Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Congratulations to Tarte's Maureen Kelly!

has long been a favorite brand of mine. I've mentioned before how much I love the Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara and their products are not only beautiful but high quality and fun.

Maureen Kelly, creator and CEO of this fabulous brand, has been chosen as Entrepreneur Magazine's Woman of the Year! That's a huge accomplishment and Hello Dollface wants to congratulate Maureen on this honor. Way to go, Maureen! Best wishes for many more successful years.

Below is a portion of the official press release that I want to share with you. May Maureen's success inspire you to find your passion, work towards what you want and never give up on your dreams!

Entrepreneur's editorial staff and OPEN from American Express(R) chose Kelly for best exemplifying the qualities critical to success today: competitiveness, compassion and clarity of vision. "Despite her inexperience, Kelly was unafraid to brave an industry with big-name competitors like Estee Lauder and Lancome," says Rieva Lesonsky, senior vice president and editorial director of Entrepreneur magazine.

"Her competitive spirit and fearlessness are some of the greatest strengths of successful entrepreneurs."

Click here to read tips for success from Maureen in January's Entrepreneur Magazine.

Fragrance: everything you need to smell pretty...

I wanted to round up as many perfumes as I could and write about them for you. Before you read on, keep in mind that the opinions are mine and finding a good perfume is totally subjective. Just ask the woman who drowns herself in Youth Dew.

I'm partial to musk, floral scents with a gardenia base, as well as those fresh, out of the shower kind of scents. I like lemon-citrus but shy away from anything that is oriental or too heavy. My grandmother always wore Tabu which made me choke and wheeze. A friend of mine wears Skin Musk and I would swear that she wore something much more expensive because it always smells so good.

I've gone through my Calvin Klein Eternity phase, my Chanel No. 5 days and I still use Norell when I am in the mood for it. Certain scents like Petit Prince and Clean Baby Girl can be used on a girl no matter what her age.

I have heard wonderful things about Susan D. Owens Child perfum and am eager to get my hands on that highly regarded scent as soon as I can. I have a pink bottle of Creed Spring Flower that I use very sparingly, the scent smells like the woman I want to be- elegant and lovely yet bold. And everyone is talking about Chinatown Bond No. 9 oh, how I would have loved to see this under my tree this Christmas!

I've talked before of my love for Sharon Bolton's perfume, Luv and Fresh Scents by Terri makes some fabulous, one of kind type perfumes too. It's amazing how a scent can affect our moods or top off an outfit. I don't feel like I'm done getting dressed unless I spray perfume on my wrists, neck and chest! Only then can I begin my day. And please don't think I'm strange if you catch me sniffing my arms all day, it's because I just cannot get enough of the smell of a really good perfume!

Jaqua Body Mist

If you equate body mists with something you splash on after a bath or shower, be warned- this is equal in strength to perfume, at least on my skin! Jaqua Body Mists are offered in Peach Parfait, Pink ButterCream Frosting and my personal favorite, White Rose Bergamot.

They are quick drying and long lasting, housed in stainless steel canisters with a pump spray. You can layer on some lotion with a spray of Body Mist for a cloud of scent to surround you all day long!

Banana Republic fragrance

These are seriously adult scents. When I wear a fragrance like this I feel like I should be dressed in a power suit with a briefcase and imported leather shoes. You could say these have a sensual edge to them: Alabaster, Jade and Rosewood for women and Slate and Black Walnut for men.

I was able to sample a few of the scents, specifically Alabaster and Jade. Alabaster is a floral scent, a little more for everyday while the Jade is spicy citrusy, good for a night out. A well dressed, clean cut handsome mean wearing Black Walnut would get some attention for sure.

Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Comptoir Sud makes fabulously tropical scents, I have reviewed this brand before and loved it. I tried Vanilla Extreme and Cristal de Musc which both get thumbs up from me. VanillaExtreme is sweet with a creamy undertone while Cristal de Musc is a light musk scent hinting at tropical flowers.

The musk scent reminds me ever so slightly of Love's Baby Soft for some reason. I can't pinpoint why and I might be the only person who thinks this but there is an element to it that brings me back to being eleven years old. Both scents are every day kind of fragrances that are not strong but subtly soft and delicious.

MOR Marshmallow Perfume

I adore the Marshmallow souffle cream which is as light as air and smells beautiful, so it was obvious that the Marshmallow perfume would be just as good. And it is. I didnt know how to describe this perfume- is it floral? clean? I asked the lovely Danielle from MOR and here is her reply: "Sugar–dipped rose petals mix with White Carnation and Vanilla Bean to create a sweet, inviting fragrance. Base notes of Pink Musk, Cotton Candy and Jasmine Flower round off the fragrance with a sensual note."

