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The Nail files....colors galore!


T. Le Clerc

Creative Nail Design:
Solar Oil (above) and Nail Enamel (below)

I love nail polish! It can be sassy or serious or dramatic or whimsical. I read that Caroline Bessett Kennedy always wore red polish on her toenails and a french manicure on her fingers and at that time, I was all about that classic look. Then Vamp came onto the scene, and all I wore was deep, dark red. And now its all about black nails. But they have to be short to pull off the look. Something about black talons is so wrong. Whether you favor a clean, shiny nail or a coral shade or perhaps a sky blue, there are many many brands available to suit your needs.

I was lucky to test out several of the best polishes and I present to you, my dear glamour girl, my findings.

AVON nail colors are exactly what I expected and that's good! Super shine, opaque colors, dries in about ten minutes and lasts for a several good days before chipping. I applied two coats and waited for the nails to dry in between instead of slopping on a color and repeating. $4.50 will buy you a bottle of this polish and you can order directly off the Avon site. They have a great choice of colors and are reasonably priced.

I was so excited to try the Avon Instant Manicure. What a neat concept! You simply peel off the color and wrap each little strip around your nail. No waiting, no smell, no smudging or smearing. Pretty neat, yes? It took me a while to peel off the strips and properly apply them but once I did, they did not come off. Yes, these have staying power. I didn't realize you can use nail polish remover to get these off, I sat and peeled it off when I was ready for a new color. You can buy one package for $4.99 or two for $8.99 at

Goldie makes great nail polishes. I had already tried the polish from their Alice in Wonderland kit and loved it. I tested another lacquer and liked this one as well. I chose a bright pink shade on my toenails and it's been several days and no chipping. The color is good with one coat- it's not not watery or light but opaque. I put on two coats because I always over- use products. If you haven't checked out Goldie yet, then please do so! One quick coat on each nail and they will look fabulous. $5.00 at Bath & Body Works.

Creative Nail Design
offers tons upon tons of colors. Creative Nail Design also sells
polishes, accessories and tools. The Solar Oil is used at nail salons but you can buy a bottle for home use too. Not just for professionals! Solar Oil is so nourishing, a manicure would not be complete without it used on the nail beds to soften the skin. But not right before you paint your nails or else you will end up with oily polish!

I tried out a few different colors and my favorites were # 401 Strawberry Daffofil, a perfect pale pink that I never thought I would find, and #259, Voodoo- black! I was fearful that the black would not last long and it might stain my nails when the polish came off. I was wrong! I painted my nails on a Saturday and by Tuesday they had not chipped yet.

This is pretty amazing considering I have my hands in and out of dish-water, scrubbing the counter tops, cooking and cleaning every day. Like a modern day Cinderella! The black stayed on and looked good for days before it began to show signs of wear. Similiarly, the pink color lasted and I took it off only to change the color- not because it was looking old. This polish is excellent! You can go to the Creative Nail website to find stores that sell this enamel.

I didn't know T. Le Clerc made nail polish! Huh! You learn something new every day, don't you? I tried out no. 16, Taupe, which is a gorgeous chocolate- purple. It's a dramatic and bold shade with a bit of sparkle. You do need 2 coats of this because initially, it looks quite transparent. Two coats and it's deep and perfect for those who like dark colors but aren't ready to commit to black. I love the stylish look of the silver top of the bottle. This brand has many lovely colors, check out the pinks and lilac shades.

NYX offers so many nail colors, it will make your head spin. Go ahead, take a look. The colors range from yellow to blue to clear and every color in between. I tried out Sorbet, a pretty pinkish-coral color. The brush is short and thicker then a regular brush so the nail is totally polished in two swipes. Very reasonably priced at $4 a bottle!

New York Color Glossies are available in every drugstore imaginable. You will have no problems finding these. A coat of this slick gloss dries fast and gets you out the door in no time. Each bottle contains pro vitamin B5 and vinyl for shine. At $1.99 per bottle, you can stock up on these shades and change your nail color often. My top pick is the color #207, a slightly off white shade that is light and pretty and subtle on nails.


Blogger Renee said...

Hello, Yes Avon has great nail colors and the instant manicure is awesome. The rest of the Avon products are fantastic as well. I am a Avon representative and give great customer service and would love for you to visit my website for all your Avon products at

10:57 AM  
Blogger Jake K said...

I recently was 'treated' to a pedicure by my g/f with the OPI color "Suzy Loves Sydney". It is a dark burgundy with subtle sparkles in it. She topped it with Seche Vite top coat and it looked so good, I may even consider wearing my toes polished more often!

9:43 PM  

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