Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Carol's Daughter

Wash Away The Day Gentle Face Cleanse for Oily Skin is made with aloe vera gel, essential oils of lavendar, lemon, lemongrass and geranium among other natural ingredients. This gentle cleanser treats your skin like a delicate flower, leaving it petal soft.

Ylang Ylang and Patchouli Gentle Face Wash is for normal to dry skin and it smells natural and earthy. That's the patchouli talking. It is ultra- gentle and leaves your skin without a hint of residue, just pure smooth, clean skin.

Khoret Amen Hair Oil is what I rub into the dry ends of my hair to give it some strength. This is to be used sparingly because its very concentrated. Just a drop or two on the ends of your wet or dry hair works great. Contains my two favorite scents which are lavendar and sage!

Jazi Jus Hair Oil reminds me of being a little girl, maybe it was a perfume my mother used to wear but when I smell it, I'm five years old again wearing my denim pants with the apple on the knee. Jazi Jus contains almond oil which is a fantastic natural ingredient with lots of benefits. I used this as a conditioner and left it in overnight and then next day, after normal washing, my hair was beyond soft.

In 1993 Lisa Price began Carol's Daughter, a brand that boasts celebrity fans from little Zahara Jolie-Pitt to Jada Pinkett-Smith and many more. Trying these products, I can see why people just love the hair oils and face cleansers! Everything is pure and smells lovely. The list of products doesn't end with hair and face: Carol's Daughter makes a variety of sets and gift collections for mothers- to-be and babies plus luxury products for hair, skin, bath, hands, feet and fragrances (Big Kahuna sounds wonderful!) to suit every mood.

"Inspired by nature, our unique line includes over 300 products for face, hair, body and home - allowing for product combinations and possibilities that are endless for every man, woman and child regardless of skin type, tone, or need."

How can you not love Carol's Daughter? I'm thrilled to see yet another woman succeed in the beauty business! When you go on the Carol's Daughter site, you will see tons and tons of natural based products. I cannot pick just one thing that I want. On my Wish List is the Green Tea Souffle, Ecstasy Sea Salt Body Scrub, Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure in a Jar, and anything for kids because my daughters hair is wavy and prone to enormous knots.

Monday, October 30, 2006

TINte Cosmetics

TINte is a brand that inspires a vintage feel. Think rouged cheeks and red lips, curled hair, a string of pearls, stockings and hair pins.

The Shimmering Face Pearls offer intense pigmentation for eyes, cheeks and lips! This is a product that can be used alone or over a glossy lip color, wet or dry. You can do so much with it... use it as a highlighter, add to your blush or bronzer, use as an eyeliner or eyeshadow. Get as creative as you can and use your imagination. Sprinkle some on your chest and shoulders for a seductive glow.

TINte is the creation of Stacy Provines, a fashion industry insider for over sixteen years. She wanted to invent a cosmetics line that evoked a simpler time. I adore old fashioned glamour, pin up girls and all things glamorous and girly. TINte products are high-end and luxurious but are also fun and flirty appealing to all age groups.

I cannot wait to see what else Stacy comes up with!

Check out the adorable packaging of the Flavored Lip Color! I could easily imagine a pinup girl from the 1940's pulling out a tin of Flavored Lip Color and applying it to her juicy painted lips. Seven tins are available ranging in shades from Root Beer (chestnut brown) to Cream Soda (nude). Wait- no Sassparilla?

I love the Flavored Lip Shines, especially Double Bubble which tastes and smells like real bubble gum but is surprisingly non- sticky! The little containers are shaped like bottles of nail polish and they smell heavenly: sweet and delicious. These little gems provide super shine and are enriched with shea butter for lip nourishment. Shades include South Beach- a glossy clear shade, Mynt Kiss - red with a peppermint zing, Haute Chocolate- chocolate color and taste! And many more shades/flavors!