This is for the woman/girl who wants a fragrance that is light and not too perfumy with sweet tones and light florals. I use this when I want something a little different. Many perfumes tend to smell the same and I like scents that stop people in their tracks and make them ask what I am wearing. This is one of those scents.

Ahhhh Lulu! This little bottle of perfume is housing a giant scent of gardenia! If you love floral perfumes, this roll- on gem is for you. White gardenias and musk are combined to produce "Starlet". There are a few other perfumes available from Lulu Beauty but I have a feeling Starlet is the best, of course I am totally biased because I cannot get enough of gardenias or musk so the two combined is pure heaven.

These Clean scents have a huge celebrity following and are constantly mentioned in magazines and beauty blogs and websites because they are so versatile. Clean Shower Fresh smells soapy and fresh, with citrus top notes. Think of a fluffy white towel after a hot soapy shower. The perfect scent to wear every day, one that you will not get tired of because it's so simple.

Clean Baby Girl smells, to my uneducated nose, more complex and a touch sweeter than Shower Fresh. But if you are looking for a barely- there scent that is both light and fresh then you cannot go wrong with either of these.

A long long time ago, I tried the original Clean scent at Sephora and couldn't wait to go back and buy myself a bottle which I promptly used up within a few short months. I always come back to Clean no matter what other scents I dabble in.

Avon Crystal Aura

How gorgeous is this bottle with the Swarovski crystal pendant? When I spritz on this fragrance, I feel like I need to go out on the town. A fruity, floral scent, this has a bit of kick to it, ideal for dressing up when you want a scent that will stand out-- in a good way. It's flirty and elegant at the same time. This is my Special Occasion perfume that blends starfruit, amethyst rose, musk and woods.

I like the way Avon added a little sparkle to the design of this gorgeous glass bottle by hanging a removable crystal on it.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss

If you have some time over this holiday season, take a look at
A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss, my new novel.

The book takes a look at what happens when a regular girl gets swept up in the life of a Hollywood starlet named Kat Savage. Barrett is tired of her boring life and escapes into tabloids and blogs to live vicariously through celebs and their glamorous lifestyles. But when Kat commits an unethical act, will Barrett still think the grass is greener in Hollywood?

Several well known authors offered quotes for the book:

A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss offers a priceless—and hilarious--lookat what can lie beneath the glitz and glamour of celebrity. Cindy Bokma infuses this "be careful what you wish for" tale with greatenergy, humor, and sharp, witty social observation. -Gayle Brandeis, author of Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for WomenWho Write, The Book of Dead Birds, and Self Storage

A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss is a biting piece of social satire about our obsession with celebrity culture, cleverly cloaked in the perfume-scented guise of 'chick lit.' I practically inhaled the story and loved how Bokma seamlessly wove a morality tale into the lighthearted, fast-paced narrative. Bokma's writing is funny, smart, and incisive, and I didn't want the book to end! -Jen Lancaster, author of Bitter is the New Black

A Thousand Dollars For A Kiss is a fun, funny, and thoughtful novel. Barrett Greer is one of a kind, and true-to-life. What a pleasure to live in her world for a little while. -Laura Dave, author of London is the Best City in America

A superficial, celebrity-obsessed heroine who will have you laughing out loud and cheering on her transformation. -Robyn Harding, author of The Journal of Mortifying Moments and The Secret Desires of a Soccer Mom

What seems to start out as a standard, although engaging, story of girl-meets-Hollywood ends up surprisingly real and a little bit dark. There had better be a sequel -- I have to know what happens to these characters next. - Amy DeZellar, author of Dating Amy

If you read the book, drop me a line and let me know what you think, I love to hear from readers.

Happy holidays to all the gorgeous dolls out there around the world! goodies

I used to use Tom's of Maine cinnamint toothpaste all the time. I loved brushing my teeth with that yummy flavor, it inspired me to brush more often! I tried the Spearmint flavor recently and it did not dissapoint. The toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling super clean, the mint leaves a fresh scent (I hope!) in your mouth. It doesn't get overly foamy as you brush, it simply shines your teeth. This just reminds me of how much I like Tom's of Maine products. This brand offers toothpaste in flavors like fennel, gingermint and apricot. Silly Strawberry is for kids but I'm willing to try it!
Alpha Hydrox Souffle is worthy of a five star rating and loads of praise. This product has cleared up my skin, creating a more vibrant skintone. I use it under my makeup in the mornings because it absorbs so quickly. I love it!

At only $13.99 for a jar, it's totally cost effective! Very few products deliver results so quickly. After using this just a few times, I saw a difference and now I'm addicted. I mean, really addicted. I apply it two times a day like it's my religion!

Weleda Iris Night Cream will nourish skin while you sleep. Iris Night Cream contains pure almond oil and chamomile extract. After your first use, you will be able to feel a difference- you will have the most velvety skin you can imagine!

