Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Every time I see a photo of Ali Larter, I think to myself, "This girl has her makeup done by someone who knows what they are doing!" Her face is flawless with cosmetics that always highlight her skin. Bravo, Ali!

Steve O is hardly what I'd consider a dollface. Even when he bolted his butt cheeks together, I didn't find him remotely attractive. I was clomping around Robertson Blvd. on Saturday and there was a crowd of paparazzi's in front of white picket fence of The Ivy (as always, just in case someone famous is dining there). I was all excited.

"Who's there?" I asked, feeling the anxiety swell, was it someone completely fabulous like Jake and Reese? Was Kate Hudson there with Owen Wilson? Who? Who was it? Seal and Heidi? Catherine Zeta Jones?

"Steve-O is eating there," said one of photographers.

I felt decompressed, like a balloon with a slow leak. "Oh, forget it." I didn't even try to catch a glimpse!

I have a wedding to attend in a month and I'm wondering if lovely Rachel Weisz would loan me her dress. It's all kind of fabulous!

I've seen Melora Hardin in person a couple of times and she is gorgeoooooooooooooossss. I would pair the dress with a lighter, strappier shoe but she didn't ask my opinion.

Oh Felicity, you can do no wrong. Keri Russell really is a Dollface. So very pretty. I want to wake up one day and look exactly like her. Preferably soon. I'm not sold on the green shoe but who I am I to nitpick?

Kelly Ripa used to take her son to the same playground in New Jersey as I did. She shopped at the Grand Union (which is now Stop N' Shop) in Wyckoff, NJ. I know we would be BFF if given the chance. We have the same silly sense of humor and dyed blonde hair. What more does a friendship need?

Didn't you just LOVE Dana Delaney on China Beach? I'm thrilled to see her on Desperate Housewives but I'd like her stay away from the red-orange lipstick and try one with a blue tone instead.

NOT a Dollface! But Boy George does have a really nice shade of green eyeshadow on his lids and that's why I posted this. On you or I, the pearly green would give a mermaid- like look. I would try one of the shadows from MAC's McQueen Collection. Plus, that black nail polish could very well be from MAC. I looove a short, dark nail. But his golden, stained teeth make me weep.

Anne Hathaway is a cutie. I admire the deep purple shade of the dress which is so flattering to many women. And you should always match the dress to the carpet on which you are standing! I'm not a fan of those shoes, I believe it makes legs look stumpy.

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