Thursday, November 09, 2006


I recently had the opportunity to brighten up my teeth. I drink tons of coffee and tea so I try hard to keep my teeth sparkling white and clean but it's tough. I've been wanting to get my teeth professionally whitened forever. Well, along comes Supersmile and within a very short time, I see a great difference in my teeth. Now I can get the botox I've been dreaming of instead! Ha ha!!

Dr. Irwin Smigel is the brains behind the brand. Everyone loves this guy because he is like a magician who suddenly makes your yellow teeth look as white and pure as snow. Celebrities are flocking to Supersmile: Kelly Ripa, Adam Sandler, Kate Moss, Jimmy Fallon, Linda Evangelista are all fans of Supersmile. Although Im not a celebrity, count me in too!

The Supersmile Powdered mouthrinse couldn't be any easier to use. You simply add water directly to the single use packet and rinse your mouth. Fresher breath, whiter teeth. A very clean feeling in your mouth. All done within seconds. This is part of my night-time regime of flossing-brushing-rinsing. However you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Supersmile Quikee is another brilliant little invention. This is a tube of tooth whitening polish that you drop onto your tongue and smooth around your teeth. There you go. Another way to brighten your smile, easy and fast.

I am a dedicated flosser and brusher and am always on the lookout for awesome dental care products, especially products that will whiten my teeth. I am hoping to try out the entire line of Supersmile but for now, I will continue to use my powdered mouthrinse and Quickee. Take a look at the site and do a little shopping, you can thank me later when your teeth are brighter and shinier and whiter.