Saturday, May 12, 2007

Skin Alison Raffaele Soft Gloss

Skin Alison Raffaele is one of my new favorite brands. The products are consistently high quality with a fabulous, flattering range of colors to chose from. I recently tested her Soft Gloss and Soft Gloss Volumizing. I love lip colors and am addicted to glosses. I collect them like some people collect stamps or coins!

Both glosses have a terrific texture that is not tacky or sticky, simply a soft coating of shine on the lips. The Soft Glosses have a sweet vanilla smell but I couldn't detect a scent from the Volumizing Gloss.

Even though I have full lips, I still want to look exactly like Angelina Jolie and I liberally use the Voluming Gloss which plumps the lips with no stinging or tingling or unpleasant side effects.
You can read more on Skin Alison Raffaele's site to learn more or order products. She has a very good reputation with awesome high coverage foundations and concealers.

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