Thursday, November 29, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

People actually purchase this stuff? No, really? I can see the doll's underpants, that's not cool.

I think Thandie Newton is so pretty!

I almost bought jeans like these but they were too long- the ones Penny Cruz is wearing. I don't want people to think I don't have feet.

Lisa Kudrow, where has she been?

She's in the new movie I want to see, PS I Love You with Hilary Swank.

That is the most innovative award ever! I want a bronzed deer too, a Bambi award of my own. We have to discuss Katie's hair. She went from Soccer Mom Coif to Posh Spice 'do. I think Tom cut her hair himself, he's got that Ken Paves vibe. Everyone is sporting a bob these days. I'm tempted...please hold me back. I would regret the next morning.

I avoid white pants because I think they make me look fat. For some reason, white makes people look larger than they are. Again, with the shlumpy fitting outfit on Julianne. She needs Tim Gunn. Or maybe a nice belt.

Do you think Paris and her boyfriend take turns staring into a mirror? Or do they each hold their own hand mirrors and talk to their reflections? Hot! Did you see Kathy Griffin's new comedy special on Bravo? Her piece on Paris was hi-larious!

Jessica regrets breaking up with Nick! Poor thing. Doesn't seem like Nick is missing her too much. She needs a blind date, let me set her up with...someone like Brody Jenner. I want to create a show called Celebrity Dating and I would set up dates between celebs. Britney and Pete Doherty would be such an awesome couple.

Another day, another Britney rumor! Pregnancy rumors are being denied.

She went to Barnes & Noble and Target today to shop off her pain. Where will she end up tomorrow?

Kirsten Dunst used to remind me of rumpled bed sheets but in this photo, she looks more like a bag of flour.

I think this is Ashley but it could be the other imp. No, it's Ashley- the hair is clean, she's not scrunched over a venti- non fat- no sugar- low foam- low carb- dry latte.

Things I learned today:

Brad Pitt won't do nude scenes. He will be highly selective on his movie roles now. No more Ocean's whatever movies for him! Angelina said he needs to be home more to help the nannys with the kids.

Julia Roberts wishes she could be a stay at home mom and grow her own vegtables. Well, why can't she? Millions of dollars in the bank can't support that dream? How much does one person need to live on?

Marie Osmond was being fed lines by a writer during Dancing with the Stars. Witty banter? Not coming from her, that was courtesy of a writer. She is quickly producing scary, vacant eyed dolls wearing her DWTS dresses.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is engaged. I love weddings, I hope I get an invite!

Kevin Federline is forced to make due on $15,000 a month in child support from Britney.
That's rough! He can't afford to stay home and grow his own vegtables on that paltry sum, you know what I mean, Julia?

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