Friday, September 07, 2007


Yes I love my cosmetics and nail polish and perfumes. But what I also love is exercising. I hate running and am not a big fan of sweating so if I can get a workout done with minimal perspiration but maximum results, it's a success.

I recently learned about Fluidity and I'd love to give it a try. This is a graceful workout, resulting in a dancer's fit, lean body with toned arms and legs. I so want this especially because you can fold it up when you're done and hide it somewhere unlike a bulky ellipitical trainer which is parked next to my bed, oh how beautiful that looks! Fluidity is much cheaper than a treadmill or gym membership so if you are keeping cost in mind, consider that.

Here is some information about this workout:

Each Fluidity workout (regardless of its level of difficulty) is based on a series of slow, controlled movements that utilize your own body weight for resistance. All exercises are done while gripping the Fluidity Bar, as it provides balance and engages the muscles of the upper body. A typical Fluidity workout includes leg lifts, seat work (i.e. focusing on one’s backside), ballet stretches, bar hanging (to stretch and strengthen the arms), pull-ups and arm extensions (utilizing the resistance bands). Each exercise is designed to engage all muscles at the same time, meaning you get a workout that is not only time efficient, but that yields even, proportionate results without unnecessary strain.

I always like to stretch at a ballet bar and with Fluidity you get your workout like a professional ballerina. Dancers always have gorgeous legs, don't they?
It's fun to mix up your workout with a few different types of routines. For example, you could walk a few days a week, add in a couple Fluidity workouts, do some light weights and there you go. Doesn't that sound much less painful than an hour long jog? You can learn more about Fluidity by visiting the website here. I think I know what I'm asking Santa for when the holidays roll around!

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