Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Azalea Online Giveaway!

I discovered a great, fabulous new place to buy beautiful things! It's called Azalea Online and you will love shopping at the Beauty Bar.

You know how much I adored the Skyn Iceland samples I received. And like manna from heaven, here comes a full size Skyn Iceland Detox Kit! Here are the details:

Spend $100 at AzaleaOnline and get a full sized Skyn Iceland Detox
Kit FREE (retail value $45). Enter coupon code SKYN at checkout. Does not
include sale items and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer
expires 12/3/06.

Happy Shopping, friends!!

Stila: Celebrate in Color!

Stila has the best gifts for everyone including yourself! The Holiday 2006 collection is perfect for every stylish girl on your list this season. Above is the Perfectly Kitten Set. You get a nifty little pouch with a dangly star charm on the zipper. This bag will find its way into my purse, I assure you.

Kitten is Stila's top selling, award winning eyeshadow color. It's a flattering, silvery pinkish color that is soft and powdery. The set also includes a creamy liquid all over shimmer- just right for adding a touch of glamour to your chest and shoulders in a holiday dress. WOW. Who's that hot lady? You, of course. A fabulous lip gloss that is a great counterpart to the Kitten shadow is in the set too. The gloss is sort of peachy with a hint of silver. The entire effect of this kit is a face ready for a night out on the town! This might be a good little something to buy for yourself.
Ahhhh...the best gift you could give your makeup loving friend, sister, mother etc. this season is this awesome trunk, it's the Mother Lode of holiday palettes. It is even bigger and better than the above picture which doesnt do this set justice at all.

Everything you could want or need is in the Celebration of Color. The colors are dazzeling, you will especially love the Lip Glazes. A suede- like fabric covers the box, inside is hot pink satin with two layers of glorious makeup! Heavenly.

I must tell you whats what in here: four shades of beautiful brown based eye shadows and two very pretty pinky cheek colors, a bronzer to liven up your winter skin, three...THREE lip glazes, one Kajal eyeliner (these are wonderful, so soft and creamy!), a Smudge pot (be sure to use a teeny eyeliner brush to apply this, even better than liquid eyeliner!), two lip/contour liners that are neutral in color and complimentary to the lip colors in the kit, fiber optics mascara ( this stuff lengthens your lashes and gives them shine), and a smudge/line brush for the Smudge pot.

Speaking of Smudge pots, I love them so much that I went out and purchased 2 more- they are so versatile as eyeliner, shadow, smudge it all or line your eyes straight or fine.

This kit is perfect. They should have called it Celebration in Perfection!

If you are traveling during this holiday season, you should really get a hold of this Travel Brush Set. Featuring soft, high quality brushes for powder, concealor, liner, lips and eyebrows. If you are leaving town to go somewhere amazing, take along this brush set to cover all the bases. I cannot believe I existed so long without decent brushes! I finally tossed a lip brush into my on-the-go makeup bag that I carry with me everywhere. This pouch is so small it can fit in your jeans pocket or purse and it matches the above trunk.

I've been searching for a long time for a ballerina pink blush that gives me the outdoorsy flush of a day spent in the snow. Silta has a great one and you should know that the color stays on ALL DAY LONG. I applied it at 8 and by 4 I did not need a retouch! Check out all the cheek colors right here.

Stila is a brand that never disappoints. There are a few brands that are very consistent with their products and thankfully Stila is one of them!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yves Saint Laurent

I've read great things about Yves Saint Laurent mascara, especially the Effet Faux Cils, Volume Mascara. I was so anxious to try this one. I will glady check out any mascara that promises longer, thicker lashes because that means bigger prettier eyes. And this product can go down as one of the BEST. I love it.

The brush distributes color evenly and without smudging and clumping. You will get perfectly darkened, lengthened and volumized lashes every time. Plus, it looks great all day long and washes off without a problem at the end of the day. I am very pleased with this mascara. I am ultra-picky about mascaras and I want you to know that this one passed my test with flying colors.

