Monday, November 12, 2007

Daily Dollface

Posh is rumored to be carrying baby no. 4! You know what that means? Another nanny! One thing is certain, right now she is booking her plastic surgeon to do a post-baby tummy tuck. It's all the rage in Hollywood.

I've been looking for a vintage-inpsired leopard print coat for ages! Kate Moss has such style! I'm not sold on the bangs but she can do no wrong in my eyes. Except for dating Pete "crackhead" Doherty and snuffling up that coke. Other than that, perfection.

For a while I thought Natalie Portman was the most naturally pretty girl in the world. I got a little confused between her and Keira Knightley but I'm all straight on it now. I think Natalie, Keira and Winona Ryder should all play sisters, they are slightly different variations of the same face. Well, when Keira isn't smiling.

Vanessa Paradis, otherwise known as Mrs. Depp. When I was a teenager, I was convinced that Johnny Depp and I would someday marry, he was to be mine. I'm still waiting even though I imagine he smells like body odor and cigarettes. But for now Vanessa is with him, whatever. I really like her quirky beauty.

I have become a HUGE Tim Gunn fan. I tune in when I can to watch him on his Guide to Style show. I'm not so crazy about Veronica; I'm convinced I could do a much better job. We don't watch for her though, it's all about Tim and the sage advice he gives to fashionally retarded women who wear shirts that cut off their torso and capri pants that give the female form a stumpy, Oompa Loompa look. I've gleaned some valuable advice from Tim. Advice that I'd like to pass on to Jennifer Garner Foley Affleck. And that's this- the pretty yet slightly boxy and grandfatheresque cardigan is no place for an event outside of running to the grocery store when you can get away with wearing baggy jeans and Uggs.
I want to take down every shapeless, unflattering top from my closet and throw it away! Tailored, crisp, form fitting (not hoochie tight) works so much better than frumpy. Jen, I know we are like BFF what with being moms and everything, but a better sweater choice would be this one maybe even this one. And for sure I'd find a way to work these boots, which I'm lusting over, into the outfit.

as always, the photos come from Teddy & Moos Page, Ohnotheydidnt, Celebutopia and various online sources.

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Blogger Jessucka said...

Jennifer Garner is just so damn vanilla. I do dig Portman and used to get her confused with Kiera too.

9:59 AM  

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