Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pink Sugar & ChocoLovers

Chocolovers offers a blend of Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Lily of the Valley, Coriander, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Malt, Musks. When malt is mentioned, I get hungry.

Pink Sugar
is concocted from Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig Leaves, Lily of the Valley, Licorice, Strawberry, Red Fruit, Cotton Candy, Barbe-a-Papa, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, Powder. Er...Wood?

Aquolina has produced two very powerful scents, Pink Sugar and Chocolovers. At first when I smelled the Chocolovers, I immediately thought back to when I worked in a bakery amid the heavily frosted chocolate ganache cakes and chocolate sprinkled cookies. But I sprayed this on my wrists and rubbed on some of the whipped Chocolovers Body Mousse and the fragrance grew on me. It's not as overpowering in the chocolate department as you might think. The scent of chocolate sort of disappears and you are left with a perfume that will not make you hungry for a box of Godiva. It's a pretty scent.

Pink Sugar is a very feminine perfume that smells like a mixture of cotton candy and cupcakes and frosting. A little of both fragrances goes a long way and if you don't like perfumes that fade after an hour, this is for you because these scents last a long time! Pink Sugar offers a fluffy Body Mousse, the consistancy is very smooth and silky on your skin. Jaqua Buttercream Frosting Body Butter or any of the Cake Beauty products would match the scent very well and compliment the sugary, flirty notes in Pink Sugar.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


This is the Cargo Reverse Lip Liner. Don't be frightened by the fleshy pink hue! The idea behind this is to line the outside of your lips and gently smooth with your finger. It will keep your lipstick or gloss from bleeding around your mouth, keeping the color safely inside.

This is a must-have for me. I have pale skin but naturally crimson lips. I certainly do not need a dark liner around my mouth. The Reverse Lip Liner is a neat blend of a liner and a color that doesn't make me (or you) look like we are trying to draw attention to our lips. I cannot stand to see girls with dark lip liner and frosty pink lipstick, thats a cosmetic pet peeve of mine.

The Cargo Electric Ink eyeliner. Are you a fan of liquid eyeliner? I am. I like a product that doesn't budge or smudge or run. I want the color to simply flow from the applicator like a whisper across the delicate skin of my lids. I do not want to pull at my eyes and fight with the eyeliner to get a decent, straight line.

Thankfully this one does what it should which is distribute color. And it's bright! I love it. If you want to make an impact with your eyes, this is a fabulous, bold product. It comes in beautiful colors like Copper, Royal Blue, Sapphire Blue and Purple. I own the Royal Blue and Copper. The Copper color brings out my blue eyes while I think the Purple would look gorgeous on a dark eyed girl. I like the drama of the Royal Blue for evenings.

No smell, nothing irritating (to me at least and I do have sensitive skin), the liquid is not runny or thick, its a decent consistency and the product lasts for the day. I usually like to go over a liquid liner with a pencil anyway just to set the color. You can find Cargo products here.

Matrix Hair Care

Biolage Color Care Shielding Shine Mist
will make your tresses shine like a new penny but best of all, it smells terrific.

This is what healthy hair looks like, full and shiny and pretty.

Vavoom will make your hair as big and tall as Marge Simpson's.

Matrix Hair is repsonsible for several hair care brands such as Vavoom, Biolage, Amplify, Color Smart and more.

I had the opportunity to try out the Shine Mist, Bodifying Creme Gel and Smoothing Gel. Long ago I used to wash my hair with Biolage and what I liked best about this line was the way the products smelled. Clean. The fragrance only slightly lingers so don't think you will have perfumey hair all day. Occasionally you will catch a pleasant whiff of the Biolage scent and strangers might come up to you on the street and smell your hair but that's what happens when you use Biolage.

The Shine Mist will allow your hair to look smooth without weighing it down. I only very slightly spray it on the crispy ends of my over processed hair to make my hair softer. The Bodifying Creme Gel comes from a little pump like a mousse, but is a creme. It gives the hair body without leaving a sticky residue. And it won't make your hair crispy either. The Smoothing Gel is a product I use on the ends of my hair to prepare my locks for the singe of the curling iron. The gel makes my hair a little straighter, again, nothing sticky. All in all, Biolage is fabulous, afforable, and is easy to find in many quality salons or online.

Vavoom products are insane! Yes you will have enormous hair. I tryed out the Volumizing Gel and the Finishing Spray for my beloved Jersey Girl coif-- big and fluffy and teased to the heavens. Use the gel sparingly or else you will have some hardened locks to contend with. A little goes along way with Vavoom! There is no overpowering smell to these items, slightly scented but not irritating.

The hairspray is a wee bit harsh if you aren't looking to lock your style into loaded position. I believe these products are for the diva who wants the big glamorous hairdo, not the au natural crunchy granola kind of gal.