PhytoCurl and PhytoCurl Curl Enhancing Shampoo plus Phyto 7 Hydrating Creme: I
have long heard about the greatness that is Phyto. I never had the chance to use this brand until recently. Sometimes I wear my hair straight, other times I leave it curly. Either way I need gels and mousses and hairsprays to make the most of my somewhat frizzy, not quite straight, fine hair.

When I coax the curls in my hair, I need really good product. PhytoCurl shampoo gets the curls ready while the spray on PhytoCurl enhances the curls after blow drying. I use the Phyto 7 as a leave-in conditioner to make sure my ends don't get too dry. Now I can see why everyone raves about Phyto products!

The Present by Philosophy is a cream that you smooth all over your face before applying your foundation and blush. Here is what says about this product, "Invisible silicone binds to your skin, camouflaging imperfections for a flawless-looking complexion. The Present even provides a protective barrier, helping to reduce surface breakouts."

Think of it as a primer for skin or use it alone. Once this has dried completely, feel free to pat on your foundation. Notice your pores look smaller. I want lineless, poreless skin and The Present helps out. Even when I don't want to wear any makeup, I apply this and add a dab of cream blush for color.

I love this shampoo and conditioner, Sunsilk. I use the Anti-Flat formula because as you know, I like enormous hair. Hair that can float in a holiday parade, all on it's own. I give this two thumbs up! Smells good, lathers up nicely and washes out without leaving a residue. Plus it's super cheap- only $3.99 a bottle.

If there is one thing I love, it's strolling up and down the aisles of a drugstore. CVS, Walgreens, Target...let me loose to look at every jar and tube and I can spend hours in there. It's no wonder that I am addicted to sitting at the computer and gazing at the products on! This online shopping emporium offers everything your heart desires, including brands like Weleda and Phyto which you won't find everywhere.

This is the perfect place to buy yourself a little post-holiday pick me up. I'm eyeing up this blowdryer, Panasonic pore cleanser and anything Bumble + Bumble. That's just a small portion of what I want now.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

C.O. Bigelow /Gen Art Contest


Challenge: Design a new label for the classic C.O. Bigelow 32oz Apothecary Jar to be sold at as a limited-edition item.

C.O. Bigelow and Gen Art are hosting a national package design competition dubbed the “C.O. Bigelow Package Design Program” offering visual artists and designers a unique opportunity to design original packaging for the class C.O. Bigelow 32 oz Apothecary Jar. Inspiration for artwork should be the brand Honest. Genuine. Trustworthy. The limited edition Apothecary Jar will be sold at participating C.O. Bigelow and Bath and Body Works stores during their 2007 Holiday Season.

Three talented finalists will be chosen by Gen Art & C.O. Bigelow’s judging panel of artistic and package-design professionals and will be based on originality and quality of design. One talented winner from the three finalists will be selected to have their design produced on a 32-oz Apothecary Holiday jar sold in stores and online during the holiday 2007 season. In addition, all three finalists will receive a one-year complimentary Gen Art membership and a one-year supply of C.O. Bigelow products.

For more information, please click here: Gen Art

Saturday, December 16, 2006

More good stuff....

Esthetic Plus offers tons upon tons of beauty tools. Like the Pedicure tools above and the slanted eyebrow tweezers below. This is just a dent in the variety of items they carry. As you might have been able to guess, I love all things beauty including tools. You need good facial tools and lash curlers and scissors and Esthetic Plus has it all.

I recently became very intrigued with false eyelashes. They make a huge difference, trust me on this. What I love about Scott Barnes false eyelashes is that they come in little clusters in three different sizes and the ends are so tiny that they are undetectable when you glue them on. I place them either on the very outside corners of my eyes or right in the middle. I noticed Cameron Diaz had some false lashes on in the movie The Holiday. If you have never tried out false lashes, these are worth your time and money to buy!

You know how much I love the Scott Barnes line of cosmetics! A while back I reviewed many products from his line, loving each one more than the next. And then like manna from heaven, what should arrive on my doorstep but two Lip Suedes! The awesome pink shade of Candis is ideal for those of us who like light pinky colors. Add a swipe of gloss and your lips will be set for the day. It's light but bright and pretty and perfect with pink cheeks!

is a nude shade which so many celebrities are sporting. Scott Barnes is famous for that gorgeously tanned skin with a nude lip look, so it's fitting that he is the one who created ideal nude lip colors.

Sundari means a beautiful woman in Sanskrit. It's only fitting that these amazing skincare products are beautiful themselves. Packaged in beautiful boxes (the interior of the boxes is gorgeous) and smelling delicious, these products are super high quality and feel great on the skin. I especially love the Rose and Lavender Hydrating Mask and the Neem and Burdock Balancing Cleanser. Sundari "is a collection of Ayurvedic inspired luxury skin care products suited to meet the needs of contemporary women."