Yves Saint Laurent
cosmetics is everything you would expect from a high end brand: excellent textures, long wearing formulas and non-irritating. Plus, you feel like a glamorous starlet when you get all dolled up wearing such lovely makeup!
Touche Eclat Radiant Touch is a corrector, illuminator, highlighter and has long been a favorite of makeup lovers and beauty editors. I had to see what the fuss was about since it's mentioned in every top fashion and beauty magazine ever and I never had the opportunity to try it out before.

This is a concealor-like product, with a paint brush applicator. Touche Eclat gives a visual life to whatever area you use it in. I like to use it around my eyes where there are shadows and dark circles lurking. Instantly I look brighter and more alert. It's smooth, easy to blend and if you blend it just right, it's completely undetectable. You can also use it as a concealor. A fantastic all around great product.

Lip Gloss/Lisse Gloss I tried No.14 which is a shiny, girly, pale pink shade just right for everyday. The gloss is applied using a sponge tip applicator and it smells slightly of roses which is nice, it smells very good! I want a perfume that is lightly scented of roses like the gloss.

The color is so pretty and the consistency is not goopy or tacky like some glosses can be. It has a really light shimmer to it and would probably look good on everyone. It's smooth and pretty and I keep it in my purse so I can maintain my perfectly pink pout. Finding a pink gloss that doesn't turn into an altogether different color is more difficult than one would think. Luckily this one stays pink and shiny.

Touche Brilliance, Sparkling Touch for Lips
is a dramatic lip gloss with shimmer and sparkle. Oh la la! Very fancy. It's not a glittery over- the- top, neon sign kind of sparkle though- don't think glitter and Las Vegas. It's an elegant, night on the town kind of product to give your lips a bit more oomph than perhaps your daily routine calls for. I tried No. 11, a pinkish red shade that looks highly glam with black eyeliner and lightly flushed cheeks. This will be used for special occasions when I must take my look up a notch!

Perfect Touch Fond de Teint, I couldn't get the photo of this product to load but check out this link for a visual. This is a unique product- twist and squeeze the bottle for the amount of product you need, then apply with the brush. This gives your skin a subtle glow, lasts all day and blends nicely. You will end up with radiant skin which probably has more to do with the formula of the product than the attached brush! It's a novel idea and it is fun to use but I ended up using my fingers to blend it all in. Is not thick or watery, rather it is the ideal consistency for a cream foundation.

Last but not least is the Long Lasting Pencil in No. 10- black. Black eyeliner is a staple in every makeup collection, if you don't own a black eyeliner pencil, buy one now. Invest in a goof proof one like this which comes with a sharpener so you can have a thin, clean, sharp line every time you use it.

The YSL eyeliner stays on without crumbling or disappearing or getting greasy and disappearing. I always line very close to my lashline with black eyeliner and than swipe on mascara for a very easy, uncomplicated look. It's clean, yet glam and age appropriate whether you are twenty or forty. You will want a long lasting one like this so you don't have to worry about touch ups through out the day!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hair Care, I want VOLUME!

Along with long black eyelashes and clear skin and pink cheeks, I want hair that's as big and wide as a tumbleweed but is as soft as a puppy's fur. That's not a tall order, is it? I recall not so fondly, the days of being a teenager in New Jersey, of teasing those bangs until they stood like a wall in front of my head. After reading something about Rachel Hunter spraying lots of hair spray in Rod Stewart's hair while she blew it dry, I tried that too. Lots of Conair spray, gel, teasing. I think there was a time when I couldn't get a brush through my hair, looking like Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

Thankfully, there are easier ways to add volume than to violently back-comb my tresses and shellack them into submission.

As I mentioned before, I have wavy hair that needs some coaxing. Halo has some great volumizing products which I reviewed a while back, lately I've been using the Curl Shampoo & Conditioner in these giant gel- cap shaped bottles that look futuristic and cool hanging out in my shower. They smell great and give my hair extra body while bringing out the curls. The shampoo lathers up really well and the conditioner makes my hair soft without weighing it down which is very important, don't you think?

There is this amazing, mysterious product called Thick Infusion Weightless Body Spray by Graham Webb. It comes out of an aerosol can like a blast of cool air, making your hair enormous. I love spraying this on my roots right before I perform the daily blow dry ritual. I don't know whats in it- the product seems invisible- but it totally works. You can spray wet or dry hair and it gives lots of volume.

