Friday, November 16, 2007

de-luxe, natural and fantastic!

De~Luxe offers some really lovely products like 100% Shea Butter lotion, liquid soap, foaming body scrub, Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner and other high quality items. I used to think that products sold in the drugstore, or in this case, on (one of my very favorite places) weren't as outstanding as those sold in department stores or specialty shops. You know what? That is simply not true.

De~Luxe is a fine example of products which are pure luxury, that do not cost a small fortune. Yes, I love fifty dollar lotions and seventy five dollar body scrubs made with crushed seashells from the cost of Australia but there is no need to be in debt for beauty products!

This line is all natural and features simple packaging and excellent quality. Any time you can find 100% shea butter, jump on it! Shea is so nurturing and good for your skin. Other ingredients featured in De~Luxe products include essential oils, aloe vera and vitamin E.

I find that the products are gentle to my sensitive skin and smell so good. I could become very spoiled by using the delicious smelling soap rather than my cheap grocery store hand cleanser!

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