Saturday, September 30, 2006

Product Body

Product Body offers scrumptious creams, scrubs and lotions created just for you. Made in small batches, the products are the freshest you could ever hope to put on your skin.

The products have only the essential ingredients for the softest, cleanest, most deliciously fragrant skin! Nothing harsh, pure as nature intended. Shea butter, cocoa butter, macadamia nut butter, olive butter, sugar and sea salt--that's just a sample of what you will find in the items from Product Body. There is nothing to irritate your skin and using these products will make your bath or shower experience feel like a day at the spa. Oh please tell me that a line of candles is in the works!

I had the opportunity to try out the Cocoa Butter Sugar Scrub which gently exfoliates and contains a fragrance reminiscent of the tropics. I used it on my hands and feet since those are areas that tend to dry out. I love the consistency of this scrub. It feels so good! Scrub away the dirt of the day and lose yourself in the sweetness of the cocoa butter.

The Cream is made with shea butter and I promise that your skin will just drink it up. Shea butter is my new favorite ingredient. Anything made with shea butter will be super emollient and have extreme softening properties. This product carries a scent of some faraway island where palm trees sway in the salty ocean breeze and brightly colored flowers dot the landscape.

Last is my favorite, probably one of the best products I've ever tried, the Whipped Shea Butter. Made with 100% shea butter, the only thing added is light natural fragrance. That's it! Pure shea butter to smooth all over your arms and legs and where ever else you want extreme velvety skin. It feels like freshly whipped cream without being sticky, it's fluffy and light to the touch. Absorbing into your skin, it immediately smooths and softens where ever you apply it leaving just a hint of a glow.

I want to try more of these amazing products especially Mama Bomb and the Salt Scrub. I adore Product Body! You will be both impressed and addicted to Product Body once you try their skin softening and all natural products. Learn more about Product Body here.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Fight the wrinkles!

If a fountain of youth existed, I would be drinking out of it with an enormous ladle. Until I find a miracle product that will erase those pesky wrinkles for good, I'm going to use these products.

Smashbox has created Filter, a wrinkle filler with Dermaxyl Complex, an anti aging peptide. I'm not familiar with the lingo, but it sounds good, doesn't it? This product will erase those little lines, filling them in with this clear, creamy lotion-like product. You use a tiny dot of this and spread it around the eye area. I put on all my eye makeup first and then gently pat this under my eyes and around where those nasty crows feet are trying to roost. I love Smashbox and their innovation beauty products. Keep checking the site for new product launches. Smashbox always has something good up their sleeves!

Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover offers the same antidote to a common problem. This product is very similar to the Smashbox wrinkle eraser. However, this product contains Hyaluronic Acid, "the same ingredient used in dermatologist office treatments, to fill even the deepest lines and wrinkles for skin that looks smoother and younger." Check please, I'm sold! This product is sold exclusively at CVS. It's afforable and it works. What more could you ask for?

I love technology! I hope to be forty and look thirty. Ladies (and guys too) don't forget your moisturizer every day and products like these to treat and correct early wrinkles. I don't think it's ever too soon to start using good products to ward off wrinkles, sun spots and leathery skin.

Bella Beauty

Bella il Fiore is a line that evokes glamour and simplicity. The products are beautiful, packaged in sleek containers or palettes and the quality is high, the colors are vibrant and pretty.

Bella’s formulas and products are constantly praised for their wearability, simplicity and creativity. The talent of its creator, inventive ideas, attention to packaging and presentation, along with an intrinsic style which makes Bella Beauty a brand in for the long haul. “The Bella Beauty customer crosses all categories: from celebrities to moms, to trendsetters and corporate executives-- and they all have one thing in common: they all love simplified fashion and beauty.”