I love Back to Basics- the products smell delicious and I know they are made with all kinds of good ingredients. I got to try the Bodifying Creme Mousse and now make it a part of my routine whether I'm going straight or curly. Gone are the days of mousse that makes your hair crispy, now you can add a handful of foam and end up with voluminous waves or pin-straight hair that doesn't cling to your head like a cap.

Ready for the holidays? Stuff some stockings with these...

I've been drooling over these pans of dual color from Cargo for ages. Finally I got my hands on a few to test and let me tell you, they are just as wonderful as I imagined. Colors are glossy and shiny and easy to apply with a finger or lip brush- I prefer my finger. Slick and slippery, the colors are beautiful for any skin tone or shade, creating a high shine. Even the colors I thought would be dark turned out to be subtle and pretty on my naturally dark lips.

I'd love to receive any of these pans of gloss for the holidays- what a great little gift for a friend, sister, mother who loves beauty products. You cannot chose a bad color duo, every single color is beautiful alone or mixed together. Go to Sephora, my favorite store in the whole world, here for more.

Pretty Girl Makeup- don't you just love the name? Conjures up something compltely girly and flirty!

Pretty Girl lipstick comes in a totally clear case which I really liked. It's almost futuristic and cool. I tried the shade "Day at the Spa" which is a light frosty pink with a nude undertone. It's a gorgeous color- right up my alley. I don't look good at all in dark plummy colors and always go directly to the pale pinks, peaches and nude shades. This is a long wearing formula and topped with "You're a Doll" lip gloss, the resulting color is a neutral pink and is very complimentary. Pretty Girl, indeed.

For the bath and shower lover, check out the Pretty Girl scrubs and shea butter cream. Honey, Rough Me Up is a gritty, cucumber scented scrub that will leave skin exfoliated and ready to be slathered with Honey, Butter Me Up. I am a huge shea butter fan and this cream will make your skin not only smell good, but will be ulta-velvety. I admire women who decide to start up a business and make a go at creating products. Christina Friedman is the face behind the name of Pretty Girl, kudos to you Christina for making these fun cosmetics with a feminine feel to them! P.S. I love the stylish chickie with her poodle on the products!

Any girly girl would love to get a nice lipstick/lipgloss combo or the Scrub/Shea Butter in her stocking this holiday!

Cream Eyeshadow sets come in five different shades and include a base color, contrasting shades, a cream liner and a metallic shade to highlight or add sparkle. Oh, and a dual sided brush. This set makes it easy to create a really dramatic eye. The consistency is perfect and the shades blend nicely together. The bottom of the pan of shadow labels each shade for you so you don't have to guess which shade goes where on your eyelid.

The makeup lover in your life will adore this set. DuWop is a young, fresh brand that I think is just right for hip women of all ages.

Lash Lacquer is a conditioning mascara on one end and the other end features a topcoat that is water resistant and smudge proof. I really don't like waterproof/water resistant mascaras because I usually have a hard time washing it off. I end up afraid my eyelashes will fall out from scrubbing. No fear with this one, it comes off without a lot of effort.

Lash Lacquer makes lashes long and the topcoat adds lots of shine. You can add more coats to build up the mascara for thicker lashes. This is a more natural mascara. As I've often expressed, I like my lashes to be as fake as a Las Vegas showgirl. However, when I'm just hanging out I prefer a natural, clean faced look helped along by a light pink blush, a clear lipgloss and mascara that will make my blonde lashes nice and dark. This one totally fits the bill. I tested the shade of Carbon Black which is as dark as ebony.

Lastly, I tried out Ice, a glorious shade of pale pink powder, the color of a ballerina's tutu with a shimmer. It's really beautiful on a face done in shades of silver and pink, add a little bit of this powder over cheeks for a winter sparkle. This is one of those products that is fun to use and adds a little something special to a face done up for the holidays.

This is the official DuWop landing page, I want to know exactly what the model is wearing- check out her glossy lips and smoky eye. Gorgeous! The revamped site is easy to navigate and makes shopping online easy, quick and fun!

A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss

Of course I'm super excited about my debut novel, A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss being printed this week! I will keep you up to date on when it will be available for purchase. For now, you can check out an interview I did with Fantasticsmag.

