Tuesday, January 30, 2007

ISO Bouncy Curls

I do not want curls like this.

Yeah, now we're talking!

Thank goodness for curl enhancing products like
ISO Bouncy Cleanse and Bouncy Condition

I am always searching for products that will give my hair ultra oomph! My fine tresses are not quite wavy, but not really straight. I've said it many times before- I have hair like a male rock star from a hair band during the 1980's. Poison anyone? How about some Warrant? I think I just discovered my next Halloween costume.

Each day I either straighten my hair or make it go curly. Until the last year or so, the curls only came out through finger numbing scrunching and then lots of hairspray. But now there are lots of products for hopeless hair like mine, transforming piles of frizz into actual curls!

ISO Bouncy Cleanse and Condition is a shampoo and conditioner that will enhance those waves, making them into pretty curls. I used the products this morning and received some compliments when I went out today. These ISO products are fabulous, they smell good, lather up nicely, rinse out completely and assist in coaxing the hair into curls. I would guess that if you have waves like mine or permed hair then these would be great products to use.

ISO also offers a Bouncy spray and Creme for curly haired chicas as well as products for Daily care, Color Preserve and more. Check it out, lovely ladies! Its nice to know that no matter what hair you were born with, you can find products to get the hair you want.

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