Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stila: Celebrate in Color!

Stila has the best gifts for everyone including yourself! The Holiday 2006 collection is perfect for every stylish girl on your list this season. Above is the Perfectly Kitten Set. You get a nifty little pouch with a dangly star charm on the zipper. This bag will find its way into my purse, I assure you.

Kitten is Stila's top selling, award winning eyeshadow color. It's a flattering, silvery pinkish color that is soft and powdery. The set also includes a creamy liquid all over shimmer- just right for adding a touch of glamour to your chest and shoulders in a holiday dress. WOW. Who's that hot lady? You, of course. A fabulous lip gloss that is a great counterpart to the Kitten shadow is in the set too. The gloss is sort of peachy with a hint of silver. The entire effect of this kit is a face ready for a night out on the town! This might be a good little something to buy for yourself.
Ahhhh...the best gift you could give your makeup loving friend, sister, mother etc. this season is this awesome trunk, it's the Mother Lode of holiday palettes. It is even bigger and better than the above picture which doesnt do this set justice at all.

Everything you could want or need is in the Celebration of Color. The colors are dazzeling, you will especially love the Lip Glazes. A suede- like fabric covers the box, inside is hot pink satin with two layers of glorious makeup! Heavenly.

I must tell you whats what in here: four shades of beautiful brown based eye shadows and two very pretty pinky cheek colors, a bronzer to liven up your winter skin, three...THREE lip glazes, one Kajal eyeliner (these are wonderful, so soft and creamy!), a Smudge pot (be sure to use a teeny eyeliner brush to apply this, even better than liquid eyeliner!), two lip/contour liners that are neutral in color and complimentary to the lip colors in the kit, fiber optics mascara ( this stuff lengthens your lashes and gives them shine), and a smudge/line brush for the Smudge pot.

Speaking of Smudge pots, I love them so much that I went out and purchased 2 more- they are so versatile as eyeliner, shadow, smudge it all or line your eyes straight or fine.

This kit is perfect. They should have called it Celebration in Perfection!

If you are traveling during this holiday season, you should really get a hold of this Travel Brush Set. Featuring soft, high quality brushes for powder, concealor, liner, lips and eyebrows. If you are leaving town to go somewhere amazing, take along this brush set to cover all the bases. I cannot believe I existed so long without decent brushes! I finally tossed a lip brush into my on-the-go makeup bag that I carry with me everywhere. This pouch is so small it can fit in your jeans pocket or purse and it matches the above trunk.

I've been searching for a long time for a ballerina pink blush that gives me the outdoorsy flush of a day spent in the snow. Silta has a great one and you should know that the color stays on ALL DAY LONG. I applied it at 8 and by 4 I did not need a retouch! Check out all the cheek colors right here.

Stila is a brand that never disappoints. There are a few brands that are very consistent with their products and thankfully Stila is one of them!