Saturday, November 17, 2007

Celebrity Face Features Mix Up

Brad Pitt with Clay Aiken's hair,
Angelina Jolie is wearing Scarlett Johansson's hair and lips

Amy Winehouse with Scarlett Johansson's smile.

Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz's mouth, not too bad!

Britney with Angelina's mouth -

she did get her lips plumped recently, is this the look she was going for?

Cameron with the nose of Paris.
It wasnt too long ago when Cam got her nose job!

Olsen twins with Winehouse hives,
this doesnt look too out of the ordinary, does it?

Paris Hilton with the nose of Kate Moss, improvement isn't it?

Angelina Jolie wearing Amy Winehouse's lips, not too much of a change!

Scarlett Jo with Angelina's cats eyes.. eeek !

Nicole Richie with the nose of Paris Hilton

Angelina with "the Rachel".
I'd love to hear Angelina ask for that cut at the salon.



Blogger Yedid said...

i have a friend who i tell she looks like a combo of meg ryan and melanie griffith. if you could, take meg's face shape, and nose, put them with an early 90's melanie's eyes and mouth/smile, and hair. then put on some thin rim glasses . i believe you would have her exactly.

11:51 AM  

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