Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Julie Hewett

I could probably go on and on about Julie Hewett and her many accomplishments. She is a enormously successful movie makeup artist as well as the creator of the Julie Hewett line of high- end cosmetics. Her line evokes an elegant glamour which was so ripe back in the days of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Greta Garbo. Those ladies knew how to dress up and be sophisticated. Julie has made up the faces of practically every celebrity including but not limited to Liv Tyler, Annette Bening, Hilary Swank and Mandy Moore. All of them classy in my book.

When I woke up this morning, I needed a boost. I felt drab and not very attractive. I pulled out my Julie Hewett makeup and only using her products, I ended up being quite the glamour girl! Hours later, everything is still in place. I really did feel better after a shower, clean hair and Julie Hewett cosmetics.

The Bud of Rose powder box is at first glance, bright. I was nevous that I might end up with the dreaded clown cheeks but I was relieved that this burst of spring color is a lovely pink shade that woke up my tired skin. Now I absolutely want to try the Pure Persian Rosewater and rose scented mascara.

The Soiree Palette contains four pressed eyeshadows that are ultra soft and silky. I used an angled brush to apply the black color to my lash line instead of eyeliner. All the colors are super blendable, the thin palette is easy to carry around with you for touch ups too. The colors include Remy- a light gold, Lucca- nude, Terra- bronze and Black Chandelier.

When Julie was on the set of the film Pearl Harbor, she was inspired to develop a line of red lipsticks that every woman could wear. If you have ever tried to find a good red, then you know it's a challenge. The Noir Collection was invented on the set right alongside Kate Beckinsdale. Everyone should have a classic red in her makeup kit! Julie uses a Camellia oil base which creates a natural texture, then adds rosebud and orange blossom oil to make the lipstick smell heavenly. The result is the ideal lipstick, perfect for everyday or special occasions. I want to be bold and wear signature red like Marilyn all the time, even when I'm only running to the store.
I tried Gem Noir described as "rosy cheeks in the snow" and my lips looked beautiful! I will be keeping this close at hand along with a strip of false eyelashes for the ultimate glam look.

Julie's Icons of Beauty line recently added the shade called Thandie, after actress Thandie Newton. I'd love a shade named after me, Cindy. It would be pale pink with a shimmery tint and lots of shine, but I digress! Thandie is a reddish-bronze hue. The lipstick is creamy and smells gorgeous.

I think you will really like Julie Hewett's line of cosmetics. I often read about her products in magazines and am happy to test them and report back to you, I love them! If I had a line of cosmetics, it would be very smiliar to Julie Hewett's, full of old fashioned beauty and glamour.

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Our thoughts are with you during this hard time. Please keep us updated!!!

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