You must check out TINte website and view all the gorgeous colors and shades and tints! I know you will adore this innovative brand. And pay special attention to the supermodel...you might remember the beautiful Tatjana Patitz from the eighties, she was my favorite model long ago. It's nice to see her on the site!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


I heard of Becca here and there but wasn't sure what the company was all about or how the products compared to other brands.

I had the opportunity to try out some items from Becca and now I have a new brand to add to my list of ever growing favorites. Becca is named after makeup artist Rebecca Morrice Williams who created the brand. The packaging is sleek with silver accents, check out the blush and bronzer compacts. Very elegant and pretty.

The Line and Pore Corrector glides on providing a base for foundation. Or wear it alone. I use this product all over my face and then dab concealor where I need it. The consistency is very silky. The Line and Pore Corrector can also be used as a mattifying agent although I use it as a base. This product is fabulous. It goes on with a slanted applicator tip and you can blend it with your fingertips or a sponge.

Pressed Powder Bronzer
is a great bronzer that you can use as a blush, a contouring powder, an eyeshadow. The bronzer is a natural color, not a bright orange or deep brown and its pressed powder so it won't make your skin shiny or settle into your pores.

I tested the Creme Blush in the shade of Frangipangi. It's a beautiful color and very complimentary my light skin. Just a dab will do for each cheek. I made the mistake of applying it heavy-handedly and let me assure you, a little of this creamy blush goes a long, long way! This shade made me look flushed and healthy which is usually what I striving for when I apply blush. It's the perfect color.

I am so picky about foundations, it's not even funny. I'm very hard to please and have been through countless high- end foundations, accumulating quite a collection of hardly used pots and tubes. I did like this one a lot and will keep using it. I use it sparingly, dotting the product on my cheeks and chin and then blending well.

The coverage is medium, and has a creamy consistency. This Stick Foundation SPF 30 will create a flawless face but won't appear that you have a lot on. I'm thrilled that it contains a sunscreen since I rarely wear sun protection on my face. The fact that there is a built in SPF is a huge plus in my book. There are 34 colors to choose from so rest assured there is a shade for every color of skin out there. If you are choosy about what foundations go on your face, then give this one a whirl.

The Glossy Lip Tint is a light- weight gloss that is not sticky or heavy, it doesnt have a scent or flavor. The Lip Tint will make your lips very shiny and beautiful, think of a natural look like you just licked your lips. The color I tried is Colada, a pinky shade with a hint of gold essence. One or two swipes on the lips will give a sheer glossy look.

I'm so glad I tested Becca! I'm impressed with this line and would like to try more such as the Beach Tint, Shimmering Skin Perfector and the Eyeliner and Sealer. Check out all of Becca's products here.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Peacekeeper & Sanoflore

Yes, Peacekeeper Lip Paints are a great quality. Yes, the Paint Me Wise color is deep burgandy, very dramatic. And yes, the packaging is great, the lipstick casing is soft and curvy and the top locks into place.

It gets better- Peacekeeper's goal is to use the money generated by the sales of their cosmetics to support women's health advocacy and human rights issues. I am so down with that! What a fabulous concept. It's fabulous to know that your money is being used to help others when you buy a Peacekeeper product like the Lip Stains, Lip Paints and Nail Paints. They all come in great neutral colors too.

This is such a brilliant idea. Check out the website and sign up to be a Peacekeeper too.

I didn't know much about Sanoflore until recently. I had never heard of the brand. But now that Ive tried a few items and read about the products, I am interested in trying to whole line of skin care. This is what is on their website:
For all those who dream of waking up to the fragrance of rosemary, of showering with mint, caring their skin with rose, washing their hair with cedarwood, of enfolding themselves in the magic of aromatic essences troughout the day before going to sleep in a fragrance of lavender...

That makes me want to grow an organic garden, wear hemp and dance in a field of flowers in the countryside of France. I'd ride a bike everywhere and stop wearing makeup except for pink lip gloss and just a hint of mascara. My cheeks would be rosy and my skin perfectly poreless and vibrant. A girl can dream, right?