If you like holistic care and natural products, I hope you check out this superior skincare line .

Bianco Breeze from the much adored line Principessa is an award winning hair and skin powder that smells incredible. Shake a little of this magic potion into your hair to absorb excess oils or apply a bit on to your skin for an unforgetable fragrance. Bianco Breeze contains vitamin E , aloe and chamomile. I know for a fact that Trish, owner of Principessa, looks high and low for the best ingedients to ensure her products are packed full of goodness. You will go crazy for this powder.
TheBalm offers two new super holiday kits: The Balmshell (below) and The BalmSquad (above). Do you know of a makeup obsessed beauty junkie who must have the latest and greatest? Then she (or he!!) will adore these sneaky little kits that will slip right into a purse for touch-ups. The tins remind me of old fashioned lunch boxes, the packaging for these kits are a cute idea.

Featuring the Stainiac cheek/lip stains and two shiny lip plumping glosses, these products are perfection. I am obsessed with the color Root Beer My Float, a champange frost, included in TheBalmSquad. In this tin you will also find Strawberry My Daiquiri, ruby shimmer that will make your lips look especially festive, and Stainiac in Beauty Queen, a berry color.

TheBalmshell includes sexy pink shades: Razz My Berry, Passion My Fruit and Stainiac in the rosy pink hue called Prom Queen.

The Hello Dollface interview: Linda Wells

Have you seen this amazing book? Full of glossy photographs and useful advice, it is a must-have for any beauty lover. Allure editor Linda Wells took the time to do an interview with me for my author blog, Conversations With Famous Writers and I am reposting the interview here for my fellow product junkies and beautiful blogging buddies to enjoy.

When you leave for vacation, what are the first and last things you toss in your suitcase?

Because my skin is the color of Wonder Bread, the first thing I pack is sunscreen (Anthelios SPF 50) and Heliocare (antioxidant tablets that protect the skin from sun damage). The last thing in the suitcase is a book—rarely a paperback because that would be too easy. For Christmas vacation, I’m taking Dave Eggers new book, “What is the What” and Claire Messud’s “The Emperor’s Children.”

What magazines and/or internet sites do you read to gleam the latest information and best trends or beauty tips?

I always check out the competition and read a whole list of beauty blogs regularly, but the information we report in Allure about new products, breakthroughs and trends comes from direct sources: the scientists, dermatologists, designers, cosmetics companies, and chemists who invent the trends. For tips, the makeup artists, hairstylists, facialists, beauty bloggers, and readers are invaluable.

What are your worst habits, beauty-wise? Do you pick pimples, rip off false eyelashes, bite your nails?

My worst beauty habit is forgetfulness. I usually don’t schedule a haircut until I look in the mirror and realize I can’t go another day without one. It’s gotten to the point where my hairstylist calls me to tell me it’s time to come in.

Complete the sentence, The best advice I ever received was_____________

The best advice I’ve ever received was not to talk about my flaws. If I tell everyone that I’ve gained five pounds or have a zit on my chin, then that’s all anyone will see. It’s probably all anyone does see, but I’m trying to curb the confessions. It takes a lot more will power than you’d think.

Is there anything in life that you absolutely will not do? For example, I will never wear a sweat shirt with Winnie the Pooh on it.

There are so many things I will not do. I will not get a tattoo, dye my hair brown (or pink), wear sneakers with a skirt, a pastel velour sweat suit, golf clothes, or a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress.

Do you watch Project Runway? Have you heard Heidi Klum's new holiday song yet?

I love Project Runway. Yes, saw the holiday video. Heidi’s eye shadow is lovely.

Can you list your very favorite products, please be sure to include the best mascara, lip gloss, foundation, primer.

My product favorites change every few weeks. At the moment, my favorite mascara is Max Factor Volume Couture. Foundation is Prescriptives Flawless Skin. Lip gloss is Nars. I don’t use a primer. Facial cleanser is Olay Daily Facials. Moisturizer is Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream. Anti-aging treatment is ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. Body scrub is Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub. Shampoo is L’Oreal Vive or Garnier Fructis (I alternate). Volumizer: Kerastase Mousse Nutri-Sculpt and Garren Volumizing Spray. Fragrance is the new Chanel 28 La Pausa (I’m using a sample; the real thing comes out in February).

I was sixteen before my mother let me wear makeup. I was a tall, skinny, pale teenager with blonde eyelashes and light blue eyes and I needed color! How old were you when you began to wear makeup? Did you pile it on or show restraint?