I totally enjoyed the interview process but can I tell you that I cringe when I see pictures of myself? Happy Reading!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Skincare: Exuviance and Skin Amnesty

Skin Amnesty Eye

I swear by the Skin Amnesty Restore/Protect Serum. I have no clue what's in it- but it comes out as a clear gel laced with something red. I use this a few times a week and see a difference in my skin. The product contains Vitamin C, aloe and Vitamin E. You can read here to learn the nitty-gritty scientific explanation of what is in Skin Amnesty.

The Exfoliating Face Mask is applied like any other mask and then the jojoba beads add a bit of texture to buff the skin as you rinse the mask off. I like facial masks because I imagine all impurities being drawn out and washed away after I rinse.. I like the exfoliating action of this product and the Kaolin Clay cleans the skin. Love it!

Lastly, the Regenerating Eye Cream, which contains Vitamin K to decrease those dark circles. You know, no one every told me that after about age 32, things happen to your body and skin.

You can't eat what you want as much as in your 20's, your skin starts to loose firmness and suddenly you have circles under your eyes not to mention fine lines and wrinkles start popping up. I never minding the aging process but this year, I want to cry. Thank goodness there is excellent medical technology and skin care to combat all the ill effects of everything that makes us age and gain weight. Oh, yeah, about the Eye Cream! It battles under eye circles and fine lines and wrinkles. I use this one and the eye cream I mention below. Non-irritating, fast absorbtion, doesn't have a scent and I think if I keep using it I might stay looking my age, 29. I mean...34. The site has more products and information, click here.

Purifying Cleansing Gel

Eye Lift Complex

CoverBlend by Exuviance

When I review skincare, it takes me a long time. I have to use the products for a few weeks to see what works. In between trying out skincare products, I always go back to using Exuviance and Skin Amnesty.

offers Polyhydroxy acid formulas for normal and sensitive skin. I use the Purifying Cleansing Gel and loooooooove it. One little pump and the right amount comes out, enough to cleanse my face. My skin is left clean and feeling soft. This is one of my favorites - like I said, I keep returning the line again and again.

The Hydrating Eye Lift is so gentle to the eyes- I put this on all over my eye area with no irritation at all. It is totally fragrance free.

Essential Multi-Defense Day Fluid SPF 15 is a lightweight anti-aging moisturizer which absorbs quickly into the skin. This lotion contains both Alph and Poly hydroxy. What does that mean? I don't really know exactly but I have read enough to know that both of those things are good for skin. Good for replenishing and turning over new skin cells. Don't quote me on that.

SkinRise Morning Bionic Tonic smells like cucumbers and feels fresh on the skin. Lightweight, nourishing. It contains marine botanicals, grapefruit and peppermint extracts along with vitamins A, E, C and green tea extracts. You will be feeding your skin using this product, creating a younger, healthier skin tone. I use this so sparingly because I don't want to run out!

Vespera Bionic Serum will improve everything thats wrong with your skin from wrinkles to fine lines. But only if you keep using it. Don't look for an immediate fix, I think you only get that with a visit to the plastic surgeon's office. It smells nice and citrusy and can be used under your moisturizer. I use it as soon as I get out of the shower and follow with the above mentioned Day Fluid.

CoverBlend will hide every facial imperfection, I promise. It covers acne, scars, beauty marks, dark eye circles and the list goes on and on. I have both the concealor and the makeup and pull it out on days when I need lots of help perfecting my complexion.

You can wet a sponge and apply for sheer coverage but if you use it straight from the tube or pot, you will get the maximum heavy duty coverage which lasts all day long. This will not smudge, budge, run, smear. I like using the concealor with a little brush and dotting it on right where I need it- the occasional pimple which at my age, I should not be getting!

Learn about this whole line of very effective products here.


Hydro Powder Eye Shadow is a product thats neither cream or powder. It's like a hybrid of the two. It sweeps onto the lids and allows for blending. I love this as a base: the color I tested is called Goldlights, a yellow that is rather neutral on the lids- think more beige than banana. These eye shadows are waterproof (but are easy to take off with eyemakeup remover!) and don't smudge or budge after it's set. Like I said, I use this as a base but it can be worn alone too. I love the consistency the Hydro Powder and would add more colors to my makeup collection in the future.

