Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Beauty Interview with Jean Godfrey-June of Lucky Magazine

Jean and I are so much alike!
We both have published books...

...and share an admiration of Kate Moss. We write about beauty and are both mothers.
Jean and I could be twins! Well, maybe not really.

Jean Godfrey-June must have one of the best jobs in the world. She tests beauty products and gets paid to write about them in Lucky Magazine. I have been a loyal Lucky subscriber since the day the magazine hit the news stands. Each month I flip to June's column to see what amazing new products she is recommending. When her book Free Gift With Purchase came out, you better believe I read it cover to cover.

I asked Jean to answer some questions for Hello Dollface. I mean, who better to interview than a beauty insider like Jean, a believer in self tanning lotion and fellow Kate Moss fan?

Who is your favorite beauty icon?

Kate Moss is the all-time gorgeous one, I think. For style, though, I do love a Joan Dideon.

If you had to only use one cosmetic brand for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

My shower would be full of items from Fresh. I don’t think there’s a product they make that I actually dislike. For makeup—Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown. But I’d cheat. And I’d have to have Lancome self-tanner,Cover Girl mascara . . . Fidelity is really not my strong point in this arena.

In your opinion, what is true beauty?

You know it when you see it.

Do you have any beauty related hints, tips or secrets you can share?

*Pat—don’t rub—your concealer. Especially for undereye circles, put thick concealer on ONLY where the dark part is; dab it on with a brush. Then pat with your finger until it disappears. it will seem like it’s not going to disappear, but persevere and you will get what my friend calls “The Heather Locklear”. You know, how the skin under her eyes is seamlessly, precisely the same as the skin over her cheekbones? The patting thing doesn’t get me there, but I do look much, much more awake.

*If people tell me I look tired, I slather on self-tanner. If I know I’m going bathing-suit shopping, I really slather on the self tanner.

*Before slathering on self-tanner, I put cream or lotion all over my feet, which prevents the streaked-foot syndrome that so many of us fall prey to.

*If you’re having a bad hair day, a little John Freida Secret Weapon on the ends makes almost anyone’s hair look better.

*If you’re having a bad skin day, Fresh Umbrian Clay (the tube, not the bar, which falls apart) really, really gets rid of breakouts—use it as an overnight spot treatment and you will be amazed.

*The 4pm I’m-hungry-and-I-look-like-hell can be partially addressed with the face oil from Stella McCartney. The whole line is fantastic, but the oil is instantly transformative.

If beauty is only skin-deep, what would we find if we looked a little deeper into Jean Godfrey-June?

If my skin were a little more beautiful, perhaps I could get beyond it to what’s beneath!

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Blogger Julia said...

Hi, I have a completely random question: I'm being forced to go on a 3-day camping trip. No showers, no nothing. What beauty tips/tricks do you have for staying fresh? (I also have brow-skimming bangs, which tend to get a little oily. I've heard of powder that helps absorb hair oil . . . where do I get that, if you know?)

Thanks soo much!

9:16 PM  
Blogger Distressed Jeans said...

Ummm...powdered shampoo- I think Oscar Blandi makes some. Plus face wipes to keep your face clean, cheek stain to keep your cheeks looking rosy, lip gloss, sunscreen, baby wipes...I hope that helps!!

Oh and hats and hair bands!

3:14 PM  
Blogger karen, said...

[...] Beauty Interview with Jean Godfrey-June of Lucky Magazine![...]

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bumble and Bumble makes a powder shampoo that comes in colors (brunette, blonde, red) or colorless.

I second the baby wipes!

Here's a link to products under "dry shampoo":

10:31 PM  
Anonymous mens wool coat said...

Nice leather jacket, she also try dinner jackets?

1:39 AM  

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