Saturday, May 26, 2007

Candle in the Wind

Okay, a couple of things. First, I would love to add candles to my round- up of beauty reviews. Candles set a mood, they lift the spirits and improve the scent of the room, obviously. Candles are sexy and candle light is flattering to everyone.

Second, I am at this very minute writing a book with elements of Marilyn Monroe in it. Several times I've turned on my car radio to hear that Elton John Candle in the Wind song. It's a reminder that I need to finish up my novel, the sequel to A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss.

Sharon Bolton's Luv scent is one of my favorite perfumes ever. How she gets that essence of the ocean along with tropical flowers all blended together in one perfect perfume, I don't know. I do know that I love it and when I wear it, people ask me what perfume I have on. Friends stand close so they can breathe in the heavenly scent and I walk around smelling my own wrists where I've applied it. I wish it came in an enormous spray bottle so I could go around spraying it everywhere, even on my dogs and kids.

Now Sharon has come out with a soy candles in the scents of Luv, Truth and Soul. All her fragrances are dreamy. Delicious. The candles in those very same scents are incredible. I leave mine in the bathroom so I can use my Luv body wash, lotion and perfume while breathing in the scent of the candle and have a very sensory experience. If you are a candle addict, this is one that you MUST get. I'm never bossy about what to buy, I only write about what I like but right now I'm telling you to head over to Sharon Bolton Scents and buy a candle or too along with some perfume.

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