This palette will slip into your purse for those mid-day touch-ups. There are three face palettes available, Radiant in Rio, Smashing in Soho and Pretty in Paris. The kits include a blush, four squares of eye shadow and three lip colors.
This mascara rocks! I love the old fashioned feel of the tube. It makes sense to house mascara in it because you can just squeeze it on up as you would toothpaste. The black mascara is very black, it lengthens my lashes, coating them well. I applied two coats with extra emphasis as usual to the very tips.

This palette offers soft, pearly shades that blend very well. I noticed the shadows didn't crease or get greasy on my eyelids. I love playing around with the colors and mixing them together. I always line my upper lids with a dark color and then highlight with lighter shades. This kit is fabulous. Again, super portable.

Ive used roller ball eye shadows before without luck. I forget the brand but the roller just allowed too much product to come out and there was an avalanche of powder all over my eyes. Not good! However, Bella's version rolls out like a dream. And the colors are very of- the- season, metallic bronze and gold are my favorite and bring out the blue in my eyes. I imagine girls with eyes as brown as chocolate would like the green and pink shades.

YES. YES. Im such a lip gloss junkie. I love gloss. I apply it to my lips many, many times a day and if you are around me long enough, I will most likely talk you into trying out my favorite shades.

Each color in this Lip kit- whether it be the pink, berry or neutral is flattering and smooth. I am drawn to pink like a moth to a flame and you cannot keep me from wearing it. The pink in this kit is what I've been looking for all my life and I wish it was in lipstick form so I could buy up a couple tubes. Mirrored so you can look at your lovely self, this too is thin enough to carry with you all the time.

Can you believe I'm this old and have never owned professional brushes? I've always used the terribly cheap, small applicators that come with products. I have never properly learned how to use the tools of the trade! But now, with the brushes from Bella, Im learning that the applicator is important for equal distribution, especially with eyeshadows!

These brushes come in a pink cylinder that looks totally old school glam on my counter. They pull double duty as being functional and decorative. Check out the pink rhinestones on these!

And Bella just keeps on with the palettes! These are petite versions of the Rio, Paris and Soho collections. Look how super transportable these are. You can slip it into your clutch bag on the way out the door to somewhere super fantastic!

Every night and morning, I put lotion or cream all over my skin so that I smell awesome and stay touchable and soft. Seriously, everyone who touches me comments on my skin. Not that a lot of people are petting me, but you know, a hug here or there. This smells so good as grapefruit always does. I believe the grapefruit scent has aromatherapy benefits.

I am totally digging this line of colorful and cheerful products to play with, their ultra-feminine packaging with emphasis on the pink scores points with this girly-girl.

I'd love to see this line at Sephora or one of the major cosmetic retailers so it can get some widespread publicity. I know you would love the products, especially the brushes. And the eyeshadows. And of course the lip glosses! Bella offers much more than what I've featured so be sure to check out the entire line of Bella right here.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mojo Cosmetics

Mojo Cosmetics has introduced a refillable lipstick, a nifty silver bullet casing that locks together to contain Mojo lipstick, available in a variety of hot colors like Pinup- a cotton candy pink, Delusion- a purple shade, Dune- a neutural tawny and several other funky colors. The lipsticks are made with beeswax, shea butter and lots of other natural goodness to soften and nourish your lips.

Mojo also offers us glamorous girls a plumping lipgloss called Platinum, a clear gloss that promises to give your lips lots of vavavoom!

I have yet to try these products but am looking forward to coating my lips with Mojo someday soon. I simply have to have the little bullet to tuck into my jean pocket! You have to see this sleek website,

Le Petit Prince

Years ago, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was looking for a scent to wear that would be both pleasantly clean and gentle.

On a trip into the Holy Land-- Sephora-- I stumbled upon Le Petit Prince. Blending verbena, citrus, cedarwood and oak, the scent is delightfully lemony. Le Petit Prince reminded me of a cologne my grandmother used to send me from Venezuela when I was just a little girl.

I snapped up the bottle and wore it sparingly for the next few years- sparingly because I could not find it anywhere, until now. It is sold via Berjangusa, the sole distributor.