When I want my hair to be as wide as the doorway, I use a bit of the Volumizing Gel- a little in my palms, and work it through damp hair. I blow it out with a huge round brush and then wrap hair in velcro rollers when it's not quite dry. I blast the blow dryer on each roller, spraying with the Finishing Spray, the key here is to do it with a light touch! Then I take the rollers out, spray the Biolage Shine Mist and finish with a bit more hairspray so thatmy tresses are as secure as a helmut. Out the door I go!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lucy B.

I love the idea behind Lucy B. She includes aroma-therapeutic extracts as well as organic ingredients. I'm going to be sure to follow this brand and see how Lucy B. grows in the future. Natural products, organic, pretty colors...that's what I like.

The tinted lip balms are soft and smooth and the colors go on exactly the shade they are in the little pots. Meaning that the red is really red and the pink is truly pink. There is no change of tint or hue from pot to lip. One of my pet peeves with lip color is that while the color may look one way in the packaging, once on me it changes to a hot pink. Unflattering and annoying!

Lucy B. Pink Bikini is my favorite. I apply it with a small lipbrush and the product is nourishing to my lips. When I wear Ruby Red, I feel just like Ms. Gwen Stefani with her signature scarlet pout. I've been looking for a nice red and I think I've found it! Nudie is good for casual days while I'm reserving the Chocolate color for a night out on the town when I want dramatic lips.

Lucy Baldock-Sacchi is a well-known makeup artist, who along with her photographer husband Marco, created Lucy B. The products contain Australian flower essences and other organic components which make the brand seem cool and hip and happy. I think of beaches and tanned skin and beautiful girls in bright bikinis when I think of Lucy B.

I absolutely adore the landing page of the Lucy B. site, check it out here! I think Miss Lucy should create a soft blue tee shirt with the girl on it and stick a little pink flower in her hair. Lucy B. will introduce some new products soon so be sure to check back on the homepage or


Jaqua Mint Chocolate Rich Body Butter, Shower Gel, Lotion and Lip Whip should come with a warning: do not consume. These goodies smell unbelievably like freshly made Chocolate Chip mint ice cream.

It's amazing how the girls at Jaqua were able to concoct potions to imitate the savory scent of such distinctive flavors. You will want to lick yourself all day long... but don't.
One of my favorite products is the Buttercream Frosting Sinfully Rich Body Butter. It smells like a generously frosted cupcake, completely mousse-like in consistency and utterly rich.

The perfect time to lather on the body butter is when you are damp from a bath or shower. It absorbs into your skin and leaves behind a sweet scent.
The idea behind this kit is clever and fun. The only thing missing would be a nice bottle of wine. All right, maybe two bottles and some dark chocolates.

Jeannine's Bakery Kit includes: Pumpkin Papaya Puree Enzyme Face Masque (featured in Shape magazine!) Peach Parfait Exfoliating Body Polish Buttercream Frosting Sinfully Rich Body Butter and invitations for girls night in. The box is constructed to look like a quaint little bakery.

The idea behind this "freshly baked" box of treats is to gather a couple girlfriends and have a spa night. You know girls, we never take as good care of ourselves as we do our significant others or children. Spa time is the perfect way to give ourselves a well deserved indulgence. If you can't buy an extravagant pair of shoes, then you might as well stay in for the night and pamper yourself with luxury bath products, oils and potions.

The Jaqua sisters created their line over nine years ago when the items they craved simply were not available. So the Santa Barbara natives made it their mission to make the bath and beauty products that they themselves would enjoy. Pretty packages and luxuriously scented creams born from oils and extracts is what these two smart cookies came up with.

The items are available at

The dream item on my wishlist is the Petal Soft White Rose Bergamot Dry Oil spray. I'm so excited to see what the savvy sisters come up with next!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Holy Grail...Volume 1

I've been on a mission. I'm being ultra-picky but I know what I want and know what I like and I haven't found it yet. Like finding a mate for life, I'm not willing to settle for less and simply make do.

This is both a want and outstanding foundation that stays on and won't make my pores look like manholes. A product that will smooth my skin and make it look like a six year olds. I'm willing to work in conjunction with a primer, just point me in the right direction. I've been using and loving my Classified ERA Face Primer but its whats supposed to be applied over it that has me perplexed.

I began my neverending quest with Maybelline. I found a mousse that went on swimmingly but ended up creasing and cracking within a few hours. I moved on to Neutrogena which was a perfect color match but seemed to only highlight my pores.

After reading about Clinique Pore Minimizer I trotted on down to Macys and bought a tube. It treated me well but suddenly it doesn't work. Is it the blazing southern California tempatures that melt the product? I go without anything on my face except a bit of self tanner rubbed into my cheeks for color and lots of Lip Fusion to plump my lippage.

