Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Do you remember Melrose Place? And Jo was the tough biker chick? Yes, but Daphne Zuniga will always be the star of Spaceballs to me. Her top has a weird sheen to it like my shower curtain. She's waterproof!

She can snort copious amounts of coke off of a hand mirror and date a guy who looks like he's two steps from death's door but oh, how I adore Kate Moss.

Natalie Portman, cute as a button but in her black sweater and white shirt, all that's missing is a tie and she could be ...

..Hogwarts newest member.

I don't know what to say. Jennifer Connelly's wide corset looks like one of those Chinese finger torture things. Paul Bettany? He's napping under her dress.

I am so excited for Isla Fischer to play Becky Bloomwood in the Shopaholic movie.

I feel like a dirty voyeur looking at Jake and Reese together during their private time away from Hollywood. Aren't they the best couple since Brad and Ange? Seriously! I think I found my newest, secretest addiction- looking at pictures of them.

The first time I saw model Lily Cole, I thought she was a photoshopped figment of someone's imagination. Have you ever seen a head so perfectly round? I don't know if I want to stare at her or stick my fingers in her orifices and bowl with her head.

Eeek, Skinny Alert!

Kate Bosworth needs a hunk of bread and some olive oil, stat. She's one of those girls who needs a little meat on her bones or else she will look forty when she's twenty five. Although if forty is the new thirty, I guess she'll look.. thirty five?

Carrie Underwood wears a cotton candy confection.
I admit to liking her music but gah! I hear she's a witch with a capital B.

When she gets mad, I tell Britney, "Yo, beeyotch, don't get your weave in a twist!"
I can't say "Don't git yur panties in a twist." because she ain't wearing none. She country!

Please, she's wearing a corset trying to look lke the woman with the 15 inch waist! Posh sings "Boogie woogie bugle Beckham."

photo sources: ohnotheydidnt,justjared, teddyandmoo,celebutopia

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Ohhh, they are making a Shopaholic movie? Fun.

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