Friday, June 08, 2007


Colore Science Cosmetics blends the line between cosmetics and skincare with their mineral makeup. I've not always had luck with mineral makeup although many girls rave about the power of minerals. I have to rave about this line though. I'm so happy with the products I tested that I'm making a list of other items I want to try like The Smoothster and The Corrector.

I started the day with a pore and line reducing primer called Line Tamer. I used the size of a dime and had enough for my face, carefully blending this pale yellow cream which hides any skin discoloration. I let it sink in for a few minutes and then used the Pressed Mineral Pigment. This cool compact has a hidden sponge under the powder along with a mirror. I gently patted it on all over my face, very slowly, trying to hide those pores that I detest. After that, I powdered my cheeks with Suncanny Face Colore with the retractable dispensing brush in the shade of My Lil Pumpkin. It's a blush and a brush all in one! The Pumpkin color is more of a tan shade that can be used as a bronzer.

I finished my morning makeup routine off with Sunforgettable Dispensing Brush SPF30 lightly dabbing it all over my face. Done with my sun protection for the day! On my neck and chest, I rolled on the Sunforgettable Rock and Roller Ball, a shimmery powder that leaves behind a SPF of 30 without a mess. Applying this is so easy! Since this product has no scent, you can still apply a perfume without having undertones of a sunscreen smell.

Genie Sparkle Colore is a fancy little pot of eyeshadow but is applied with a small pointed brush like a liquid liner. It's a mineral powder for the eye adding a hint of bronze color (Glisten to Me) above or below the eye. Star White, Star Bright is a pale neutral shade that you can apply to the inner and outer corners for a eye brightening effect.

I highly recommend Colorescience. I love the products with the SPF built in. I hate the greasy, oil clogging feeling of sunscreen on my face so the powder form is ideal. I am hard to please when it comes to foundations and face powders but I'm going to be carrying around the Pressed Mineral Pigment in my purse all the time for touch ups.

Why not give this brand a try? Here is the link for information and more products.

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