Monday, November 19, 2007

Daily Dollfaces

Here is Kim Kardashian from her best angle, heh heh. I tried to watch the show on E! but I don't know who is who. Kim has sisters and all have names that start with K? Her dead father was OJ Simpsons lawyer, her mother thinks she's still in her twenties wearing short skirts and low cut dresses, Bruce Jenner is there with massive plastic surgery, there's a bunch of kids, I don't understand who these people are.
Julia Roberts was on Oprah today and I missed it!

What's up with the big vein in her forehead?

High-waisted pants for Luke Perry! I can't decide if he looks okay or beat up.
Isn't he around forty two years of age by now?

Oops! Someone forgot her pants! Let's hope she's wearing underwear.

Cute look for Jennie Garth but why was she at the AMA's?

When I wear a top like that, I look six months pregnant.


To the F, to the E, to the r-g-i-e...whatever.

Is it me or does Keira look freaky?
Her little bony body can't hold up that big noggin.

Ashton Kutcher dresses like Demi's pappy! Cardigan sweater?
He probably thinks he looks sophisticated and British. Where's the Sherlock Holmes pipe and magnifying glass?


Hmmm, lovely shade of blue but Christina Applegate
needs blotting papers for that shine.

I like the dress, I'm in the minority.
She just needs a veil and Carrie is ready for a Vegas wedding. I love the shoes!!

Rhianna and her gladiator breastplate.

Sharon's hair looks horrible!
How about a hat?

I had a blazer like this back in '86.
Shoulder pads and blazers were so chic back then!
Liv's trying to bring back the look but let's let it stay back in the eighties.

Its nice to see celebs don't always look stunning.
Uma Thurman , is that really you?

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