The Makeup Powdery Foundation is a smooth foundation that can be applied either wet or dry with a makeup sponge or brush. It offers an SPF 15, good for everyday wear because you know we must protect our delicate skin from sun damage. This is sold individually, you buy the compact and the refill separately. I don't mind using it out of the plastic clamshell. As you might expect from a brand like Shiseido, it's a great quality- the powder isn't so fine that it flakes all over the place. It will give your skin a medium coverage and even out the skintone. A good everyday foundation.

I love products that blend easily which is important - you don't want that line of demarkation on your jawbone. And this one blends beautifully.

The Body Creator Gel is a pleasantly scented gel that "combats cellulite" and should be used once a day to fight off unsightly orange peel skin. I cannot tell you whether or not this does what it says- I've not seen a huge difference in my thighs but I can tell you that this product makes skin super smooth, soft and cool. There is a cooling effect on the skin after you rub this on and it feels awesome!

Skin feels fresh and smells like a spa- you know that sort of spice/citrus/ clean smell? I will be sure to use this product when its so unbearably hot here in Southern California, applied right after a cool shower. It's wonderful.

The Mascara Base is the best base I've used on my lashes ever! I pair this with my beloved Lights, Camera, Lashes from Tarte and wow. My thin, blonde lashes are as thick as a tarantula's legs. I'll fake it any way I can.

Brush this white gel onto your lashes and then apply mascara, watch out, you don't want to knock something down with your lashes which will stretch out across the room. I'm serious! I can't give this enough praise. You must add this to your makeup staples right now. I love it when a product comes along that is a must-have.

Shiseido is a brand thats been around forever but I never tried anything from the line before. It's a high quality line from Japan that offers great colors. Lots of products are available from foundation to nail color to fragrance. I'd love to try more products- eye shadows and mascaras and lip colors- in the future. Click here for more info and to choose your country.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Link Love!

So many glorious beauty blogs out there in cyberland! I want to show some link love and direct you towards some great posts this past week... check them out!

Re-Visit the Clinique 3- Step Skin Care System at Beautiful Makeup Search.

The Model Eyebrow

Eye Makeup for Asian Eyes

Bon Bons in the Bath gives you her picks for prettiest stocking stuffers this year.

Beauty Hatchery hosts a debate on whether rubbing perfume into the skin
alters the scent.

Don't let Jack Frost get his wicked way with you skin! Lipstick, Powder 'n Paint has some tips to do battle with the cold this winter.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Freeze 24/7

Ahhh, the skin of youth: supple and firm with no lines, wrinkles or creases.
Miracle in a jar: Freeze 24/7

Freeze 24/7 boasts 50-90% a "reduction in the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within minutes of application." This cream is a completely safe alternative to getting monthly botox shots or undergoing some kind of wrinkle filler procedure.

What surprised me was the lack of stinging or tingling. Like a lip plumper, this product plumps the skin to temporarily firm up wrinkles in the forehead, crows feet, laugh lines. It has no scent and was gentle on my sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly- I found myself applying more and more instead of just letting it sink in and work. I wore this under my makeup with no shine at all, it sunk into my skin and left behind no residue.

Freeze 24/7 has been featured in countless magazines, news shows and is a favorite of just about everyone who uses it. I have a deep forehead crease which did not diminish using this but I did see a difference in the fine lines around my eyes within seconds. I wish it was a permanent solution!

Freeze 24/7 offers a lot of other four star products like the Ice Shield, the first ever face wash that leaves behind an SPF-15. I'm most interested in trying out the Ice Crystals Prep and Polish and the Anti-Aging Moisturizer. For a complete list of products, click here. So many cool products to check out, you are going to want to place an order. No wrinkles without surgery? Count me in!

Monday, November 13, 2006



Coffee & Cream Morning Scrub

Sparkling Powder In A Brush

Liquid Metallic Eyeliner

Colorful Eye Shadow Palette

I was never quite sure about Sephora products. Would they be the lesser quality, somewhat generic version of the other brands sold in the beauty superstore known as The Holy Land? I love Sephora. From the gleaming black accents to the endless rows of products basically promising a more youthful and beautiful version of myself, I cannot get enough. My heart begins to race, my palms start to sweat and I hear my name being called by the countless brands the store stocks in their polished shelves as soon as I enter through glass doors. I am powerless. I cannot resist the pink shiny glosses and the many perfumes sitting there, ready to be sprayed on my skin.