My makeup artist friend raved about BeneFit's Dr. Feelgood so I hustled down to Macys yet again and doled out thirty bucks for it. I got home and was excited to use this "complexion balm" but my excitement fell flat as I found this to be waxy on my skin and did nothing to erase my pores. On a happy note, I exchanged the product for Touch Me Then Try to Leave Cream which I love love love.

I logged on to Sephora to order Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil. Another disappointment for this picky beauty girl. Although it is a high quality product, the powder sunk into my pores like quicksand and left me feeling less than flawless. I so wanted this to work!

So what's a girl to do? Continue the search for the Perfect Foundation I suppose. Until then, I'm using under- eye concealor and hoping people don't get close enough examine my pores, pimples and sun spots!

Clean Perfume

Think of warm sunny days at the beach, splashing the salt water on your sunkissed skin. Closing your eyes against the gentle briny breeze. Wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel and taking in the scent of sun and beach and pure air. Sunny skies and clouds thick and white high in the blue sky. That is what is evoked when I splash on Clean Fresh Laundry Perfume.

I love to layer my fragrances for extra staying power. The Clean Fresh Laundry body lotion is enriched with shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E to soften your skin. The smell of the lotion and perfume is so pure and suitable to every woman that I cannot imagine anyone not falling love with the delicate aroma.

This is an excellent everyday kind of fragrance. The sort of scent you can spritz on day in and day out and not get sick of. If you aren't a perfume lover who wants the perfume to enter the room before you do, this is for you. My only teeny complaint would be the scent doesn't last as long as I would like it to. I constantly sniff at my wrists where I apply the perfume for a hint of aromatherapy throughout my crazy days.

Fans of the scent include Cameron Diaz, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Darryl Hannah, Courtney Cox Arquette, Jennie Garth, Ali Landry and Taryn Manning. The brand has been featured in countless fashion and beauty magazines. But the true test of the clean scent is the compliments you get when you apply the perfume and the feeling it elicits when you spray it around you. Soothing, pleasant and fresh. And clean.

The Clean Fresh Laundry scented candles top my wishlist. I'd love to have my house smell like Clean Laundry every day.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Melanie Segal's Platinum Luxury Suite

Exuviance Skin Care

Ever heard of them? Me neither. But I tried some samples and I already love the eye cream.

Cris Judd

Jeri Ryan is teeny tiny in real life.

Elise Neal, totally stunning in person!

Bobby Trendy was wearing True Religion jeans.

the Dirt Devil Kone may look like a funky lava lamp but it's an awesome hand- held vacuum that looks super cool.

Chip & Pepper hats, tee shirts and jeans for all!

Yesterday my dear amiga, SSLove, and I went over to Le Meridien Hotel in Beverly Hills for Melanie Segal's Platinum Luxury Suite in celebration of the Emmy Awards and the MTV Video Music Award's.

A variety of vendors were there to display their goods while celebrities and press got to meet and greet and pick up some swag, learning about hot new products. Everyone was in a happy, festive mood and celebs came out in full force to pose for photos, like these on Wire Image, and collect goodies like Dippin Dots Ice Cream and bottles of amazing South African wine.

I picked up some Paris Hilton fragrance which contains notes of frozen apple, peach nectar, muguet and a 'splash of wet Ozone' with subtle hints of mimosa and freesia, jasmine and tuberose. Her newest perfume called Heiress will be out this fall and will be a citrus blend that smells tropical and beachy. I can't wait until I come out with my own perfume, a blend of desperation, red lipstick and luxurious silk.

Bottles of Fiji Water were plentiful which was good because my throat was dry from all the chatting I did. The Warren Tricomi suite offered a stylist to create waves and a little flatiron action. Cranium Pop 5- a pop culture game for adults was available for the taking as was Bed Head shampoo and conditioner for brunettes. Hey, what about us blondes, hmmm?

I was just a little too excited about my Dirt Devil Kone which I've already used and have parked in my kitchen for the renegade crumbs that fall to the floor. SoCal Cleanse is a detoxifying supplement for those of us who want to cleanse and "optimize our diets and fitness programs". Yes! Sign me up.

Coby, Herbal Glo, Vespa, and Solar Style were a few more of the vendors at the luxury suite. Roxs by Shakara Ledard was giving away super soft knitwear that I plan to wear as soon as the tempature retreats from being over 100*. The highlight of my day was getting my tarot cards read and receiving a pair of super sexy Chip&Pepper Pamela (after Pamela Anderson?) jeans. Straight leg, tight throughout the badonkadonk, pockets that flatter and highlight the rear view, these might rank right next to my beloved True Religions.

The event supported Animal Avengers and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS foundation. I am always happy to see worthwhile causes and help out with charities that do work to benefit kids or animals, the down trodden or neglected souls of society.