I started wearing mascara and concealer when I was about 17. I didn’t wear much makeup until I started working, and even then, I exercised so much restraint that it was virtually invisible. My parents never forbade makeup; they didn’t have to: I went to a girls’ high school where no one really thought about it. In college, it wasn’t a big thing either unless we were visiting the clubs in the city. And then my friends made me up until I was unrecognizable.

If you could wake up and look like anyone in the world, who would it be?

If I could wake up and look like anyone? Well, about a thousand people come to mind. I’d love to have flat abs and thicker hair, even if only for a day.

I heard gloss is out and red lipstick is in. Any truth to this?

Gloss is out; red lipstick is in. Gloss is in; red lipstick is out. These are the things you hear every day. The fact is: red lipstick is as classic as gloss. Some women prefer the former; some go for the latter—and rarely do the same people go for both (I’m a gloss person).

Friday, December 15, 2006

Napoleon Perdis

The Lip Couture Kit features dramatic colors to suit your every mood whether it be daring or dramatic or low key. This kit contains five glosses ranging in color from chocolate to pink. The glosses smell sweet and are not sticky offering great shine! Colors can be blended together or worn alone. This kit comes in a nice box, perfect for wrapping up and giving to a friend who loves makeup! Or keeping for yourself...

Satin Lips gloss is total high shine and high glamour, my favorite combination! These glosses come in ten bright colors but don't be afraid! They are more sheer than what you might think. The colors are so beautiful and the product, like all of Napoleon's items, is high- quality. If you are a lip gloss addict like yours truly, you must check these out!

Put a little more shine on your fine self by using the glaorious nail color! I tried colors Poolside and Las Vegas Lights. I love a funky color like Poolside on my toenails while Las Vegas Lights is a clear glossy paint with glitter in it, just right for being a little bit wild. Fun especially for the holidays when you want to add a bit of glimmer to your days.

China Doll Color Veil is a tube of color, applied to the cheeks or lips. A hint of peachy color warms the complexion. One little squirt of this tube will give you more than enough for each cheek! You can use this alone for a fresh faced glow, or under a powder blush. If you use it on your lips, try applying the very shiny, very pretty Lip Lacquer which will give your pout a serious high powered shimmer. There is nothing better than a fresh face helped by only some color on the cheeks and shine on the lips.

This Cake Eyeliner will glide onto your lids and not budge. I use this soft, inky liner with a small angled brush for a line that is ever better and more precise than liquid liner. Smooth and perfect. A winner!

Napoleon has created a super line of face products to go from "runway to reality". The Light Diffusing Makeup is what I've been wearing every day. I've mentioned before how I am really picky about foundations- they crease, get in fine lines, wear off before the day is over or make me look like I am wearing a chalky mask. Not this one! Offering superior blendability, it does create a flawless face. This product works especially well with Auto Pilot, a favorite of many makeup artists.

Auto Pilot is a skin soothing, pore reducing lotion that makes a smooth palette for foundation.
Use it with the vitamin infused Pore Minimizer & Mattifier for a truly stunning face. Auto Pilot will smooth the skin while the Pore Minimizer will make oversized pores appear smaller. Both products feel like silk on the face.

The China Doll Concealer is water resistant so don't worry about getting caught in the rain! This concealer looks bright and peachy but blends right into your skin. You only need a tiny dot for coverage.

Napoleon's China Doll Foundation contains an SPF 15 to protect your face from the evils of the sun. Creamy and long lasting, it blends nicely, especially when used with a good foundation brush. Infused with vitamins, this also nourishes the skin with vitamins A, C & E.

The Marshmallow Foam is soooo cool. Check out the awesome blue color. It looks pretty on my countertop. More importantly, it works so well to remove all makeup from your face. You do know you must never go to bed with makeup on, right? One pump of this mousse like cleanser and you will have enough product to wash your entire face before heading to bed. Marshmallow extract is one of the ingredients but fear not, this does not smell a bit like a marshmallow.

Napoleon Perdis is one of the leading makeup artists in Australia and he is taking his talent and love of cosmetics all around the world! Napoleon is very passionate about his profession and it shows. If you have ever seen him on television or read about him in a fashion magazine, you can't help but notice his liveliness and abundant energy.

I feel so lucky to take a peek at these wonderful products. The best makeup comes from artists who have created their own line because they know what works. Napoleon features hints and tips right on each box to help us create a truly magnificent face. I love the China Doll line and the packaging is so pretty with cherry blossoms on the inside of each box. Be sure to check out the links I've provided, Napoleon's site is so easy to navigate, one of the very best I've been on.

If you are anything like me- a true makeup lover- then you will take your time looking at this line and experimenting with all the products and colors and tools. I am especially interested in checking out the Loose Dust and Madame Beyond mascara and the DeVine Goddess lipstick. And I think Santa should definitely put this under the tree for me!

