Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Napoleon Perdis Opens Hollywood Boutique!

Tiffany, scantily clad model, Cindy



front entrance

tan face, big happy smile- Mr. Napoleon Perdis

I was lucky to score an invite to the opening of the Napoleon Perdis store and school in Hollywood last night. There was a red carpet rolled out for all the guests and although I’ve never walked a red carpet, I now believe that I should always strut on one where ever I go. Ha ha! Lights, cameras, news crews, I felt like I was living a dream.

If you don’t know this makeup dynamo, Napoleon is a celebrity makeup artist who paints the faces of celebrities and models. He makes up the gorgeous people like Teri Hatcher and Evangeline Lilly. Framed photographs of Napoleon and his muses line the white walled hallways. There is a VIP room, a room to receive massages, a classroom, and a boutique in this 4,000 square ft. flagship store.

Everything is ultra glam, bright, modern and clean, sparkling and fresh. A satin pink couch sits next two cheetah print stools and a zebra rug. A marble topped table is home to a multi-faced sculpture while overhead a twinkling chandelier gives the room a glow. In another room, a Dj spun some tunes and in opposite corners were two male models on pedestals wearing only the tiniest of white briefs. They were there to model Napoleon’s summer line of products. More than anything, I dug their black nail polish, matching my own! A gorgeous Geisha girl was made up in another corner of the store.

Waiters brandishing drink trays worked the room offering sugar rimmed mojitos, my favorite drink du jour. I quietly sipped my drink, taking in the bright, lacquered atmosphere. I could get used to being a guest at these kinds of events! I like to stand quietly watching people and reveling in the moment. I’m a small town Jersey girl who is easily thrilled by the flash of Hollywood so I never take anything for granted.

Like I’ve said before, when you are in Los Angeles, especially at an event, everyone is checking everyone out, seeing if they are some kind of celebrity, model or star. Many times celebrities are totally unrecognizable without their makeup and special lighting. I did manage to identify a few people but wasn’t bold enough to strike up a conversation. Maybe a few more mojitos and I would have!

Napoleon is like this larger than life kind of person who exudes charisma! You could pick him out of a crowd. Dressed in all black with extremely pointy toed boots, he is very tan and shiny. He’s a master with the makeup - and his line is awesome, if you haven’t tried it you must! If I had to pick one product for you to try, it would be the lip gloss which gives lips an incredible sexy shine. Napoleon is a regular in high fashion magazines and television and judging by last night’s crowd he is quite popular with all kinds of people from writers to models to actresses.

Famous faces at the event included supermodel Beverly Johnson, Catt Sadler, Kelly Hu, Sasha Cohen, Kimberly Elise, Kat Von D, Melissa George, and PR guru Susan Blond. For more on Napoleon and his line of cosmetics, click here.

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