Thursday, November 15, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Rachel Bilson reminds me of the snooty girl in highschool who was only
nice to you when she wanted your vote for prom queen.

Someone should tell Nicole Scherzinger (oh, change that name please!)
that her bra straps are showing! Bra straps are NOT an accessory to your outfit.

Karina from Dancing With The Stars got a nose job and Extra was there to capture it! Was that an early holiday gift from boyfriend Mario?

Its really great that the classic "Seinfeld Puffy Shirt" is still having an impact in fashion.

(above and below)

I always read her name as Hayden Panty-tears. Love the pose!
If I were a model (cough, cough) I'd vamp it up just like her.

Heather Graham is who I have chosen to play the movie

version of Barrett from my book.

Felicity Shagwell, do you accept this challenge?
If yes, then please change your lingerie frock.

Eva Shortgoria, your makeup artist needs a raise.
He is making you look gorgeous at every event lately.

You simply cannot find fault with Dita von Teese. You just can't so don't even try!

I adore Chloe Sevigny because she looks like the average woman, not a botoxed, pulled, injected, false boobied, stick thin, overly tanned, made up version of the Hollywood female.

Camilla's vs. Eva Green's hair. Is it feathers?
Real or fake? Emu or peacock?

Daniel Radcliffe is posing on the cover of a magazine in the pastel top and blazer combo this month, no kidding.
That was so popular during the Miami Vice heyday. Even I had a mint green blazer with shoulder pads and a flamingo pink shirt. Crockett, Tubbs... or Radcliffe?

images from Celebutopia, ohnotheydidnt, teddyandmoospage

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