It is and was light enough to wear near a newborn and pretty enough for me to smell fresh.

Fast forward until very recently when I had the pleasure of trying out the Petit Prince Lotion (Lait de toilette) and Foaming Soap Flakes. The lotion is creamy and leaves behind a slight citrus scent. The soap flakes are shaped like small yellow stars and can be used in a bath or just poured into a wash cloth in the shower. Coupled with a hot shower, the soap flakes release the most delicious scent and my whole bathroom smells like lemon.

Le Petit Prince is geared for boys and girls from ages 3-10. I use the products too and um..I'm much older than 10. There is also a sensitive skin version available, "harmonized with fruity notes like mandarin, oranges, freesia, and lily of the valley." This fragrance sounds lovely!

There are more products from this company and I'm certain they all smell as delicious and fresh as my prince. I would love to try La Rose du Petit Prince, specifically for girls ages 5 to 12. This scent is created from clementine, orange and grapefruit peel. Absolutely appropriate for a young lady!

There are more products and scents to choose from and if you check out the website, I'm sure you will be pleased to find all kinds of neat fragrances for kids....and adults too! I sure do love those soap flakes. Something that caught my eye was the Le Petit Prince Birth Set which contains Le Petit Prince spray and a luxurious bathrobe.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The miracle maker: Back to Basics

My hair went from Bon Jovi... Bradshaw with the help of...

and the Curl Activating Gel!

I don't care to tell you about alllllll the natural ingedients of Back to Basics products. Yes, the Jasmine shampoo and conditioner smell intoxicating and yes,the conditioner makes my hair so very soft. I think the product was sent directly from heaven and made just for me by angels with fairy wings and long curly hair.

The fact is this-- without these products, my hair looks like it belongs on Jon Bon Jovi's head circa 1984. My natural curl is obscured by a frizzy poof of Jersey mall hair. There are days when I would love nothing more than to toss the hot rollers and big round brush aside and just be au natural. Unfortunately, without the styling accoutrements, my coif is better suited to a rocker in ripped spandex than a mother of two.

And then here comes the Back to Basics just for moi. And you too, if you have naturally curly hair that just explodes into dandelion fluff without intense coaxing. Now I can simply wash, condition and rub some gel through my hair, blowdrying and lightly scrunching my hair. I end up with actual curls! It's amazing. Truly!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Nails and faces and lips and beauty

Shiny lip gloss in one of my favorite things in the world next to cashmere, perfume and lash lengthening mascara. Bodyography makes a non-stinging product that boasts lip plumping for 48 hours! Since I have a naturally puffy pucker, I did not see any major swelling or fluffing of my mouth, but I do love the shine without stickiness. I like applying this over and over because I love the cinnamon essence the gloss contains!

China Glaze offers TONS of colors to suit your mood. More hues to choose than a box of Crayola crayons. These polishes glide onto the nails distributing deep color, the polish lasts on my nails for several days without major chipping.

China Glaze offers seasonal and ongoing collections - my favorite palette is the light colors with pretty pale pinks. I'll take a bottle of each color, thanks!

I've been wearing Sexy in the City on my toenails- a greenish blue, it's a perfect shot of color.
I feel like I'm too old for those crazy colors on my nails- I draw the line at black, but funky colors on toenails is totally appropriate for any age!

This product is quite nifty! I used it when I went to Las Vegas and needed to appear bright eyed. Beauty Flash "minimizes the signs of fatigue caused by jet-lag, long nights, and hard days."

I spritzed it all over my face and waited for the radiance to appear like a sunrise. I don't know exactly what it did, but I certainly looked better than when I had woken up with puffy eyes and pale skin from too many pina coladas and not enough beauty sleep. High fives all around. Check this stuff out!