This Sanoflore moisturizing mask is a remedy for dull and tired looking skin. Smelling of orange blossoms, the creamy mask will infuse your skin with moisture but leaving it looking firm. It contains both essential and floral waters.

Sanoflore Moisturising Oil contains wheatgerm and rose geranium essential oil to nourish the skin on your face. "Balances the hydrolipidic film and stimulates blood circulation. Regenerates and revives the complexion." As Im getting older I realize that I shouldnt be using products for oily skin, rather I should be nurturing my skin and using anti-aging products. A few years ago, I would have never used oil on my face, I thought my pores were like an oil refinery already. But now, bring it on.

On a very very clean face, I use this product all over especially on my cheeks. It comes in a pump bottle and smells nice. You know how some organic products smell like a health food store? Not this one, its fresh and clean. This product is full of natural ingredients.


this set includes Body Butter, Sugar Souffle scrub, Body Wash and Body Oil, ideal for a gift or as a little something special to your own sweet self!

LaLicious was created in the kitchen of Jessica Lindy who started making her magic potions in her kitchen. Friends and family couldn't get enough of Jessica's souffles, butters and oils and Jessica was on her way to being a full time beauty chef! LaLicious offers all kinds of girly bath and body products smelling so delicious that you might be tempted to eat it. Such as the Brown Sugar Body Scrub...

.. This smells exactly like when you bake cookies and whip the melted butter and brown sugar together. It is so amazing that I almost tried to take a lick. Almost. It's a great exfoliant that contains coconut cream and brown sugar. Please, don't eat this! But trust me, you will want to. The product softens your skin and I like to use a little brush to scrub my hands and feet.

The Body Oils are skin softening, especially if you apply while your skin is still damp. You can also toss a capful of the oil into the tub so you can soak in deliciousness! Again, the smell is sweet and yummy and skin conditioning agents like coconut oil, vitamin E and almond oil keep your skin healthy and smooth.

If oil doesn't make you want to get slippery, then perhaps the Body Butter will suit you. This product is thick and whipped, each butter carries a tantalizing scent and contains one of my favorite ingredients of all time, Shea Butter. I use the Body Oil when I'm lounging in my silk pajamas wearing marabou trimmed slippers and drinking a martini. When I'm on my way out the door and need to be a little drier, I apply a generous amount of Body Butter.

I keep my Body Wash in the shower for easy access. The washes are, of course, a delight to your senses! They smell insanely good, lather up well and envelope you in a cloud of bliss.

I'm thrilled with each of the LaLicious products. With winter coming (although not so much here in SoCal) it's important to be very proactive with skincare and treat yourself to body butters and oils before you have a chance to get dry. Especially hands and feet! LaLicious has a roster of celeb clients such as Kate Hudson and Charlize Theron, Lindsay Lohan and Rene Russo, just to name a few famous girls who use these products.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hair Hair Hair!


Nexxus Phyto Organics

You know a bad hair day can put you in the worst mood and ruin your entire day. One look in the mirror at frizzy or limp locks and forget it, you might as well go back to bed.

I'm so glad technology is improving everday and that includes hair care! Long gone are the days when Aqua Net and Dippity Do reined supreme. Thankfully we have tons of hair products on the market for every whim. Want curly locks? Pin straight hair? Voluminous tresses? No problem!

Halo, aimed at color treated hair offers products like their Root Lifting Spray and Bodifying Gel with illuminating color protection as well as thermal protection. Your color treated and heat styled hair is safe with these products! Plus, they work well. Using a generous sized blob of gel, I run it through my damp hair and see it explode with volume as I blow dry. I use the Root Lifting Spray, noticing more body in my thin hair.

Graham Webb's Heat Reponse is perfect for those of us who can't leave the house without fully blowdrying and styling our hair every day. My poor hair takes such a beating! I'm glad there are products like the Heat Response Shampoo and Conditioner which contains triple the amount of Thermacore Complex, a conditioning agent which works with heat. The Heat Response Firm Finishing Spray locks your style into place. If you use this while you style your hair, you will get extra body and volume. The Soft Finish Spray adds shine and protects your hair when you use it on dry hair before you torch your locks with a blowdryer-curling iron-flat iron.