Monday, December 11, 2006

What a Girl Wants

Aside from peace on earth, jeans that fit perfectly and designer shoes, what do the hottest beauty bloggers want right now? Keep in mind, these ladies are experts in the field of all things beauty. Some of whom have access to the best products on the market, or some who have had the good fortune to test numerous brands of cosmetics, perfume, hair and skin care.

Just what do you get for the girl who seems to have everything? Here are a few hints, tips and clues as to what beauty bloggers want right now....

Ellen from Lipstick, Powder n’Paint doesn't want much, just a little something from Tiffany's and a Coach bag filled with makeup! Oh and a couple other things...

Stila Perfectly Kitten

Stila Winter Palette - Glacier Ice

Principessa Delizia Mia Sugar Polish

Tiffany round tag screwball key ring from the Return to Tiffany™ collection

Chanel Allure Sensuelle - mine is almost gone

L'Occitane Lavender Pure Shea Butter

A Power Facial from my fav spa - Beverly's The Spa On 4th

The Best of Benefit Kit

LiftFusion Micro-Injected M-Tox Transdermal Eye Lift

Coach Soho Leather XL Hobo bag

Sarah at Mystical Beauty's Musings,

Pharaoh’s Mistress Perfume Oil from Fyrinnae. According to their site it’s a “sensual, feminine blend that defies description, but does not consist of florals or heavy musk. This was our top seller in the summer of 2005.”

Urban Decay Urban Ammo Eye Palette featuring Smog (deep coppery bronze), Maui Wowie (sandy sheen), Mildew (shimmering metallic green), Shattered (bright iridescent aquamarine), Oil Slick (black with rainbow glitter), Polyester Bride (sheer white shimmer), Last Call (iridescent plummy purple), Grifter (sparkling pale purple), Chopper (shimmering fawn with glitter), and Sin (light shimmering champagne) eyeshadows.

5 Eye Brushes from MAC Cosmetics, which of course features 5 MAC eye brushes.
Unfortunately it’s sold out!

And theAnd the Prescriptives Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara Duo As ususal, I was watching QVC…

Christina from ebeautydaily wants the coveted Zeno Zit Zapper, I would love to get this too because at this age, one should not have to deal with pimples!

Zeno zit zapper

Armani Code body cream

London Locks hair extensions

Gift certificate to Sephora!

Refill brushes for my Clarisonic skin care brush

DuWop gray smoky eyes palette (the purple palette would be marvelous too!)

Creme de la Mer

Wacom Graphire tablet (had to throw in one geeky thing to remind my hubby!)

Lianne, the Makeup Girl is pining for Bond No. 9 just like I am. Except I want the big bottle!

The Bond 9 swarovski pocket spray box. Gorgeous little portable spray with black sparkly swarovski stones! Contains chinatown chelsea flowers and eau de new love love it! $195

The other fragrance I love is Philosophy's Amazing Grace. Its such a clean fresh scent, perfect for everyday. There is a gift set at sephora called the Amazing Grace Layering Set. It contains the fragrance, 3-in-one shampoo and shimmer body lotion.

My new favorite cosmetic line Becca has a gift set that I have had my eye on.... Comes with everything you need for a stunning holiday look. Becca Hypnotise Gift set from Sephora

Lancome juicy tubes ultra shiny lipgloss set....I look forward to this set every year because the colors are always different!

Beautynomics Etc , I think she might be a fan of mineral makeup- just a feeling ...

A whole set of Kerastase Reflection hair care system

Hey miss dollface, what was the quick whitening system you mentioned in your blog? i want that :) SUPERSMILE!

Estee Lauder Pleasures

The whole Bare Escentuals collection

A Mineral Makeup Mine composed of all the mineral makeup in the world - esp. Monave, Valerie Beauty (Cover Deluxe and Satin Sun, I LOVE YOU! ), Pure Luxe, and oh, Jane Iredale!

Nu Skin Polishing Peel

100 boxes of G3 drink from Pharmanex

T3 Tourmaline Hair Iron

And last, here is the list from Hello Dollface aka me:

Dior makeup

Marilyn Monroe photo book by Bert Stern

Christian Louboutin shoes

slimmer thighs

for my book to be a bestseller

Phyto hair products to make my hair big

Nars Lipstick in Roman Holiday

Fresh lipgloss

Baby Grace perfume from Philosophy

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Take Note: Good stuff!

I would love to try more of T. Le Clerc's products. This brand has a good reputation and I really liked what I've tried so far which is the nail polish and lipstick. I tested the shade of Tulle, a pinky-mauve that is light enough for my lips to garner a permanent spot in my makeup bag.