When I am on the go, I don't have enough space in my suitcase to pack every single soap, cleanser, eye makeup remover, moist towelette, hand towel, baby wipe and cloth. Therefore, these Makeup Remover Towelettes are just right for me plus they help save valuable space. Ha ha! More room for my full size shampoos and conditioners and entire case full of makeup and complete change of clothes for every day.

These towelettes are totally natural and act as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Triple power! I like the fact that they do not make my skin red and this product does not make my face itchy as some all- in- one products can do. Anything that can be used around the eye area makes me nervous because I am so sensitive but no worries here!

These are really convenient, in fact the company who makes these is called Comodynes, Convenient Cosmetics. I am all for convenience and beauty wrapped up in one neat package!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday, a true principessa!

Dolce Dreams

Cattiva Diva

Piccolo Perfume

Who doesn't want to feel like a Princess every day of the year? Behold! I bring you Princispessa, a line of luxury beauty items. Indulge your inner glam girl with these creams, a salt buff, lip balm, bath creams, candles, beauty tools, soap and lotions containing almond oil, shea butter, aloe vera and peach extracts for extra velvety skin!

I adore the pinky-pink, ultra fem vibe of these products. One look at the adorable site and you understand what I mean. All pink, all the time. Principessa is for the urban princess.

I have Cattiva Diva, a lightweight skin softening hand cream that I generously slather all over my body, paying special attention to my elbows and knees. Yes, its for hands but there is no rule that says I can't put it where I want it. The scent of this hand cream is sweet but not like bakery cupcakes or Duncan Hines icing. More like a gentle, clean scent with a hint of sweetness. YUM.

Dolce Dreams is a whipped body lotion. You know when a lotion is whipped, the product is going to be light and airy and will absorb into your skin quickly. This lotion smells vaguely of vanilla on my skin. It is non-greasy without even a hint of oil and leaves behind the slightest glow.

Piccolo Perfume is a pure perfume oil that is sweet and floral but not heavy on the floral. The products from this line that I've been lucky enough to test are all very gentle and non- irritating. Even the scent is oh-so-light and not overwhelming. I don't like smelling like a department store perfume, I prefer a light scent that only those closest to me can notice. And Principessa does it right!

The woman who started the company, Trish, married into a big Italian family and was nicknamed Principessa...hence the company name which is clearly cute and girly. I'm anxious to try the new hair and body powder, Bianco Breeze. I am urging Trish to create a pearly pink lipstick the color of her packaging which is the perfect shade of pink. A matching nail color shouldn't be far behind. How about it, Trish?

Did you know that pink is a color that lifts the spirit, calms and soothes our souls? Yes! And it makes us feel so sweet and pretty too. And with Principessa beauty products, we can smell as sweet as we are...urban princesses indeed!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many great companies are joining in the fight against Breast Cancer which affects so many woman both young and old. In fact, breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women between the ages of 40 and 55. Pretty scary, isn't it?

October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month. By purchasing one of the special products below, you can help in supporting treatment, education, innovations and research for this disease. Please go here to learn more about Breast Cancer. Educate yourself!

GoSmile Morning Rush – This whitening maintenance fluoride toothpaste with uplifting essential oils of lemon, lime, orange and mandarin is cleverly infused with uplifting peppermint for a splash of morning excitement. The result is a toothpaste that is as good for you as it is mood altering. GoSMILE founder and New York City celebrity dentist, Dr. Jonathan B. Levine will donate 20% of the sale of Morning Rush Toothpaste to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

available at sephora

DuWop’s Power Kiss – This adorable pink miniature lip gloss case with a mirror and metal strap (just like a little purse) is filled with Duwop’s Pink Shimmer Lip Venom, the original lip plumper. A portion of the proceeds will be given to CEW’s Cancer and Careers, an organization that helps provide inspiration and insight to working women with cancer.

