Friday, September 07, 2007

MAC Smoke Signals

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I adore smoky eyes with pale lips. I have my day- old smudged eyeliner look with black nails and light lips as my every day makeup and in my own mind I am Kate Moss minus Pete Doherty. All skinny hips (I wish!) and tight pants (too tight for my age) and ballet flats with some kind of funky necklace around my neck, thats me. But the black eyeliner is the crux of the look and believe me when I tell you that I have every black from every brand on the market.

Because MAC is either constantly on the cutting edge of all beauty trends or setting the trends, they have a fabulous collection called Smoke Signals. I think every single color in this collection is out of this world. Images of smoke filled night clubs, tight velvet dresses and sexy cocktails in fancy glasses come to mind.

Let's start with the nail polishes, shall we? Nocturnelle is what's on my toenails this minute. Deep rich black, creamy and longlasting. I started wearing black this summer and am addicted.
Wildfire is black with red pearl. Short, super dark nails is what's hot this fall, trust me. Please, please ladies, forgo the long plastic tips from the beauty salon. That look is very shoulder pads, Dynasty, mink turban from the late 80's and acrylic nails need to be banished along with dark lipliner and frosted lipstick.

Kohl Powder eyeliner comes in Orpheus, a black color with gold highlights. You will know me by the Orpheus on my eyes and the Nocturnelle on my nails this fall! Raven is a blackish-purple and its beautiful.

There are two blushes to warm up the face, not that you need much to compliment the smoky eye. Ablaze is a coral rose, a darker color maybe for darker complexions. Emote is a pale brown. Use these for a hint of color!

I know these are going to be a smash hit with my fellow glamour girls out there, the Eye Shadow X4. Smoking Eyes features shades of taupe, light gray, white with a tint of pink and blackish gold. Gentle Fume contains a light silver, inky black, blue-gray, gray with sparkle.

Pigments are so concentrated in color, if you haven't tried these you must. Pigments come in little jars and the color is so vivid and vibrant, you only need a tiny amount to make an impression. Silver Fog is totally versatile, its a metallic silver. Smoke Signal is a dark maroon and Dark Soul is a lot of fun...its deep, rich black with hints of gold. I would strongly recommend a good eyeshadow brush when you use these because you MUST BLEND well.

The lip products are always my favorite. I have puffy lips, not quite Angelina Jolie, more like Julia Roberts, and my lip color always has to be just right to not amplify what I have. Personally, I can't wear very dark colors but if you can then let me suggest you check out Burnin, a very rich dark burgandy- maroon lipstick. Brew is a soft creamy beige. Mellow Flame is a medium coral pink. Barely Lit is a frosty tannish-pink. Sparks Can Fly is a medium rose color. Once again, I wonder who these creative masterminds are who make up these names. Brilliant! I want to join the team and brainstorm on names!

Last, my favorite products in the world, Lipglass. I love lipglass for the colors, the texture, everything about it is great. You can layer over lipstick, wear it by itself, blend different shades...they fit in your pocket without making a big lump in your pants, put it in that little pocket that all purses have. Illicit is a neutral pink that I like over Barely Lit, Soft and Slow is medium rose with gold pearl. Bare Truth is a midtone caramel, Bizaarish is a deep burgandy with a slight frost.

And there you have it, another amazing creative collection from the expert minds at MAC. As usual, Im itching to find out what they are going to come out with next. For more info, head to the MAC website and check out the video!



Blogger Clea Simon said...

Followed your link from Caroline Leavitt's blog. I don't normally wear any makeup, but when I do - it's MAC. My new favorite serious all-time love is their dark gold/bronze-y metallic liquidfast liner. I think it's called Sol or Dark Sol. I'm a fair-skinned redhead with blonde blonde blonde lashes, so it all helps.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Distressed Jeans said...

I know, MAC is so awesome. I am loving their new eyeliner with the goldish tint to it. Like you Im fair skinned with light eyes and eyelashes so I like my eyes to be made up at all times!

6:47 PM  
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