I've mentioned before that I don't like dark colors on myself because not only do I have puffy, biggish lips but they dark in color naturally and any dark shades just make my lips JUMP OUT. Anyway, the T. Le Clerc lipstick is gorgeous, just look at the elegant silver case (above). It's smooth, creamy, doesn't crack or smudge or smell weird or feel waxy. It's a totally high end lipstick. It offers a slight gloss which feels nourishing to my lips.

I had the opportunity to try out some J.F. Lazartigue hair care samples and now I wish for the full sizes. I love this pre-shampoo cream with shea butter. Sort of a prep for the big wash.

It's thick and conditioning. You are supposed to leave it on for two hours but I left it on for ...well, less than two hours and I thought it was a brilliant idea. My dry, damaged, color treated, thin, limp, split-ended tresses need lots of TLC! This brand has tons of goodies so be sure to pop over to the site and check the products.

I'm excited about Nature Pure because this brand uses natural ingredients which we all know is best for our delicate skin.

This is what the site says, "Nature Pure Labs is the leading North American Company, which takes advantage of the unique power of a Siberian plant (Hippophae) in skin care. Nature Pure's products incorporate the latest American scientific research with the traditional east European and west Siberian natural additives used for many centuries for skin beautification. The company's complete line of skin care products includes care for all types of skin."

I tested the Acne Treatment Serum. I don't have terrible eruptions of acne any more but the stray pimple now and then is enough to drive me to the medicine cabinet for my little tool that helps pick away at pimples and blackheads. I also have a 10X magnifying mirror which provides hours of fun. Instead of treating my skin like an archaeological dig, I can now dab a little of this serum on and feel confident that my pimple will gently fade away without scabs or scars. I know, its so embarrassing to be this age and still getting zits! Arghh.

This product is in a glass bottle with a pump, you only need a tiny bit to cover a pimple or oily patch of skin. I like it much more than harsher products you find at the drugstore. This serum is gentle but gets the job done without over -drying the skin. Where was this during my acne riddled teenage years? It has a faint medicinal smell that is not bad at all, it absorbs quickly without being sticky. Using this product will mostly likely rid you of a pimple within a few days. I use it on my nose because I get pesky blackheads. I would love to use more products from this line in the future.

The Immortelle flower doesn't wither or wilt even after being picked. L'Occitane uses this lovely ingredient in their Immortelle line. I went into a L'Occitane store to pick up some Rose lotion (a four star lotion with a heavenly scent, by the way) and the girl at the counter had such beautiful skin, I had to ask what she used.

"I use Immortelle Precious Fluid every day," she said. Of course I had to get my hands on this, stat! I started using the Precious Fluid and Eye Balm. Ahhhhh, it's wonderful. It's very moisturizing and boasts improved firmness, visible "lifting" and smoother skin. I can attest to it making my skin look prettier and more even after the first application.

The Immortelle Eye Balm is infused with Immortelle essential oil and is highly moisturizing and gentle to the eyes. It is an unscented product that de-puffs the eye area and I had no problems or irritations with it. My eyes are pretty sensitive so I do have to be careful. I just love L'Occitane , especially the Immortelle products I have been lucky enough to try. I'm still a huge fan of their eye makeup remover and you cannot go wrong using this line of skincare.

I want to mention my ISO Bouncy Curl Definer, a waxy paste for curly hair. Sometimes I straighten my hair, other times I make it as curly as I can depending on my mood and how much time I have. I love the curl boosting products on the market. On damp hair, you simply scrunch a small amount of this product into your hair and thats it. Blow dry or whatever you do and you will notice those curls have a little extra bounce. It's true. Since you use such a small amount of this, it will last a long time. Now I want to try the whole ISO line. I am always on the look out for awesome hair care!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Holiday treats from Azalea Online

Azalea Online is offering an extension on their popular Skyn Iceland deal and now added to the holiday shopping mix is a free gentle cleansing milk when you purchase a Stem moisturizer. There's a big buzz around the hot new brand, Stem. Recently featured in a few major magazines, this is an organic line with eco-friendly ingredients that will take gentle care of your skin. I can't wait to try it!

Click here for more information!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Sharon Bolton hit it out of the ballpark with this luxurious scent. It's called Luv and you can buy the shower gel, lotion and perfume to layer on this fragrance.

Imagine yourself on an island enveloped in the warm ocean breezes, breathing in the gentle aroma of gardenias, creamy vanilla and island flowers. That's the scent of this incredible potion! I get more compliments than I can count when I wear this. My perfume is almost gone and I want more asap! One of the best floral perfumes on the market by far. I used to wear a very well known gardenia perfume but once I took a sniff of this, I become a dedicated fan. How she blends the smell of the ocean with the flowers, I don't know. It's like a wonder of the world. I don't question it, I just enjoy it!

