Friday, November 16, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Say what you will about Pamela, but at least she's staying away from the botox needle. We just need to get her away from laying in the sun or else her skin will look like suede Ugg boots.

The shoes! Holy cow! Well, when you are only 4'9 you need the extra heighth. From the thighs up she looks like a cotton ball.

I can't tell these little things apart. We need to tag them like wild animals.

Bright eyes, white teeth, great hair... Sarah Michelle Prinze looks fabulous!

She dropped the Geller, by the way.

It's the new Miss Golden Globe.

Do parents buy that honor for their daughters?

No, it's not a wax statue!

It's Miss "I haven't done anything to my face" Kidman.
No, her arms arent resting on a chair, she's in her I Dream of Jeannie pose.
Boink! No wrinkles!

I loved Jennie Garth back in the day. Beverly Hills 90210 was my favorite show until it went off the air. I think there's a show like that on tv nowadays except its called The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Eve's little paw print tatoos are so awesome, I love them. I covet them.
And Miss Dita, how I long for beauty tips from her. I hear she's a natural blonde, how crazy!

I don't watch Gossip Girl because I'm too old, but this chick is on the show. Blake Lively is her name. Cute, no? She reminds me a bit of Gisele. How soon until Leonardo di Capio is dating her?

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