Nexxus has been around a for a long time! I remember seeing this in the salons when I was growing up. This brand keeps adding products to their line such as Phyto Organics. The products contain such healthy ingredients as aloe vera, vanilla, alfalfa and marshmallow just to name a few. All items contain Quinoa Protein, an organic ingredient that helps repair and condition the hair. These fabulous products also add texture and shine. I love the way these items smell and feel, non- sticky and clean!

Ecru is a fresh, urban line which has a lot of products to check out like the Sunlight Holding Spray. In a clear, narrow bottle, this hairspray looks like a ray of sunshine. Infused with olive oil extracts, the spray provides hold and UV protection. Learn more by going to their site and reading all about the other cool items Ecru offers. I want to try their shampoo and conditioner!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

For your pleasure..

I want this...
...and this!

I leave the fashion business to my funky gal pal SS Love over at Scarlet B. but I cannot help but post these Neal Decker bags! The top one is from from Bonnie Cashin’s personal design archive. But who is Bonnie Cashin, you ask? A beautiful trendsetting fashion/costume designer from the 20th century! Read all about this amazing women here.

Neal Decker is offering this "Original cheetah print Cashin canvas with brass turn lock closures trimmed in taupe Italian leather." Who wouldn't want this bag? It's not only elegant but glamorous, fun and pretty. Sometimes all you need is a colorful, kicky bag to liven up an outfit! Such as the...

...Porthole handbag. I like the zebra print with cherry red trimming best but you can design your very own bag from a selection of fabrics. Pick the tote or bag you like and then choose the fabric or leather you fancy.

I can guarantee that these bags are hand-made lovingly and the quality is the best you will ever find. I own a Neal Decker bag and it's pure luxury! I feel like a million bucks when I wear it. I have to tell you- just between us- that I was frightened of using such a beautiful bag at first. What if I spilled on it? Got it dirty? But I quickly got over the fear and indulged. Now I'm a little more relaxed about having such a lovely, excellent bag that's essentially a work of art. Roomy and soft, it's my favorite! I wish Neal would get around to designing some shoes now- hint hint.

Oh and I must wish Neal a Happy Belated Birthday! kiss, kiss!!

Smashbox 10th Anniversary Kit

Smashbox 10th Anniversary Kit

I've long been a fan of Smashbox. I like the consistant high quality of their cosmetics, I like the website, the customer service is always top-notch. They have a great selection of products and I am never disappointed. I have been using Filter (which I talked about a few weeks ago) and love it.

Now I bring you the 10th Anniversary Kit. If you have never had the pleasure of using any Smashbox products before, this is the ideal introduction. The kit arrives in a gunmetal gray quilted makeup bag where all the products are nestled in a clear pouch.

In the kit you will find...

Cream Eyeliner Duo: I have become a huge fan of cream eyeliners. Used with the correct flat brush, this type of liner is better than a pencil and is much easier to apply than liquid. You can get very close to the lash line which is super flattering for eyes.

Mini-Lip Glosses: Market, Bombshell, Accessories, one very neutral peachy color, a hot pink sheer gloss and a caramel color. Teeny tiny, these are just perfect to tote around in your pocket. Moisturizing and creamy, the glosses are a nice consistancy. I want to try some of the full sized colors now!

Lash Primer and Mascara: If you like to take the time to use a lash primer, then by all means, do so. I like making my lashes look as long and lush as possible and the primer helps achieve this. The mascara offers the best kind of brush which is full of thick bristles.

Eye Shadow: Its actually a three-in-one shadow in Head Shot, pink, cream and brown to shade and contour your eyes. Perfect! You even get an instruction paper on how to apply the shadow for maximum smokey eyes.

