Sunday, November 04, 2007

Get Happy with Clinique's personalized photo bottle...

vacation picture + Clinique's Happy = a personalized bottle for me!

Clinique is offering a really neat idea for you aor as a gift for a loved one. You can send Clinique a photo and they will create a bottle of Happy with your very own picture on it. It's a neat way to make this bottle truly personal.

I chose the above picture from my trip to Alaska and expected, I don't know, a sticker on the bottle. But the perfume bottle has the picture embossed on it. I love the result and its so much cooler than what I expected! Here is more information for you. By the way, the bottle isn't small- its 3.4 ounces of pure Happy-ness. Happy is an uplifting scent with undertones of citrus, a clean scent punctuated by floral notes.

Here is a free shipping code for you: Promo Code = HAPPY07



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