Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Julianne Moore is so stunning. I'm glad she took my advice and went back to the red hair, did you see her with the blonde recently? I was like, "Jules, listen, you need to get back to the red. The blonde does nothing for you." After I showed her pictures of a bottle blonde Lindsay Lohan, she agreed that redheads should stay red.

Oh Elizabeth Hurley, I sure hope that fur is faux! I remember Nancy Kerrigan wearing the same floaty sequined number back in the early 90's.

Elle MacPherson doesn't age! This proves my theory that when you have money, you can afford subtle work here and there and no one will ever know. You haven't fooled me, Elle!

Aghh! Hold me! The clown is coming to get me! Christina, Christina! It's okay to not wear inches of thick makeup, skin is meant to breathe. Honestly, I wouldn't lie to you. That much makeup ages you so many years, you look like a cougar on the hunt for young meat. She could be any age from twenty five to fifty five. I rather see eye circles and pimples. Keep it natural, please!

No this isn't a twenty year old modeling autum wear for LLBean, this is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister Ali, the next one in the Lohan tribe to be a star. Does Jon Benet come to mind? Dude, she's been photoshopped and made up to look yeeeearrrrrssss older. Eeek.

Finally, a fresh face! I'm not a Simpson sisters fan but I will say that Ashlee looks lovely. Nicely blonded hair, natural makeup, Im not crazy about the black cape shirt thing but I'll overlook it.

Awesome crimson color of the dress! Marcia Gay Harden looks her age and I approve with two thumbs up. She isn't botoxed into looking like a Madame Tussaud's manniquin, I see fine lines and that's good. I see no wrinkles on the forehead so maybe she had a single shot of something or other but at least (I think) she can move her face.

Minnie Driver is so darn cute but is Verne Troyer in that bag? Damn its big enough to hold an Olsen twin. Does the dress remind anyone else of a mullet, you know- business in the front, party in the back?

Oh, the magic of photoshop! Renee Zellweger looks flawless on the cover of Harper's Bazaar! Do you ever wonder what you would look like on the cover of a magazine if you could be professionally made up then photoshopped? I wouldn't even have to show up to be photographed. I'd just hand over a picture and tell the retouchers to improve upon what's there. I know it would be a lot of work but think of the time and money saved on the photographers, setting, makeup artist, dresses and shoes and jewelry!

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Anonymous Anabela Duarte said...

Yep I agree with you on that one: photoshop makes miracles.
For example, sometimes I get people asking me to tone their best pics because of a double chin, a square jaw, lighter eyes, put more hair or take away that T-zone shine.
Though not everyone needs it (less than 16 and acne free girls)... its possible to reach the 30's without any facial wrinkles and skip photoshop.

Care should me more highlighted than make-up, but when all fails... thank Adobe for Photoshop!!!

4:00 PM  

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