Price: $22.50, Available at Nordstrom and

e.l.f. Color Therapy Kit – This special limited edition beauty bag contains a Shimmering Facial Whip, a Brightening Eye Color, a Hypershine Lip Gloss, a Moisture Care Lip Color, a Moisturizing Lip Liner and a professional Foundation Brush. e.l.f. will donate 20% of all Color Therapy Kit proceeds to the Women’s Information Network Against Breast Cancer.

Price: $10, Available at

Elemis, Darphin, Clarins, Prescriptives and Philosophy will donate to various charities through the sale of their pink ribbon items too.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Kanebo Concealor
is a brush- on product which will expertly cover dark under eye circles, fine lines and blemishes. It's very creamy and is infused with Kanzo extract, an herb that will soothe the skin. Silk extract helps provide a smooth application. Since it is shaped like a pen, this product is totally portable for those mid-day touch-ups although I have yet to reapply the concealor after my early morning makeup application.

Silk Peeling Powder is one of my favorite products bar none. You may remember me writing about the Helena Rubenstein powder I used to take from my mother because the fine powder made my skin so soft and flawless - well the Silk Peeling Powder is along the same idea. Tiny granules gently exfoliate as well as cleanse the face providing a velvety canvas for your moisturizer.

Another product I absolutely adore is the
Cleansing Oil. It seems counter-effective to use an oil when you have oily skin as I do, but find that the Cleansing Oil is nourishing and moisturizing to my face, leaving my skin clean and dewy. Perhaps it's the Almond and Orange oils that are pampering my skin.

The photo does not do the product justice. I love pretty packaging and the gold tube encased in a clear cylinder is both elegant and lovely. Kanebo The Lipstick 24K Luxury is an anti-aging lipstick modeled after
Le Creme, Kanebo's facial care product. One swipe across the top and bottom lip is all you need for maximum color distribution. The lipstick is not heavy or greasy, it contains no scent and needs minimal touch ups throughout the day.

Each product in the
Hair Care line contains a "Shine Up Factor"- an ingredient that will protect and nourish while adding shine to your hair. Pearl Essence will "reinforce the inner strength of hair." I have been using the Volumising Shampoo and loving it. I only use a quarter sized amount and it's more than enough for my shoulder length hair. After I rinse the product, I can actually run my hands through my hair. I can see the difference between this and other brands of shampoo.

Kanebo is a luxury brand that uses properties of silk to clean and pamper your hair and skin. I recently learned of this brand which has actually been around for over 70 years! Kanebo believes in the process of double cleaning and double moisturizing, they offer very high end products to back up their claims of improving and nourishing the skin.

These products are so lovely that I use what I have very sparingly- I don't want to run out of my precious Kanebo items!

If you want to feel a little decadent and glam, head over to Bergdorf Goodman and check out the Kanebo products they offer. I am aching to try all the Kanebo cosmetics especially the mascara. I don't think I've ever used a mascara with silk before! In fact, I'd like to try every single item they make. Keep me feeling like the princess I am.

The entire Kanebo line conjures up words like luxury and lush and opulent. For more information on Kanebo skincare, haircare and cosmetics, check out their site here.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Per-fekt: Tried and True

Chances are, in the past you've spent a pretty penny on an item and had great expectations. With every purchase of a shiny pink lipstick or a lash lengthening mascara, the possibility of being prettier versions of ourselves is promised. Few products can provide the results they boast.

So when I tested this new product, Per-fekt, you can imagine my surprise when it surpassed my expectations.

The gel is a miracle in a bottle, I am not exaggerating. Created by Richard Anderson, a 14 year veteran of the beauty industry, Per-fekt is an "antioxidant enriched primer/sheer foundation/ color corrector/ skin perfecting gel." It also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, making it an anti-aging product as well.

The makeup artist for the film Dreamgirls used this very product on the stars of the movie. Celebs like Heather Locklear, Kelly Ripa, Paris and Kathy Hilton and Daisy Fuentes are reported fans. Aside from makeup artists and high profile personalities loving it, I do too.

