Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bliss, Thinny Thin Chin

As we get older, unfortunately, the skin around our neck and under our chin gets thinner and loses elasticity. The only way to help that "turkey waddle" is to have surgery. Or use Thinny Thin Chin from Bliss. Leave it to Bliss to create a neat product like this and give it a fun name. I always love all the products from this brand- I am a repeat customer of Bliss.
This super skincare lotion will "act like a liquid bra for your v-zone", it will tighten a double chin and improve lines and crinkles, making them less noticeable.
This lemon scented lotion is absorbs quickly and will leave your skin feeling a tiny bit tighter but not in a bad way. I believe this is the kind of product that you need to be diligent in using to see results.
For more information and to check out everything else from Bliss, click here. I am praying for a nice visit to the Bliss Spa one of these days, I hear the experience is pure heaven!

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