Sadly I missed Santino Rice, the Project Runway alum who showed up after we drove off in a cloud of Paris Hilton perfume. I just might have cornered him and asked him for his Tim Gunn impersonation. "Where's Andre?"

Kudos to Miss Melanie Segal, the very young, very gorgeous and very on-the-ball chickie who put together the stellar event which drew out a variety of stars and press. Well played Melanie, thank you!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Christian Louboutin

Is there anything so lovely as these Christian Louboutin shoes? The beautiful robins egg blue leather with the kicky red details makes me gasp in delight! I am weeping at these shoes. No, weeping for these shoes.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


If you color your hair- and who doesn't?- then you need a good shampoo that will protect those chemically treated tresses. Aveda makes a great one that smells delicious. The shampoo is created from babassu betaine, Organic lavender, Organic peppermint, Organic ylang ylang, Soy-derived vitamin E. If that means something to you, then good. I like my products to be very natural and healthy so the fact that it contains babassu betaine really speaks to me.

Actually, this shampoo and conditioner smell wonderful and if I could roll around in it all day then I just might.

As you know I love my hairspray. I wish I had the lovely locks that didn't need to be locked into submission day in, day out. Alas, my thin, flyaway hair must be kept under tight control. I've been using this hairspray almost every day.

It's been hot and humid here in southern California and there is nothing worse than sticky hair. Luckily, this hairspray isn't tacky or damp nor does it lose hold in the moist air.

To be honest, I'm still figuring this one out. This magic potion is a powder that when added to wet hair, plumps the hair strands. Lord knows I need this. This is what says:

instantly thickens hair by 17%
relies on natural bulking agents acacia gum and kaolin clay
creates matte texture
great for creating a gritty, “second-day hair” look

I'm going to keep trying it until I completely figure it out and have Heidi Klum's hair on my head.

Acne, large pores, oily skin..didn't I pay my dues when I was a teenager with braces, a headgear and a prescription for Accutane? Thankfully there is a solution and products that work. The Outer Peace Acne Relief products will clear up those spots in no time. I've tried everything from ProActiv to Clinique and just about every item you can buy at the drugstore so I feel pretty confident recommending Aveda.

Of course, salicylic acid is a key componant here which tends to dry out the skin so I use it sparingly. I love washing all my makeup off after a long day and the foaming face cleanser washes off every last trace of concealor, blush, bronzer and whatever else I've spackled on my face with a trowel in the morning.

I've also been using the acne relief pads on the pimples that I have cropping up. As soon as I feel something brewing, I dab it with the pad and cover it up with Acne Spot Relief which is probably much better than my usual MO...picking and squeezing until a small pimple has turned into a giant, glaring, red lump.

Back in my early twenties, I colored my normally blonde hair a dark reddish brown. I began using Aveda Cherry/Almond Bark conditioner. I liked the smell, the consistancy, liked how it kept my color looking good. Over the years I started trying new things and let Aveda fall by the wayside.

It wasn't too long ago that I had my hair done at an Aveda spa. The entire place is done in feng shui with soothing music and calming, scented candles burning, rocks in clear glass vases, soft neutral colored's such a pleasant sensory experience, I wanted to sit in the luxurious pedicure chair and just sleep. They also keep some kind of delicious tea brewing, I'd love to get some of it because it's the best tea I've ever had.

With every haircoloring, you get a free hand massage with Rosemary Mint lotion. Not a free hand job, as I erroneously told a friend. My hands were rubbed, my mug was full. I was sorry when the afternoon was over and I was sent packing.

Aveda is an environmentally conscious company and their products contain natural ingredients like green tea, honey, vanilla, wintergreen just to name a few. They produce makeup, fragrances, candles, tea and of course lotions and potions for your body, hair and skin. Go to to do a some shopping.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Slatkin Citron Eau de Parfum
would have been worn by someone as elegant and classy as Jacqueline Kennedy. The calming scent is the result of the essences of orange flower and citron with notes of madarin and lemon zest.

It is not overpowering, but when used with the luxurious body wash and alluring, thick lotion, you will catch notes of citrus all day long, infusing you with calming sensibility. It's extremely pleasant and ever so sophisticated.

Alchemist Harry Slatkin has created a beautiful sensory experience that the likes of Elton John enjoys on a daily basis. While he is known as the king of luxury home fragrances, Slatkin branches out to body care with his collection of high- end perfumes, lotions and washes in the following essences: Black Fig & Absinthe, Muguet & White Jasmine, Orange Flower & Citron and Persian Lime & Mimosa.

Slatkin also creates shampoos, conditioners and body scrubs in those delectable fragrances. If you are in the market for posh soaps, candles and room sprays, then head over to the Slatkin & Co. website to learn more.

Sunday, August 20, 2006