I was able to take several Sephora products for a test drive and I'm really pleased with what I found. Let's dig in, shall we?

The Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 is sheer and light, just right for a subtle glow. You don't even feel it on your skin after you apply it, its that weightless. This product gave my skin a dewy look, not matte. The Cooling Cover Stick is just the right size for travel or to toss in your purse. It's compact in size for cover- ups on the go. This gives natural coverage. Super light in consistency, it feels cool on the skin (hence the name I'm sure). Very refreshing. I used this on a few little scars on my face.

Sparkling Powder in A Brush is a neat product because the brush is encased in the tube of powder. You just tap it out on your hand and apply to your face or where ever you'd like
a dab of sparkle. I loved this one. I don't like to sparkle like a Las Vegas billboard, but this was just right for a bit of dazzle and a little color too.

The Colorful Eye Shadow Palette features four gorgeous eyeshadows in bands of color in one stealthy compact. You can highlight, shade, contour, add color, bring attention to the whole eye area with this single palette. I used the shadow dry for a sheer look as well as wet for a more dramatic look. My new thrill is to make an eyeliner out of eyeshadow by wetting my eye shadow brush. The colors were lovely, the quality of the product was excellent. So far, I'm impressed with Sephora and will never again think of it as the Wet N' Wild of the store.

YAY, I love this one. The Iridescent Cream Shadow is a paintbrush that contains color- you twist the end and color comes out of the brush. Then you shade your eyelid as heavy or light as you want to go. The colors are all sheer, soft brown and beige, silver and icy blue to name a few. I cover my entire lid with silver or soft beige and then add a thin black line with liquid liner. I love the look, its totally 1950's glam. The color stays on for a long time and I haven't noticed any creasing.

The Long Lasting Metallic Eyeliner is the ideal makeup for all the upcoming holiday parties you will be attending! A little wild, a little shiny and long lasting. This product has a good tip, sometimes the tips on liquid liners are so thin! With this one, you can draw a decent line right above your lashes. I like the Aubergine shade, purple but not shockingly so. The Silver is amazing with all eye colors and with a hint of white eyeshadow you could create a simply beautiful snow princess look!

Mascara Fantastic Color comes in shades other than your basic black or brown. Violet, blue, green, you will draw attention to your eyes wearing this. The color comes in a squeeze tube which I like. The wand is not thin or puffy, its the type of wand that will make lashes long, not thick. I used one of my thickening mascaras and then topped the black off with a hit of Violet. Pow! Yes, make people look twice!

I'm not ashamed, I will take two showers a day- hot hot showers where everything gets steamy and warm. And I like to exfoliate and get my skin red and clean. I enjoy the entire experience when I don't have kids screaming or dogs barking. And I like my bath products, like the Grapeseed Body Wash, it smells so wonderful and sweet. I hear that Grapeseed is a hot ingredient known for its antioxident properties so I'm more than happy to not only bathe with the ultra luscious body wash but rub lotion on my arms and legs with the whipped Body Delight too. This one contains white grape, pear and pink rose. Smells heavenly, a nice combination of the fruit and roses and it rubs in with no greasy film left on the skin.

The Coffee and Cream Morning Body Scrub
might very well wake you up just like your morning latte. This coffee scented body scrub features caffeine, a key ingedient in getting rid of stubborn cellulite. This truly smells just like a huge cup of coffee, I've yet to see any diminished cellulite but the gritty texture is perfect for exfoliating dry winter skin.

I enjoyed reviewing the Sephora products and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the brand. Plus, Sephora has tons and tons of products, colors, tools, brushes, skincare to choose from. They have loads of small bottles of nail polishes which is my latest obsession. If you usually skip by the row of Sephora's own brand, take step back and check out the products I mentioned above. Distressed Jeans tested and approved. If there is something you love, drop me a line and let me know about it!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beauty Extravaganza! L'Oreal, Piaffe and Pixi

L'Oreal offers the HIP line of high pigment cosmetics that I really like. L'oreal has long offered great quality cosmstics, I used to love their line of matte foundation. Back in the day when I would tease my bangs and paint my long nails frosted purple with Wet N' Wild, I thought L'oreal was totally awesome. It's always been a drugstore favorite.

