Thursday, November 08, 2007

Have a very merry MAC Holiday

Viva Glamorous!

A red antique compact with a lip brush featuring a crown motif with three Viva Glam colors inside will brighten any day. The colors are so flattering! Warm colors include VIVA GLAM V and VI Lipsticks, and VIVA GLAM V Gloss. Cool lips are my favorite, the colors are VIVA GLAM II and IV Lipsticks, and VIVA GLAM VI Gloss. The compact is ideal to carry around with you in a pocket or purse and of course, as I always mention, MAC colors are all so blendable and fun to play with. I lean towards the lighter, pinker shades but have been experimenting with the warmer colors for winter. I'm still in search of my perfect coral-pink lip..


These fancy cylinders house slim Lip Glasses of the Plush and Lustre varieties. The gold and silver motif on the cream canisters are elegant, aren't they? Top with a bow and your gift is ready. Five warm, five cool shades and five Plush Glass are available. I needed to figure out what is the difference between Plush and Lustre? Plush offers a super high shine plus it slightly plumps the lips. Lustre shines with a pearly glaze. Both look amazing on the lips, giving you a kissable pout.

Also available are those multi-functional Pigments. Five warm, five cool pigments and glitter come to you in those lovely holiday canisters. Colors include warm shades like white, copper, gold and on the cool side, grey, blue, green.

I love these pencils because they are long wearing with a flash of glamour and shimmer, The Softsparkle Eye Pencils in colors of Nightsky, Peacocked, Iris Accents, Reflecto and Goldenair. Since you get five shades, you are free to experiment and layer and blend.

The Finery features small satchels with ivory handles, so perfect for in your purse. Two lipsticks (check out the fancy tube!) and a gloss of a certain color scheme- Plum, Coral, Pink and Tan. The colors are absolutely beautiful and when you top with the gloss, you're all set. Here's a new way to shake things up, gloss first then dab lipstick over it. I always do it the other way around but started putting lipstick over the gloss for a sheer look.

Heirloom Basic Brush Set comes to you in a beautiful canister, put it on your bathroom counter for easy access. That blush brush- so soft and supple.

The Heirloom Brush bags bring me back to the late 1800's when women were supposed to be prim and proper and pink cheeked and robust. When I say "bring me back" I'm not talking literally. I'm thinking old novels and Jane Austen movies, the kind which feature saucy heroines and dashing leading men.

These clutch style bags in silver and gold thread respectively, would be at home in the hands of a woman wearing a high collar and a bustle or a glamour girl of the new millenium. There are three collections- face brushes, eyes and basic brushes.

Need I remind you that MAC brushes are professional quality? Yup, these are what the pros use.

You can find out more about colors and shades and makeup tools at the MAC website. You do not want to miss the MAC counter when you are out doing your holiday shopping. I stopped by the Pro Shop on Robertson Blvd when I was in Beverly Hills recently and saw a bunch of products that I wanted to try. There is always something new and exciting happening at MAC. And need I tell you that the colors and variety are tops? I love it!



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