Monday, January 29, 2007

Clarisonic Skincare Brush

I was so disappointed to find nary a gift under the tree for me this past Christmas. So it was as if Santa himself dropped off a late present for me when I received the Clarisonic Skincare Brush a few weeks ago. My hands trembled as I tore away the packaging to find this facial-at-home kit just for moi! Between you and me, this is even better than anything my husband could have picked out for me!

I have read many fabulous reviews in magazines and have heard people raving about this brush. I've been wanting one forever! As I have mentioned many times before, as I get older I am taking skincare very seriously. I don't want to be tan, I don't want to pile on the makeup to hide my age. Right now the best look is a fresh face, clear skin and a glowing complexion.

The brush, developed by the people who brought you the famous Sonicare toothbrush, is a hand-held device. When you are ready to recharge- every thirty uses- it is quick and easy to set the brush the charger and thats it. Before you use the brush, you must charge it. When it's ready, the light will blink (all the how-to stuff is explained in the instructions) and you are free to give your face a cleaning and remove all traces of dirt and oil from your pores.

The brush will beep after about ten seconds so you can spend equal time on various parts of your face. Moving the brush around in small circles, the bristles rotate and spin at a "sonic frequency", cleaning your skin, sloughing off old cells to reveal a healthier complexion. I read that many aestheticians use these very brushes in their offices, that's how amazing this product is! Yet it is very gentle and can be used twice a day. Its easy to use, portable, simple to clean, you can take it in the shower with you, use whatever cleanser you like with it and it delivers results. I might just become addicted to using it like I am to this little tool.

The Clarisonic Brush has lived up to my expectations and has a permanent spot near my sink in the bathroom. In fact, it's towards the end of the day- I think I'm going to go buff my skin right this very minute. For more information, please click on this link.

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Blogger The Beauty Maven said...

It's cool, right? Check out this video review of the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush I just did for ShopWiki!

Here's the link:

3:31 PM  
Anonymous imdennycrane said...

I love mine! Make sure you fill out the warranty card - in a month or two they'll mail you a survey card that is good for one free brush head!

I don't use the Clarisonic cleanser - I love my good old Aveeno cleanser. Wonderful product - glad you're enjoying yours!

11:02 PM  
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