Photo Finish Foundation Primer: This is the renowed primer that everyove loves. I'm pretty sure that this is the product that launched a thousand different kinds of primers from all brands on the market right now. Smashbox is well-known for their foundations and concealors, it's only natural that this primer is a best seller.

I suddenly want to wear false eyelashes everywhere. Check these out. And everytime I visit the Smashbox site, I get all kinds of ideas on what I want in my makeup case. Like this and this and that's just the beginning...

Laura Geller

spackle - under makeup primer

lip shiners

cheek sweeps

Laura Geller is a makeup artist who sells her goods on QVC. Her motto is "minimum makeup, optimum effect." I was able to try out her Spackle, Lip Shiners and Cheek Sweeps. This may be a brand I need to explore more as I was very very happy with what I tested.

Spackle is an under makeup primer and as you know, I never wear makeup these days without a primer. I love how Spackle smooths the skin and readies it for foundation. Spackle comes out creamy and dries clear. The consistancy is smooth, a bit on the thick side- like lotion, you only need a small dot of it to cover your face. It takes a few moments to sink into your skin so I would suggest applying this product, blowdrying you hair or maeing up your eyes, then putting your foundation on.

Cheek Sweeps are awesome! Silky and ultra easy to use, these little pots of color will liven up a lifeless complexion. I dot Cheek Sweeps on when I first get up in the morning for a burst of color. I especially like the natural glow of the Peach Cheek Sweeps. I don't know how to classify this- somewhere between a cream and a powder. The dome shape glides over the apple of your cheek, distributing sheer color.

Lip Shiners are Laura Geller's answer to gloss. Shiny and colorful, these shades are on the neutral side- flattering to everyone. They smell sweet and come in a sleek black tube with a sliver of a window to see the color. I can't find them on Laura's site but Sephora has them here.

I'm pleased with every one of Laura Geller's products. Like I said before, I'd love to try more of her collection. The Mighty Mascara and Lip Swirls have caught my eye!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hard Candy

Eye Candy Eye Palette

Secret Stash Makeup Kit

Keepsake Heart

Hard Candy rocks! First of all, I love the name. It's catchy and sweet and is the perfect name for this brand of girly pinks and blues. My favorite nail polish of all time is the baby blue shade called Sky. And that is what put Hard Candy on the beauty map!

Now Hard Candy offers these luscious palettes and kits for your eyes and lips. Above is just an offering of what you will find on their site. There are other things to play with so go take a peek.
Keep in mind the holidays are coming up and what teacher/friend/coworker/sister wouldn't just love a bit of Hard Candy all wrapped up and tied with a bow?

See that heart shaped compact, the Keepsake Heart Gloss? It's a sturdy silver jeweled heart with two sparkly lip glosses. The nude is brilliant, clear with a slightly glittery sheen. The pink is a pale shade with flecks of sparkle. Perfect for those of us who shy away from dark colors.

The Eye Candy Eye Palette offers nine glamorous shades, all with a little sparkle to put a spring in your step. My fave is Disco 2000, a dark gray with flecks of bling-bling. The eye shadows are light but you can easily layer for more drama. Just what you would expect from a brand like Hard Candy- lots of glorious colors! I really like Snow Cone. But Pixie is great too. Dillusional is cool. I can't decide on just one, good thing all the colors are in a single compact!

The Secret Stash Makeup Kit contains the necessities for a day or night out. This kit has secret magnets so the three layers stays closed. It reminds me of a Mexican yo-yo. There is a mirror so you can admire your beautiful self, plus a lip brush to load up on four different glosses to keep your mouth painted and ready for a kiss.

Next we have four squares of eye shadow in neutral colors, each possessing a hint of sparkle because Hard Candy loves to shimmer and glimmer! Last is a blotting powder and bronzer to keep your complexion looking glam. The packaging is reminiscent of a Spirograph, remember those? Of course everything Hard Candy makes is of high integrity and is totally feminine and flirty and fun. The brand is totally suitable for teens right on up to those in their 40's and maybe 50's if you are anything like funky Betsey Johnson who doesn't let age get in her way of a rockin' time.

