Friday, May 04, 2007

Summer beauty with Dior

Oh how...


I have yet to meet a Dior lipgloss, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, that I didn't absolutely love. Dior's products are a wonderful quality and the lipglosses are divine. I'm addicted. These are my "special occasion" items.

Dior is offering their limited editon Sun Couture Palette for eyes and lips. Sweep a fluffy brush across the band of summery colors and create a sun-kissed face. A little on the cheeks, forehead and a gentle swipe on the bridge of your nose is all you need for a slightly bronzed, just- spent- all- day- at- the -beach look. The palette also has a lip balm that is a bronze-red color.
Have you tried Dior Addict lipstick? Well, you must. Their Ultra Shine lipstick is so moist, creamy and light, its really ideal. To complete the sun kissed look, try no. 422 Ultra Brunette. This sheer color gives lips just a hint of color and sparkle with high shine.

Love love love Dior Kiss! This tube of lipgloss offers incredible shin. With this product you get sexy lips resplendent in sheer color! no. 468 Strawberry Tartlet is a burst of berry color which I love. It's not overwhelmingly bright, it's sheer, it smells like strawberries and makes your lips kissably pink. Nourishing and lip plumping, you can toss this in your purse and use it alone or over lipstick all day long.

The 5 Couleur Eye Palette in no. 440 Sunset Cafe is all you need. Mix and match colors. Get creative. You have your base color, highlighter, crease color...everything for sophisticated, summery eyes. Rich, soft shades will bring out the best in your face. My blue eyes look brighter with the bronze color but brown or green eyes will shimmer with this palette too.

I noticed metallic colors in the fashion magazine recently and here is Diors answer to a hip trend: their Waterproof Eyeliner in 064, Metallic Chic. This silver pencil has a smooth texture that will glide across your lashline giving your eyes an edgy, funky look. One end is the pencil, the other end is a foam tip to blend or smudge the color. I love this pencil paired with the Strawberry Tartlet gloss and a pink cheek.

As always, the products are totally high in quality and smooth and nourishing and lovely and each time I go on their site, I find more things that I want or convince myself I need.
Viva Dior!

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