The consistancy of this gel formula is not unlike mousse. When you apply it to your face, it slides over your skin like oil but it is not the least bit oily, sticky, or slick. You could say it glides over your face like silk, smoothing and hiding imperfections. The color is so sheer and flattering that I find I do not need to use additional foundation. I love the look of fresh, clean skin- not skin hiding behind a heavy mask of thick makeup.

Per-fekt has no fragrance, is non- irritating and washes off easily with cleanser and water. I don't need to keep applying it throughout the day because it has great staying power. I keep making the mistake of using too much, a little goes a long way! A small dot in your hand or on a cosmetic sponge will cover your whole face. You don't want to waste this precious gel.

Per-fekt comes in five colors and is sold at Kitson in Los Angeles, Nordstrom and Sephora. At $57.50, this product may be pushing your budget but what I am discovering as I review beauty products is that certain essentials are worth the cost. I'll let you know when it's worth it to spend a little extra- and this product is worth its weight in gold. In 2007, Per-fekt will be coming out with three new product categories for Body, Lips and Eyes. I can't wait!


Gee, I just don't know which Kooba bag to choose! Do I want the sophisticated slouchy bag above or the slightly hippy vibe of the bag below?

The leather looks soft enough to use as a pillow but strong enough to last for years. Such a bag is deserving of all the treasures I would keep inside such as my Dior lipgloss, my bronzing powder, wallet, keys and blotting papers! Not to mention hand lotion and a small notepad which is essential to me for those dry hands.

I've longed for a Kooba bag for about ...ummm..over a year actually. Either of these bags would match the items that I'm dreaming of for fall. Knee high, laced up, distressed leather boots. And a matching bag of course!

Friday, September 15, 2006

POP cosmetics

I hate the bulge of a full size gloss in my jean pocket. The small size of the Mini Gloss Trio makes it nearly impossible to detect there is anything hiding. These shiny glosses have a smooth texture and are perfect for being on the go. The color ranges from reds to nudes with pretty pinks in between.

I have a Glitter Stix in dark green (Moss) and there are plenty more colors to choose from! The bright color glides on and smudges nicely with hints of sparkle throughout. Your eyes end up looking a little bit glittery and very pretty. I use it to line my upper lid and smudge the ends. The color is intense! The size of the stix is small and on the chubby side so you have something nice to grip.
What a smart idea- Blushcakes. Bands of subtle color for your cheeks. There are a few different shades- Pink, Nude and Sienna- which end up looking pretty and blended on your skin. Hues of bronze, nude and peach look sunkissed, shades of berry give a subtle pink glow while the red tones warm darker complexions.

I'm a sucker for any product for the lips. Lip Jam is a small tube of gloss that gives very subtle color and a nice shine without being sticky. This is another pocket product that you can discreetly carry around in a pocket or little purse! Very convenient.

This line was created by Sara Strand, a Swedish cutie who along with her two sisters came up with the line of cosmetics called Pixi. Pop and Pixi. I have yet to try Pixi but have found Pop to be a lot of fun.

The Pop line is cool and hip and has a bit of a funky flair. I imagine a very artsy, creative girl using these products- she would be wearing her short jean skirt and cut- off fishnet stockings, a worn leather bag slung across her chest with a daisy in her messy hair and a playful smile on her ruby red glossy lips!

"Our products are designed to be a POP girl's perfect touch-up partner. POP is all about colour.

A POP colour is the final touch of colour that brings your face alive."


I had not experienced Dermalogica in my quest for high-quality and effective skincare. I think I've been missing out. Dermalogica has a very comprehensive website with a lot of
information including a Real Time Skin Analysis, a way to tailor your own skincare needs. I highly recommend doing this and finding what your trouble areas are. I liked reading about the different parts of the face and what problem areas indicate.

After completing the Analysis, Dermalogica will email you a personalized skin care routine with products just for you. Mine of course was oily- my face makes enough oil to power a Hybrid car.

