Monday, October 01, 2007

Always elegant and lovely, Jo Malone scents

White Jasmine and Mint...doesn't that sound like a refreshing combination? Light jasmine touched with just a hint of fresh mint makes you feel like you are walking through a garden, it really does. Imagine a vibrant green garden made even more resplendent by an afternoon shower...a deep breath fills your senses with the purest fragrance.

The great thing about Jo Malone perfumes is that each one has a brilliant scent that is pure and uncomplicated. With Jasmine and Mint, you get lots of heady Jasmine with a spark of crisp Mint blended with white blossoms. It's a combination I never considered but one that works!

If Jasmine and Mint put you in a garden after the rain, then Vintage Gardenia will transport you to a Jane Austen novel where the heroine takes a stroll and plucks some gardenia to pin in her hair. This is strictly floral and very feminine. "Classic gardenia and tuberose are laced with cardamom, sandalwood, incense and myrrh."

Forget the cloying undertones that some colognes and perfumes seem to possess. Jo Malone is all about completely elegant scents that can be artfully layered to create your own signature blend. I keep reading about Mandarin Lime and Basil layered with Grapefruit, doesn't that sound heavenly? For more Jo Malone brilliance, click here.

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I love your blog! And this post is great! I'm crazy about scents, scents mood, feelings, so I've just enjoyed!Thanks!

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