I really wish I had a set of the Glitter Pencils and Lash Freak Lashes!


Those fabulous sweeties at DuWop are giving away a smoke eye palette from their new Smoke Collection. Want to look like Kate Moss after an all nighter with Pete Doherty? Black eyes, carelessly lined eyes are HOT. You and I, we need this kit. And you can win it by reading this and heading the DuWop site...

One lucky winner will receive a smoky eye palette from our Smoke Collection. Each palette comes with a gorgeous shimmery, highly pigmented powder and matching creamy cake eyeliner in dark, smoky shades like Plum Wine, Olive Branch, Navy Seal, and Black Gold. Contestents just need to tell us about their most innovative Halloween costume idea (and send in a picture of themselves in costume) and we will choose the winner after the end of the month.

Excellent! Good luck. Get creative. And don't go as a blogger, that costume is soooo overdone!

Rosie Jane

Lip Dew
Cheek Gloss
Eye Define

Rosie Jane cosmetics was created by Rosie Jane Johnston who spent ten years in the makeup industry. She wanted to help women achieve an effortless, yet polished look. The kind of look like when you come home after a day at the beach and your skin is flushed and you feel healthy and happy and sunny.

With just a few stunning, high quality products, you can capture the glow of a sunkissed day outdoors. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to test these cosmetics and now I get to pass my findings along to you, my pretty glamour girls!

If you buy one thing this week, let it be the Eye Define in the amazing color of Beech Tree, a bronzy brown. The shape of this eyeliner is rectangular which glides smoothly along your lash line, edging your eyes with lush color. Eye Define also comes in Fern, an olive green and Grapevine, purple-black.

Cheek Gloss is a square of glossy color housed in a compact with a mirror. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks for a glowing burst of color! Don't fear- the color I talking about is a sheer, flattering tint that creates a natural look. In Poppy- deep berry, Marigold-peachy bronze and Rose-pink.

The Lip Dew is a shea butter-bees wax enriched, sweet smelling lip polish that drenches your lips in shine! Tara Tottergrass is a clear vanilla gloss, Apple Blossom is a pink shade smelling of apples and raspberries and Elderberry is a berry flavored bronze. You will want to apply the Lip Dew over and over again! Your lips feel soft and taste good, especially if you are an avid lip-licker. In which case you probably have chapped lips and need to keep glossing your lips to keep them nourished.

Rosie Jane also offers cream eye shadows called Eye Hints, in shades of Lavendar, Bronze and Mint Green.

Every one of Rosie Jane's products is neutral and flattering, the colors can suit any skin tone or eye color. The products are packaged in simple and pretty white boxes with hot pink letters and the Cheek Gloss was tied with a nice pink bow. Its the little touches that make a product stand out, right ladies!? I love the name, it's so feminine and upbeat. Is it too late to call myself Rosie Jane?

You can look at colors and descriptions or place an order on Rosie Jane's site, just click here for everything you need.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Solar Balm

SolarBalm is a conditioning treatment for nails and skin. It smells deliciously like almonds and is thick like vaseline. SolarBalm evaporates into your skin as you gently rub it into those dry nailbeds. I see a difference when I apply this, usually before I go to bed.

Jojoba Oil draws Rice Bran Oil and Sweet Almond Oil into natural nails, nail enamel and nail enhancements to keep them tough and flexible. Repeated use drives oils deeper into natural nails and nail enhancements, maximizing the benefits and reducing breakdown.

With winter coming, it's a good idea to keep applying this product so the nails stay strong and the skin stays supple. I've seen manicurists use the famous SolarOil during manicures and pedicures, this is a much more portable product!

Creative Nail Design offers many, many lotions, treatments and tools not to mention colors for nails. Creative Scentsations lotion will soothe and nourish your skin while imparting a cheerful scent, various scrubs and soaks will reduce the look of scaly skin on hands and feet and the nail enamels have been featured in every magazine from Allure to Seventeen.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

At home spa essentials!