The other day, I got together with a dear friend to hang out and sip spa water (slice of each- lemon, lime, orange and cucumber in a tall glass of water) and try out makeup. We both agreed that L'Oreal has some great products to offer including their Highlighter and Bronzer.

The Bronzer is a sheer peachy-bronze shade that is not heavy but rather light! You might think it goes on heavily but it's not so. This bronzer could be used as an everyday blush for beautiful color on the cheeks. The Highlighter is a product to be used all over the face. I use this on this inside corner of my eyes to look more awake than I usually am. It could be used under the brow bone or as a hint of glow on the lips or cheeks. It's really something that can be blended into any product.

I like both of these and as usual L'oreal didn't let me down. The quality is great and the price is right. These are two items that you can forgo the more expensive department store brands and save a few bucks for expensive shoes.

I know... what's a Piaffe? Well listen up because this is an awesome high- end brand that Henri Bendel sells. Marie Regan is the founder of this elegant line of quality cosmetics, inspired by the sport of "equine dressage". Everything in the line surpassed our expectations and I could easily become addicted to these products.

We were super impressed with the Light Diffusing Makeup. It is light and natural, a good matte foundation that transforms the skin as the product is applied. There was such a difference in the skin after application that the face was nearly flawless! This offers excellent coverage and smooths the entire face area.

The Super Lip Gloss smells wonderful, feels great and looks sheer. It goes on smoothly and is very shiny as a good gloss should be. It is not sticky or thick. A bonus to this fabulous gloss is that it contains Vitamins A & E. The Perfect Lip Color lipstick is feather resistant, crease resistant and is so moisturizing- in fact, it feels so good on the lips, you may want to wear it all the time. It comes in 7 dramatic shades.

The Beautiful Lash Mascara is just that, beautiful. It is not volumizing but it lengthens and gives a slight curl to the lash. Thin lashes look very pretty. If you don't like thick lashes but prefer a more elegant lash, dark and long, this is for you.

Silk Shimmer Eyeshadow is a high intesity powdery pigment. Don't be afraid of these color rich products as you can apply them with a light hand! I tested Dove, a pale silver shimmer, and Sienna, a bronze shade. I would use a good eyeshadow or crease brush to apply these products. Have fun experimenting with these fun, silky shadows.

The Perfect Eyeshadow is three bands of color in one compact. Apply the light color to your eyelid, medium color offers a bit of sparkle that brings out your eyes when placed in the inner corner and crease, then apply the darker shade as an eyeliner. This eyeshadow blends beautifully and the palette, with three pretty shades is perfect as a three-in-one to keep in your purse for an all over eye product.

The Perfect Lip Pencil is a mechanical pencil, not one that you sharpen. I like these for that reason alone! I can never find a good sharpener when I need one. We tried the Mochaberry color which looks like a neutral but on the lips, looked red. This is almost a lip stain- once you apply the color, it sets and will not stain or bleed. Apply a gloss over this and you have perfectly shaped and colored lips.

I am slowly becoming very addicted to cake liners! The Perfect Cake Eyeliner needs to be applied with a high quality slanted brush. This cake liner goes on smoothly and is very high quality. If you have never tried a cake liner, I suggest you start with this one. You can do a thick or thin line and be as dramatic or creative as you wish. The perfect smoky eye starts with a product like this!

Piaffe is a brand that you must check out especially if you like wearing the high- quality, high- end cosmetics. There was nothing in this line that I didn't like or feel was top notch.

Pixi! The cutest name for bright, fun makeup.

These eye palettes offer satin shadow that sparkle. I tried Hipolita- white, gray and charcoal- and Lysander- yellow, minty green and a darker olive shade. The colors are light, excellent for holiday makeup! The eye color went on smooth and did not crease, you don't have to work too hard to create a gorgeous eye.

Fluid Lip Creme is a dramatic lip gloss that probably contains more pigment than the average gloss. With a wand applicator, you apply and then are set for a while because the color is long lasting. Contains fresh mint oil but won't make lips tingle. The mint adds a pleasant essence.