Mark Body Butter in Lemon Sugar is probably the most delicious body butter because not only does it smell great, but it tastes great too...ha! I was just checking to see if you were paying attention. It smells like sweet lemon frosting and feels like...better than..I can't describe it. Completely softens skin and leaves a lemony scent behind but it's not over powering or at all like Lemon Pledge.

The consistency is just like melted butter and it absorbs quickly. In the harsh winter months, you need to apply something like this to stave off dry, cracked, flaking skin. Apply daily!

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask is beyond words. It's remarkable. Apply the lotion to your face and within minutes, a bubbling sensation begins. Seconds later, the bubbles almost tickle you, like your skin is getting clean from the outside in. It might appear that you have shaving cream on your face- the lotion becomes foamy but then settles down. It only takes five minutes and then you wash it off to uncover GLOWING skin. Radiant. Gorgeous. I only wish there was a moisturizer that went with it. You are supposed to only use it three times a week but will I get in trouble if I use it more than that? I...can't....stop....

Bliss is a world renowed (I wouldn't be opposed to a day at the Bliss Spa in Santa Monica, hint hint, Santa!) spa and their facials are the best, so I hear from friends. If you cannot make it to the spa then by all means, get this mask for yourself. It's so popular that it is back-ordered at the moment, so get it soon and enjoy a post-holiday gift!

Cake Beauty
has the most outstanding hand care products. The above set is available online and it would make a fantastic gift for yourself or someone you love. Really, you should get it for yourself. Sneak a little something in the house for YOU. I reviewed these products a while ago and keep coming back to them.

The Milk Made Hand and Cuticle Buffer gently exfoliates and soothes with sugar and coconut oil, while the shea butter and milk in the Velveteen Hand Creme keeps your hands feeling like cashmere mittens. Okay, that's stretching it but your hands will feel soft and smooth and the smell of this product has me seriously addicted.

Kevin Aucoin Expert Lip Tint

Kevyn Aucoin is a person who died well before his time was up. He left a legacy through his outstanding work and his products.

I wanted to try just about everything the Kevyn Aucoin brand creates and managed to test out this lipstick called Expert Lip Tint. I just love my lip products! Always searching for the ideal pink color, I chose a shade named Falon, described as 'Baby Pink'.

On me the shade was more like an coral-pink and I toned it down just a bit with light pink gloss which I always carry with me. The integrity of the product is, in one word, awesome. I wish every lipstick was the same consistency! Ultra creamy and high quality, it feels super nourishing on the lips.

Based on this single product, I would love to try more of Kevyn's makeup. I hear great things about the Sensual Skin Primer and Enchancer. And if you haven't already, you need to look through his books which show what a talented man he was!

Skin Alison Raffaele

Have you heard of Skin Alison Raffaele? This is a great brand sold sold here (as well as fine beauty boutiques nationwide) with outstanding products, most notably the True Concealer. The products are simply packaged with white bottles and tubes with pale purple tops and a little flower motif. I am so lucky- I got to test several products and now, beautiful girls, I report my findings to you!

True Concealer is a light-weight concealor with medium coverage. What I liked about this product was that it blended well especially if you use your fingers. It is enriched with aloe and vitamins A, C and E which is an added benefit. It's truly wonderful, blends well and doesn't settle into lines or crease.

Light Shadow is a cream shadow that is housed in a tube. I recommend squirting a tiny bit out and applying with a brush. Shake this up a bit before you use and it will go on smoothly. I tested Early Evening, a neutral gray-brown which went really well with the Soft Eyeshadow. I tried Butter which is a nude color and an excellent base. Butter is a pale yellow (what other color would it be with that name?) that is pretty enough on it's own. You can use this wet or dry. I just dabbed it on with a finger right across my lids. Of course, more professional gals would use a brush but for my non-professional purposes, a finger worked just fine.

Mineral Powder Foundation is super light-weight. It gives skin a soft quality, etheral and angel-like. This product reduced the appearence of my fine lines and gave matte coverage but not like a kabuki mask. If you like mineral powder, then give this one a look. I know many people love love love mineral foundations. I used this by itself and also over my full face makeup.

Finally, we have this neat product called Inner Glow. The shade I tried is Glamorous.I love that name! Inner Glow is a water- based gel blush that comes in a variety of colors. Glamorous is sheer gold-pink with a hint of sparkle. Your skin will glow when you wear this over your cheeks, on your decollete, or even over lipstick. Inner Glow gives a bit of texture to the face and in the right light, will create a dazzling effect. You could use this all over your body making this product very versatile. It's like the grown up and more subdued version of body glitter.

Head over to Skin Alison Raffaele right now and check out all the products. This is a high quality line which offers lots of brushes that look soft and sturdy and many more items. The Flawless Skin Essentials Kit looks just right for the girl on the go. I want to try the Lipskins and Reality Base next!