My skincare routine included the PreCleanse, Skin Refining Masque, Oil Control Lotion,
Skin Prep Scrub, Eye Repair and a oil free sunscreen.

The PreCleanse is a cleansing oil which contains Olive and Kukui oils. This gentle cleanser combines with water to remove excess facial oils, dirt and makeup. There is the Skin Refining Masque which is described as being able to "remove impurities and refine skins surface." My skin was certainly clean and smooth after using the mask. The mask did not irritate my skin nor did it have a medicinal smell to it like some masks do. It rinsed off easily and completely with some warm water and a washcloth.

Oil Control Lotion contains "micro-sponges" (I imagine small yellow Spongebob Squarepants) to absorb extra oil. I pat this on my T-zone before I apply concealor or foundation. Fragrance free, this product contains a 1.0% Salicylic Acid, which assists in eliminating acne.

Skin Prep Scrub is addicting for me. I like the texture of scrubs, the grittiness feels like my skin is getting polished. This scrub contains finely ground Corn Cob Meal so you can actually eat it. Just kidding- I wanted to see if you were paying attention. Used with the Skin Refining Masque, your skin will glow. **I wish I had a moisturizer to complete my routine!

I don't go a single day without putting on at least a teeny amount of the Intensive Eye Repair. The fact that in contains: "Cucumber, Butcherbroom and Arnica, Wild Yam Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5 Vitamins A, C and E, Grape Seed Extract" means nothing to me, it's a very very emollient cream that feels good around my dry eye area. I'm always putting this stuff on!

I know I should be applying sunscreen to my face every single day of the year. I often skip it because I don't want my face to have extra shine. Yeah, I KNOW this isn't smart, especially for someone like myself who is concerned with aging and skin cancer. I think I found a solution to my issues and it's called the Oil Free Matte Block SPF 20. I use this each morning when I go for a long walk, patting it around my eyes and on my cheeks. Its non-irritating, doesn't smell and creates absolutely no extra oil.

Bottom line: I'm impressed with Dermalogica. I like their no frills way of skincare. The boxes and bottles are simple and straightforward. Their products don't smell (except the Skin Prep Scrub smells like witch hazel) and most importantly, it works! I want to try the **Super Rich Repair Lotion next.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

tweeze, powder and glue

I love beautifully made up eyes with skillfully applied eyeshadows and lush black lashes.
Of course this takes time and a mastery of cosmetics that some of us simply do not have!
But with the right products, we can all achieve that glam look of perfectly groomed and made-up eyes.

I love the Japonesque Artisan Slant Tip Tweezers. Is there any other way to pluck a stray hair than with a stainless steel slanted tip? No! It's the best for reaching those tiny eyebrow hairs. These tweezers come in all kinds of colors such as Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink and Red. They are light and fit into your hand with no grasping or gripping uncomfortably. Japonesque Professional Makeup Supplies Inc. is a brand that many women trust producing tools for those in the film, tv and fashion industry.

After you have tweezed those unruly brows, you must apply your eye shadow. I couldn't believe the texture of my Pur Mineral Shadow, like powdered silk! So very smooth, silky, velvety and non- irritating.

I have Rose Symesite and Olivenite. Let me tell you that I've always rolled my eyes when people talk about certain colors making eyes "pop". What a ridiculous expression! But....these colors did make my blue eyes stand out so much that I'm addicted. This is high quality makeup I'd be very interested to try more of the line because I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the integrity of the eye shadows.

You need your eyeliner but more on that later. Now let's skip to the false eyelashes! Like a water bra or a pair of butt enhancing panties, false lashes just give a bit more ooomph to where you need it most.

has been known for years for producing excellent false eyelashes made from 100% human (steralized of course!) hair. These can be re-used for up to three weeks and my sources tell me that Ms. Oprah Winfrey doesn't leave the house without a quick application of her Ardells, purchased at her nearby drugstore. You can get them here.