Bliss Spa is known all over the world for being one of best places to be pampered and taken care of by a team of serious spa professionals. One of my goals during this lifetime is to experience all day spa nirvana at the Bliss Spa in Los Angeles. Until then, I must be content with my Bliss products which are, for lack of a better word...Blissful!

Gentle and non- irritating, all the products are lightly scented and I don't see how anyone could not just love anything Bliss sells. On my wish list right now is the new Triple Oxygen Mask Treatment.

Recently I tested the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash which removed all traces of my heavily made up face. That includes a primer, foundation, concealor, some kind of under eye wrinkle stuff, blush and lipstick along with lipgloss. I also used the Pore Perfecting Facial Polish with boasts the ability to make large pores seem smaller. This product contains small grains to exfoliate and polish your skin. My skin did look squeaky clean after using this and now I love to get a warm washcloth and lightly scrub my face with the facial polish, producing a face that glows with good health.

Everyone who touches my skin comments on how soft it is, like velvet. My secret is always having a layer of cream all over to constantly keep it moisturized and soft. I use the Maximum Moisture Cream concentrating on my hands and feet. This Lemon and Sage body butter
will lock in moisture and feed your skin with plant oils. Use along with the famous Big Blue Bar, a gigantic bath bar which smells like lemons and foams up to produce a heavenly scented lather.

So you can't make it to the spa. But you can use the aromatic Seboni products and create a little haven just for yourself. Lock the husband and kids out. Pour some bath gel into a tub full of hot water and forget everything. Seboni Heligan Haze Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion will take you away from the kids and dogs and the laundry and dirty dishes.

The Heligan Haze scent "promotes restful sleep and helps moisturize and protect. Includes five oils, seaweed extract, vitamin E and grapefruit seed extract." With essential oils of lavender, sage, thyme, rosemary, juniper, dill, cypress and geranium, you can not help but feel invigorated after using these products. These are the perfect at- home aromatherapy items to include in your ritual. With all natural and pure ingredients, Seboni is proud of their handmade products that create a sense of well being and good health. Mental and physical benefits abound!

YUM. I love Borba water! I drink a lot of water every day and sometimes I get so bored with plain h20, I need a little something to wake up my taste buds. Well, here comes Borba water to the rescue. It tastes good and offers many benefits, most of which you will see in your skin tone and appearance. Think of it as Beauty Water. Borba offers the water in the following to suit your individual skin needs: Replenishing, Anti-Aging, Skin Calming, Firming, Clarifying, Age Defying. There are also Gummis and Jellis treats and packets of Borba crystals to take on the go.

The consistancy of the Borba water is just like.. plain water. It's not heavy or gritty, it doesn't taste tart or sweet, instead it's like water, but better tasting. I try to drink some everyday.
Borba contains, "Nutraceutical grade vitamins, minerals and botanical ingredients available that have been clinically tested and proven to be healthy for skin!" You can learn more and order some water for your fine self here at Borba. Now if they just made some Borba lollipops, I would be even more excited!

Bath By BettiJo is a must for your spa day. These organic products are handmade just for you with things like shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, and dead sea salt plus a variety of herbs and botanicals.

I especially love small companies which are run by women like this one. Bettijo began creating soaps in her kitchen and throwing spa parties so her friends could try out her creations. Everyone loved her specialty products so much that she launched her own natural body care product line in November 2003.

I enjoy using the Crisp + Clean Organic Mint body wash which leaves me feeling invigorated. Anything with mint or lemon is not only soothing, but wakes the body up and gives you an all over energized feeling. I need a few candles around my house that smell exactly like this product!

Bettijo has many outstanding products but this one caught my eye plus, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this oil will go towards fighting breast cancer. Bettijo has many cool products, you should take a peek and see what she offers. Lots and lots of great spa essentials!