntly put, I loved testing Skyn Iceland. My face felt so soft and clean, the pores looked smaller and I needed less makeup. I had tiny trial size vials of the products and now of course I want full sized tubes so I can keep on using this brand.

I used the Bio-Intense Healing Serum on an enormous pimple that I squeezed and picked and toyed with until it was an infected mass, red and swollen and even the strongest concealor couldn't hide my angry spot. I dabbed on the Bio-Intense Healing Serum all day and noticed that this helped the entire area clear up without irritation. It contains Coenzyme Q-10 among other goodies and boost collagen production.

The Glacial Wash purifies the skin, foaming up and washing away all the impurities on your skin like oil and makeup, detoxifying as it cleans.

The Antidote Daily Lotion feels awesome, it gives a cooling tingle on your skin after you apply it. This made me want to reapply every hour. It smells minty fresh and is light in consistency. This is for "chronically stressed skin"...that's me!

The Icelandic Relief Eye Cream is very thick, I lightly patted this on around my eye area. It didn't irritate my eyes and absorbed pretty fast. It contains Rice Peptides to counteract aging.

Oxygen Infused Night Cream infuses skin with natural extracts working with the skins natural renewing process so you wake up with gorgeous, healthy skin. It's very light and creamy and smells delicious.

Anti-Blemish Gel speaks for itself, right? Willow bark, a natural anti-bacterial agent is a main component to this acne fighting gel. It also offers green tea anti-oxidants and vitamins, will work on erasing those unsightly pimples without completely drying out the skin as many other ance creams will do.

I give this entire line two enthusiastic thumbs up! I would go on using this forever because I saw such an improvement in my skin for the short time I was using Skyn Iceland.

Since I am getting older (sob!) I find that I need less oil control products and more magic potions that will fight the effects of aging. I am interested in products that will keep my skin soft and supple, will diminish fine lines and keep my eyes looking bright and alert, Skyn Iceland did all of that and more. Go to the site for much more information and a complete list of all products.


Anonymous Claire said...

I adore the Skyn Iceland eye cream. It's my favorite, by far! It feels so refreshing in the morning.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Juliet said...

I'm very intrigued by this!:) Did you get the set? How long does a set last?:)

10:07 PM  

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