You will love the Lip Booster! It is not drying or stinging but "enhances" lips vitality. This product features a brush applicator, smells wonderful and comes in sheer shades. It felt great on my lips, not heavy or sticky. Lip Boosters are clinically proven to "increase volume by up to 40%" !

The Lip Blush I tried was in the shade of raspberry called Happiness. This is a very long lasting color, even after washing my face, the color did not budge. Lip Blush features a marker-like applicator tip and gives a pure punch of color! It is a matte texture and is pretty with some gloss over it. You can kiss, eat, talk, brush your teeth and wash your face and the color isn't going anywhere. If you like lip stains, then you must get this product!

Eye Definer is a chubby stick of eye liner. I like the fat size because its easy to grip. And it comes with a sharpener! So you are never lacking for a sharp point. Yes, it's thick but just right for getting close to the upper lash line and adding a dash of color.

Fairy Dust is a powdery pigment that looks daunting in the glass jar it's housed in but is quite light in color and texture. I was surprised at how sheer the color was. You can apply like an eye shadow or highlighter, I have even heard of some people adding it to a plain nail polish too. It's fun to experiment and play around and see what you can do with this type of product. Options are endless!

Pixi offers fantastic little kits that are just a bit larger than a credit card making them easy to carry in your purse or pocket for touch ups on the go. The Gloss Kit features a small retractable lip brush and contains eight shades of sheer gloss. The glosses are all in complimentary colors so you can mix and match and end up with the ideal color.

The Eye Kits
contains an eyelid base to "neutralize lid color and prime the eyes". There is also a cover- up for those dark circles and imperfections while six glorious, sparkly colors just wait for you to apply with the enclosed double ended shadow brush. The eye shades are all glimmery and sheer, just right for this holiday season when you want a hint of twinkle and sparkle. The Miracle kit could be used on eyes as well as on the cheeks, it's so glamorous!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

MOR Cosmetics

MOR Tahitian Glow Body

Marshmallow Soap

lip delight

Body souffle

MOR Cosmetics is another fabulous brand that comes to us from Australia. I swear, I think I need to move there because everything that comes out of that place is amazing. Two Australian designers merged their talents and passions and came up with this incredible line of soaps, lotions and candles. MOR means Peacock in Hindi, FYI. The beautiful packaging and high quality of their products has made this brand a success all over the world.

I love the beautiful pink box that houses the delicious, satiny Marshmallow Soap. It's not candy scented or overly sweet despite the name. In fact, you would probably never guess that the name of this oval shaped soap had anything to do with Marshmallow. It's lightly perfumed and feels wonderful when you lather up. It is so pretty nestled in the box, I almost don't want to use it! I said almost.

The Tahitian Bronze Glow is a shimmery cream with bronze highlights. This is perfect for dry legs and arms. This creamy lotion contains coconut oil and aromatic tiare flower and gives pale winter skin a nice warm sparkle. The Tahitian Bronze Body Cream is perfumed with frangipangi, tiare flower and coconut. This lush cream will soften your skin while lightly scenting it and after application, you will see a light sparkle on your skin. Since these creams are scented, there is no need for additional perfumes although you could always spray on a little Tahitian Bronze Parfum for a long lasting scent. You might feel like you are in the tropics with all the Tahitian products.

My favorite items are the Marshmallow Body Souffle and the Lip Delight. The Lip Delight is a very, very emoillient gloss that feels light and nourishing on my lips. It smells so good, reminds me of something sweet like coconut candy. This product is sheer so feel free to swipe it over lipstick for additional shine.

The Marshmallow Body Souffle is purely amazing. The scent, the consistency, how it blends into your skin making it soft all over, everything about this product gets my full endorsement. It contains extract of peach, soybean and marshmallow which obviously does something good because my skin is ultra smooth. It's whipped and light and creamy. I cannot begin to describe the scent- I detect a hint of something sweet but it's also got a perfumy element to it but nothing overpowering. I desperately want every single item from the Marshmallow line now!

A gander at the MOR cosmetics website is definitely in order. Check it out here. Pay special attention to the beautiful, almost Victorian looking packaging that is super feminine!